What Kind Of Menu Is Hair Manicure? Features, From Hair Colour

What Kind Of Menu Is Hair Manicure Features, From Hair Colour

Hair manicure is used when dyeing hair. I’m interested, but how is it different from normal hair colour? For those wondering, I will explain the features of hair manicure that I can not hear now and the difference between hair colours. Know the advantages and disadvantages of hair manicures, and try to change your favourite colour.

Features and Mechanism of Hair Manicure as Seen From the Difference in Hair Colour

  • Hair colour is the most common way to dye your hair.
  • However, many hair dyeing methods depend on the dyeing method.
  • The menu that coats the hair’s surface with colour is called hair manicure.
  • Normally, in general, hair colouring, a chemical called a colouring agent, is used to soak the inside of the hair and give it a colour.
  • First of all, it is a mechanism that the colour comes in after the original hair colour is removed, so even if you do not bleach, it will burden the hair.
  • Hair manicure is a mechanism that coats only the surface with a colouring agent.
  • The hair can be coloured without damaging it, and the surface is coated so that the hair may become shiny and firm.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Hair Manicure That You Want to Know Before You Start

Hair manicure with a completely different mechanism from hair colour. Of course, the advantages and disadvantages are also different from hair colour. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of hair manicures for those who are a little worried.

Advantage 1: Less damage to hair and scalp

  • The biggest merit is that there is little damage!
  • Because it is a mechanism that coats the surface with colour, it causes less damage to the hair and scalp.
  • It’s a great menu for people vulnerable to hair damage and scalp.
  • Hair manicures can also be applied to bleached hair.
  • It is also recommended for people who want to rest their hair damaged by repeated bleaching.
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Merit 2: You can challenge various colours in a short period

  • Depending on the hair quality, the colour of the hair manicure lasts for about 2 to 4 weeks. It will fall off with daily shampoo, returning to its original colour in a relatively short period.
  • Hair colour change is perfect for changing the image so that it will be an advantage for people trying various hair colours.
  • However, it may be easy to remain depending on the colour you put on it, so check with your beautician about the colour you want to try.

Merit 3: Hair becomes firm and firm

  • Hair manicure also brings benefits to hair quality.
  • By coating the hair’s surface with hair manicure, the hair becomes firm and firm.
  • It is also useful for solving hair problems such as the volume being hard to come out and the hair being too thin to arrange!
  • Don’t worry if you say, “But I don’t want to change the colour…”.
  • Some hair manicures are transparent, giving only firmness and elasticity is possible.

Disadvantage 1: Color is less noticeable with black hair

  • Unlike hair colouring, hair manicure is a colouring method that only puts colour on the surface.
  • It does not affect brightening the hair, so if the original hair is black or dark, you will not see much change.
  • If you want to develop a good hair colour, you need to keep the original hair light.
  • The disadvantage of this is that you can get a natural colour.
  • Recently, the trend has been for subtle colours that give off a slight colour, so it is recommended that you dare to try it.
  • Furthermore, because the colour change is weak, the difference in colour between the root and the tip of the hair is not noticeable even if the hair grows, which is an advantage.
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Disadvantage 2: Be careful when switching from hair manicure to hair colour

Hair manicure requires a little care when you want to return to normal hair colour. Because it coats the hair’s surface, it may be difficult for the hair colour to penetrate inside the hair. In particular, colours such as red and pink tend to remain and may affect the next hair colour. If you want to try hair colouring, wait until the hair manicure fades.

Let’s Enjoy the Makeover by Knowing the Variations of the Hair Colouring Method.

Once you change your hair colour, you can’t get it back for a few months. If you think so, you should be able to enjoy various colours in a short period with a Hair Manicure! After suppressing the advantages and disadvantages, please find your favourite colouring and get a nice hair colour at the next salon.

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