What Kind Of Menu Is Double Colour? The Merits And Demerits And The Hair Colour

What Kind Of Menu Is Double Colour The Merits And Demerits And The Hair Colour

A double colour menu that you often hear when changing hair colour. Many people may be wondering what kind of menu it is. Due to the mechanism of double colour, it is attractive to finish the hair colour with good colouring and full of transparency. This time, we will introduce the features of double colour, advantages and disadvantages, differences in colour development, etc., together with the catalogue. At the same time, we will tell you how to minimize the damage, the treatment time, the presence or absence of self, and other basic knowledge of bleaching!

What Kind of Menu Is Double Colour?

If you’re looking for a hair colour catalogue to get new hair colour, you may come across a comment saying, “I’ll make this colour in double colour.” Double colour, as the name implies, is a two-step colouring process. Generally, it refers to a menu in which hair is bleached and then coloured with hair colour. By bleaching, the tone of the hair becomes brighter, and it is characterized by the ability to create a firm colour and transparency.

How is it different from normal hair colour?

The difference from normal hair colour lies in the number of steps. The hair colour you often hear about is one colour (single colour). The process is to put the colouring agent on the hair, leave it, wash it off with shampoo, and move on to the finish. Double colour takes two steps, from applying the medicine to washing it off. First, remove the colour of the hair with bleach, wash it off with shampoo, and then put a colouring agent on it and wash it off.

Is there a double colour without bleach?

I first mentioned “general” in the explanation of double colour because some salons do not bleach. Double colour without bleaching is a menu in which different colours are layered in two stages. Lighten the hair with the first colour and add colour with the second colour. The finished tone is darker than the double bleaching, but a solid colour characterizes it. However, double colour without bleaching is a relatively new technique, so there may be a limited number of salons available.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Double Colour

Double colour, which incorporates bleach once, has advantages that normal hair colour does not have. On the other hand, there are some disadvantages for those who care about their hair. Here, we will explain the advantages and disadvantages of double colour.

Advantages of double colour 1: Good colour development

Since the double colour is removed once and then dyed, both light and dark colours can be developed without being influenced by the colour of the ground hair. After all, the colour is good, and depending on the colour, the way the colour comes off is also wonderful. As you remove the pigment from your hair, the colour of your hair gradually becomes lighter, from black hair to brown hair to blonde hair, making it easier for you to get the original colour of your hair.

Advantage of double colour 2: High tone colour is easy to reproduce

Bleaching makes the underlying hair tone much brighter. Depending on the colour you put on it, you can achieve high tones with trendy transparency.

Advantages of double colour 3: Wider range of colour choices

As explained earlier, double colour is a hair menu that develops well and produces bright tones. That’s why. The advantage is that it is easy to incorporate subtle shades of colour that are difficult to express without bleaching and vivid colours. You can freely and beautifully add subtle shades such as ash and clear shades such as pink and red.

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Disadvantages of double colour 1: High risk of damaging hair and scalp

The disadvantage of double colour is that bleaching damages your hair and scalp. You can get high-coloured hair colour like the one in the image, but bleaching strains the hair and makes it dry or thin. The drug may bleed into the skin for some people, leading to scalp damage. If the bleaching agent bleeds, the hair colouring agent also bleeds easily, so tell the hairdresser before you dye it. Recently, a bleaching agent called “care bleach” has been popular. Care bleach reduces damage to hair and scalp compared to regular bleaching agents while maintaining the quality of colour development. You can bleach with less damage to your hair and scalp, so it is recommended for those worried about hair damage who could not do double colour!

Disadvantages of double colour 2: Hair colour fades quickly

Double colour is a menu that damages hair, not a little. Therefore, there is a demerit that the colour is easier to come off than normal hair colour. For the same reason, it is a disadvantage that it is hard to apply perm. You can mitigate the damage, but you cannot completely erase it. If you want to keep the colour for a long time, it is good to calculate the colour fading and have the colour strengthened or care for the daily hair after colouring carefully.

Q & a About Double Colour That You Want to Keep Before Ordering

“I understand the advantages and disadvantages, but what should I do in such a case?” When ordering a hair menu for the first time, you may be wondering something. So, here, I have summarized the questions about double colour in Q & A format.

Q1: What is the charge and time for double colour?

A: Depending on the salon, the market price starts from 10,000 yen, and for double colour, which takes 2 to 3 hours

  • We will do two stages of colouring, bleach and hair colouring.
  • Therefore, the price is higher than the single colour.
  • In addition, it takes about 2 to 3 hours for double colour.
  • In addition, cut, treatment and blow times should be considered.
  • The time required will also vary depending on how busy the salon is.
  • Q2: Can I do double colour by myself?

A: I can do it, but I can’t recommend it. If possible, order at the salon. In

  • In conclusion, it is possible to bleach by yourself using a commercially available bleaching agent.
  • However, the bleaching agent may get on the scalp and damage the scalp and hair.
  • Also, if you apply a bleaching agent, the pigment in your hair will become lighter over time.
  • It is difficult to determine how much time should be left and how much the pigment will be thinned, as there are individual differences depending on the hair quality and other factors.
  • Depending on how the bleaching agent is applied, the way the pigment comes off may be uneven.
  • We recommend leaving it to a professional beautician from the beginning to prevent mistakes.

Q3: How can I avoid damaging my hair with double colour?

A: Care bleach and aftercare when ordering!

  • Hair damage is a concern when using two colours.
  • There are some points to be aware of when ordering and afterwards to avoid damaging your hair as much as possible.
  • It is recommended to have the care bleach explained in the demerit part incorporated when ordering.
  • Care bleach contains ingredients that care for the hair in the bleaching agent, so you can finish the hair with smoothness while reducing damage.
  • After ordering, use a mild shampoo and care agent to ensure hair care.
  • Refrain from using soap, shampoo or other items that are highly irritating.
  • We recommend a non-rinse type oil treatment.
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Compare the Double Colour and Single Colour by Hair Colour!

Although there are differences in characteristics, the actual colour difference is of concern. Therefore, we will compare how the hair colour changes between the double colour and the single colour without bleaching. The colour to be compared is “Milk Tea Beige”, a popular colour throughout the year. The styles to be introduced differ depending on the salon and model, and the colour will change depending on the hair quality. Please consider it an image and use it as a reference when choosing a hair colour.

With bleach, double colour milk tea beige

This is a highly coloured milk tea beige made with double colour. Very high tone and excellent transparency. The colour changes nuances depending on how the light hits. 

No bleach, single colour milk tea beige

Milk tea beige is made in a single colour without bleach. Because it is layered on the ground hair, the tone is darker and calmer than the bleached one.

A Collection of Recommended Hair Colour Styles That Come True With Double Colours

When your anxiety about double colour disappears, and you are interested in it, you have to find the colour you want to try! We will introduce recommended hair colour catalogues that can be done double colour by colour.


High tone beige that enhances the fluffy feeling

Beige shorts with double colour to enhance tone and transparency. Combined with the round and perm-like styling, a soft and light style is completed.

Lightly with ash beige

It is a fashionable short with plenty of transparency that suppresses redness by bleaching and then making it ash beige. The styling with a sense of bunch is light and gives a clean impression.

Soft with cinnamon beige

A cute adult midi with a one-style cut the whole piece to the same length. Match her bleached hair with cinnamon beige for a soft texture that makes you want to touch it.

Milk tea beige with layers of colour

This is a milk tea beige made in double colour without bleaching. By layering colours multiple times, deep colour is completed. For long straight hair, to make the colour stand out.


High tone pink adds girliness to shorts.

This is a style that combines high tone pink and boyish short hair. Using a gentle salmon pink-like colour, even in pink, does not become too cool and makes a girly hairstyle.

Transparent pale pink bob

This is a combination of an uncut bob and soft pale pink. Pale pink, which becomes more transparent when exposed to light, goes great with a simple bob! 

Adult cute pink beige lob

Among the pink colours, pink beige is a colour that includes adultness. Hair change to cute adult style according to Rob’s style! By wrapping the middle of the hair in a Korean style, you can achieve the cuteness of a Korean idol. 

Nowadays, long made of pink-orange.

When you do double colour, you can make a gradation colour by making a difference in the brightness of the hair in the part! A long pink-orange hairstyle with feminine roots and natural hair tips. It is a modern colour that takes advantage of the cute colours of pink and orange.


This is short wolf hair with a slightly longer neckline. The orange colour matches the handsome hairstyle to add a healthy impression. If you apply a nuance perm, you can add movement and feel more comfortable!

Bob, who looks soft in orange

The slightly edgy, uncut bob can be made to look soft by incorporating an orange colour. The orange colour, incorporated in a double colour, has high transparency and makes the hair look soft.

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Outer honey medium with cute crisp orange

A cute style with medium hair and crisp oranges that have been fluttered outside. The bangs are rounded and curled to add sweetness so as not to be too casual.

Conspicuous long in orange, pink

Even simple long hair can be made into a conspicuous hairstyle by layering orange-pink. It is necessary to lighten the hair colour firmly to reproduce it, so it is recommended to add a menu such as treatment so that the hair is not damaged too much.

Purple lavender system

Dreamy pink lavender short

A style that matches pink lavender with smart, handsome shorts. The slightly dreamy and cute colours match perfectly with the handsome shorts. Lavender colour is beautiful to dye after eliminating the redness of the hair as much as possible, so make sure to brighten your hair with double colour.

Vivid purple personality mini bob

This is a purple colour made with triple colour instead of double colour. Excellent compatibility with Bob cut at the lip line. Purple colour is also a popular colour for fading, so you should be able to enjoy the change for a long time even after dyeing.

Pink lavender lob that is irresistible

Here, pink lavender is layered on straight lob hair. By increasing the transparency of pink lavender, straight hair becomes more glossy! It is unique to double the colour in that the hair colour looks like it has a smooth texture.

Cool violet ash colour

A violet colour with a strong bluish tint, even in purple, belongs to a cool colour. Here, ash is added to make the hair colour even smokier and cool, even if you dare to combine it with feminine curl long hair to enjoy the balance of colour and style.

Blue system

A bright pale blue mini-bob that people on the road will look back on. This pale blue requires two bleaches and a colour! The cut line is also raised forward, so you can enjoy fashion that makes a difference to other people.

Blue-green bob with a calm atmosphere

A hair colour style that combines two cool colours, blue and green. The tone is dark, but bleach is incorporated to enhance each colour. I’m glad that I don’t feel too heavy because the tips of the hair are matched to the crisp bob.

Mysterious blue turquoise medium

If you want to enjoy transparent blue, it is recommended to incorporate the turquoise colour. The mysterious blue-green colour in the blue makes the transparency different when exposed to light! It is best to match it with medium hair that is easy to take in light and has movement.

Navy blue long with a neat atmosphere

If you think you can’t take in a very unusual blue, why not try a navy colour? If you take in the double colour while giving out the colour, the deep colour will come out, and it will be a style with a neat atmosphere. The discolouration will look like silver so that you can enjoy it until your next hair colour!

Let’s Get a Transparent Hair Colour With Double Colour.

How was the double colour with bleach? You will get transparent hair colour, but you will also be able to challenge vivid colours and gradation colours that are difficult to express with a single. For hair damage that you care about, it is best to consult a professional at a beauty salon instead of yourself and have them consider the damage to your hair.

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