What Kind Of Menu Is Body Perm? Perm Features, Up To Points Before Ordering

What Kind Of Menu Is Body Perm Perm Features, Up To Points Before Ordering

If you have hair that is easy to get sticky, do you have a hard time styling it to give it a fluffy feel? Body perm is recommended for such people. Even though it doesn’t have a lot of perms, by raising the root, a natural volume comes out, and the finish is full of mellowness. This article will introduce the features and benefits of such body perms and the points when ordering.

What Is a Body Perm in the First Place?

  • A body perm is a perm for raising the roots of the hair.
  • When you think of a perm, you tend to think of something like wave hair that gives movement to the ends of the hair.
  • However, body perm is a perm that is suitable for producing a soft and natural volume.
  • This perm is recommended for straight hair, cat hair, thin hair, small hair, or who tend to have sticky hair!

Advantages and Disadvantages of Body Perm

Body perm is a perm that is nice for those who have easy-to-stick hair. There are many advantages, but there are also disadvantages. Here, let’s take a look at the attractiveness of body perms and the points of concern!

Merit 1: The finish is natural and cute

The appeal of body perms is the natural finish. Since it is a perm that raises the roots and creates the flow of hair, you can aim for an elegant and highly likable style. It’s a natural but cute hairstyle that was originally that hair. It’s a style that fits into the business scene, and it’s a perm style recommended for a wide range of age groups!

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Merit 2: Styling is easily completed!

  • For those worried about their hair that tends to be sticky, styling every morning has a hard time creating volume.
  • For such people, applying a body perm will make styling much easier every morning!
  • When you wake up, wet your hair, and when it dries softly, just prepare it with a styling product.

Disadvantage: Difficult to maintain curl

Body perms with a natural feel are relatively loose perms. That is why they tend not to last too long. It depends on the hair quality and condition, but some people feel that it has been removed in about a month at the earliest. There are also cautions regarding how to dry, so be sure to check out the precautions for body perms that we will introduce!

Precautions Before and After Body Perm

The body perm is a perm that raises the root, so it is a perm that is looser than other perms. Therefore, the curl tends to fall off easily. What points should I pay attention to maintaining such a body perm for as long as possible? We will also introduce how to dry and hairstyles!

Note 1: It is best to do it with a short hairstyle

  • Body perm is recommended for women’s short to bob hair and men’s hairstyles.
  • Even if you apply a body perm to too long hair, the weight of the hair itself may cause the roots to become sticky.
  • Therefore, it can be said that it is not suitable for long hair.
  • Please enjoy the arrangement if you have long hair, such as layer cutting and combining other perms while consulting with the hairdresser.
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Note 2: When drying, gently from the root

The body perm has a gentle and natural finish. Therefore, it is necessary to know how to dry it. Applying the dryer tends to dry out with the strong wind, but this is NG. When you dry your hair, apply a hairdryer from the inside of your hair to raise the roots of your hair.

Note 3: The styling product should be light and airy.

In the morning, the weight of the head and the friction with the pillow tend to make the hair sticky. That’s why you can get a soft feeling of body perm by firmly styling according to the method. Here are some points to keep in mind when waking up and styling!

[Body perm styling method]

  1. Wet the root of the hair in the center
  2. Apply the wind of the dryer to the root from diagonally below
  3. Knead the styling agent from the inside to complete!
  4. When drying with a dryer, the point is to dry it carefully with a small amount of air to give it a fluffy feel.
  5. Let’s raise the root and dry it while passing your finger through the hair.

Also, if you attach a heavy styling product, the curl will be crushed by the weight, so it is NG! Good is an airy finish with a light wax rubbed in from the inside.

Enjoy a Higher-grade Fashion With Body Perm.

If you’re aiming for a mellow feeling, the point is a natural voluminous feel. The style will be gorgeous and youthful by adding a gentle flow around the face with a body perm! If you wonder what kind of hairstyle to use at the next beauty salon, please try body perm. Let’s get a higher-grade fashionable hair!

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