What Kind Of Hair Color Is Ash? Hair Color Style That Creates A Sense Of Transparency

What Kind Of Hair Color Is Ash Hair Color Style That Creates A Sense Of Transparency

When you want to change your hair colour, the first thing that comes up with your name is the ash colour. There is a sense of transparency, and although I hear that it is a trendy hair colour, many people may not know what kind of hair colour it is. This time, we will introduce the characteristics of such ash colours and how to incorporate them. In addition, we will introduce all the ash colours that are trending.

Excellent Transparency! What Colour is Ash?

  • I want to change my hair colour! When I open SNS with that in mind, I see a lot of ash characters.
  • Among the hair colours, it is a colour that has become especially popular in recent years.

What Kind of Colour is Ash Colour in the First Place?

Ash is a dull grey colour.

It has a unique dullness and adds a sense of transparency to the hair colour, and is very popular with girls who aim for a style with a sense of omission!

What is the Charm of Ash?

  • The appeal of ash colour is that you can mix it with other hair colours to design your colour.
  • Whether you mix it with trendy beige or pink with a girl’s breast,
  • You can find your favourite ash hair colour because there are many kinds.
  • In addition, ash is a colour that produces a solid colour effect without bleaching.
  • The merit is that it is easy to take in even those who have fragile hair or those in a harsh environment for hair colour.
  • Of course, if you bleach, you can enjoy more exquisite colouring!

I Want to Know the Discolouration of Ash Colour!

  • Ash colour that you can enjoy without putting a heavy burden on your hair.
  • How will the discolouration be finished?
  • Ash, which originally contains a blue component, is a hair colour that comes off a little faster.
  • The shape will not be much different from the original colour without bleaching.
  • If you are bleaching, the yellowness will remain, becoming more blonde.
  • However, it may be a nice shade since the dull colour remains.
  • Also, ash, which is often combined with other colours, is more dependent on fading of other colours.
  • If you want to enjoy the colour fading, check with your beautician about the colour fading.

Girly Colour [Ash Brown]

Ash brown has a unique dullness and gives it a soft texture. A feeling of transparency that is different from the normal brown colour is added—recommended for those who want to add a girly image!

Ash brown with lively waves

Medium bob style with good waves for movement and constriction. By colouring ash brown, the fine movement of the hair comes to life. 

Colours well without bleaching

As introduced in the merit, the charm of ash is that it is coloured without bleaching. This hairstyle is loosely loosened by wrapping it with a trowel mix. Even long styles with rugged styling can be made into modern hair by layering ash brown!

Colour That can be Enjoyed Well [Ash Beige]

Ash beige is a mature finish that brings out the transparency of ash. The perfect colour for children who like elegant makeup and fashion!

Make the straight style more mature.

Why don’t you finish the neat and straight style with ash beige more elegantly? With exquisite transparency, you should have straight hair!

Preeminently Glossy Dark Colour [Gray Ash]

When you want to have darker hair colour, you want the hair to look natural and beautiful! Therefore, I would like to introduce ash grey. Not only the transparency but also the glossiness is added.

Dark colour mash short

A short bob with a dark ash grey colour throughout. Although it is dark hair, it gives a light impression by lightly making the tips of the hair outside. It is a transparent hair colour because the brightness increases when it is transparent to light!

For clearer hair with ash greige

This is an ash greige that incorporates beige in ash grey. It adds a more transparent texture to the simple medium style. If you add more highlights, you can add a three-dimensional effect!

Wavy long that you want to touch

A long style that brings out a sense of transparency with ash grey. Adding a wavy accent transforms into a casual long that makes you want to touch it!

Sweet High Tone Colour [milk tea ash]

  • Suppose you want to try sweet mote colour, milk tea ash! The melting colour is a very popular colour on SNS. The point is that it is easy to get used to the skin while having a high tone.
  • Mote semi-long with calm sweetness
  • Loose mix rolls and cute hair. Because of her grey colour, it is more transparent than her normal milk tea colour. Let’s balance sweetness and neatness with a calm milk tea colour! 
  • There is also an inner colour.
  • “It’s a little bit to dye everything.” Then you can show off with an inner colour! Earring colour that dyes your ears for this year’s atmosphere.

Nuance colour [lavender ash, violet ash]

I don’t usually care about it, but I can see its colour when it hits the light. Some girls like a lot of hair colour, don’t they? Lavender ash and violet ash are perfect for that gimmick. The exquisite colour shines under the light.

Lavender Ash

Sweet lavender ash to match with semi-long

For the fluffy semi-long, turn on the sweet colour that mixes cocoa brown and lavender ash. It gives you both femininity and slight colour that reflects light.

Violet Ash

Casual bob

The casual, uncut bob looks even better with violet ash! Since it has a natural gradation, the colour you see will change depending on the amount of light.

Emphasis on softness with violet

Bob with violet ash for a gentle softness. If you make bangs, it will be cute, and it will look like an adult with a scooping style.

A Cool Colour That Can Be Used in Everyday Life [blue Ash]

I like black hair, but I don’t want it to be heavy! I want to have a cool hair colour! Blue ash is recommended for such children. It is a colour that I would like children who are in a difficult school or workplace to pay attention to because it can give a clear sense of transparency without bleaching.

Blue ash for a superb transparency

A hairstyle that uses bleach history and finishes in blue ash. By rolling it lightly, the transparency when exposed to light. The glossy hair that you want to touch is completed! 

Cool with a tight handsome short

At first glance, this looks like black hair, dark blue ash. Even though it has dark hair, the transparency when exposed to light is different. The tight, handsome short style looks neat and clean, so it looks great at school or work!

Seasonal Colour [green ash, olive ash]

A green colour that is currently attracting attention in the hair colour industry. Ash green (green ash) has a refreshing feeling of cool colours. Similarly, green olive ash is a hair colour with a cute mature feeling. Both are the focus of attention this season, so check them out.

Green ash

Ash green with a beautiful matte texture

A deep hair colour that mixes matte, green ash, and matte black. It is a hair colour that you can enjoy various atmospheres by combing in the light.

The hem colour gives a green accent.

If you want to enjoy the dullness of ash green, there is bleaching. The hem colour has few bleaching points, so it is perfect for people worried about damage. The light is reflected and looks even more fashionable by wrapping it loosely!

Ash Style by Length

  • “I found a hair colour that I was interested in! But I wonder if it suits me properly with the current hair length?”
  • It is good to look at the style according to length in such a case!
  • This item introduces all length ash styles from short to long.
  • Be sure to check your hair length style.

Ash x Short

A combination of lavender grey and ash!

Combine ash and lavender grey for even more exquisite hair colour for mature shorts! It is a hair colour that adds playfulness to a calm colour.

Mode French Bob looks like it is now.

The French cut bob is a style with a modal atmosphere. If you add ash brown to it, you can get modern hair that is not too textured.

Ash x Medium

Hair loved by milk tea ash.

Turn on milk tea ash for bleached hair. A hairstyle that is lightly wrapped around the whole, especially on the surface. Being ash brown makes the movement of the hair more fluffy.

Soft and cute wave

The soft ash brown colour goes well with wave styling. For acute style with straight bangs.

Ash x Long

Cute and conspicuous pink ash

The loosely wavy long style is very cute with pink ash! By adding beige, the finish will be softer.

Natural ash colour creates a neat feeling.

Long hair with a natural ash colour and added transparency. Because it is a natural ash colour that suppresses redness, it gives a sense of transparency by winding it lightly. Because it is a simple colour, it gives a good feeling, so it seems useful in schools and workplaces!

Get a Sense of Transparency and Make the Atmosphere Fashionable, Girl!

  • By getting the transparency that springs from the inside, which is the characteristic of ash colour, you can make your current hairstyle many times more fashionable.
  • If you get lost, take a photo of the colour you care about and go to the salon for a consultation!
  • When your hair colour becomes fashionable, you will want to make the atmosphere you wear more fashionable.
  • To enjoy your hair colour and change your image, please try incorporating ash colour!
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