What Is Twist Perm? Perm Charm And Style Guide To Upgrading Men’s Hair

Twist perm is a type of pin perm that does not use a rod. You can enjoy a delicate, nuanced hairstyle by applying fine waves. The hairstyle is easy to style, so it is recommended for men with frizz and cat hair and those who can not spend time styling in the morning. We have carefully selected recommended hairstyles for men who want to imitate.

What Is the Recommended “Twist Perm” for Men?

A twist perm is a perm that twists and winds a bundle of hair, as it means “twist = twist.” There are various variations, such as pinning a twisted hair bundle or wrapping it around a rod used for perming. You can change the design depending on the strength of the twist, and there are a wide variety of hairstyles. Let’s check out the twist perm that is perfect for men who want to dress up in style!

Decide Naturally With “Loose Twist Perm”!

Random good impression hair

Loose twist perm is a style that even beginners can easily challenge. Since you can make casual movements naturally, styling is easy to decide.

The sides and neckline are clean and short.

For natural twisted perm hair, cut the sides and neckline short of doubling the freshness. We recommend wax for the set, which gives a glossy feeling while giving volume.

A good young man with dark hair finish

Men’s shorts with heavy silhouettes can be made into a fluffy and light nuanced hairstyle with a twisted perm. If you finish the color with dark hair, you will get a good youthful atmosphere.

Bright tone casual short

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Twisted perm x high tone color is a hairstyle with a great sense of omission. If you want to aim for the image of a good man, please try it. The combination technique with seasonal stylings, such as the center part, enhances the fashionable feeling.

Diagonal bang for an adult atmosphere

Men’s short combines a twisted perm with a fashionable loose wave and a diagonal bang. It is a recommended style with an adult atmosphere that you can do.

Aim With “Twist Perm X Mash”!

Soft finish natural mash

The mashed hair that is cut round is excellent for women. Why don’t you aim for a popular type by incorporating a twist perm to complete it softly and gently?

Mash x two blocks for a high sense

The two-block style that cuts the sides and neckline is one of the cool hairstyles. A masculine atmosphere is added to the twisted perm mash, and it is decided to be stylish!

Produce an ennui lovemaking appeal

A mash short creates an ennui atmosphere with bangs that catch your eyes. With a loose twist perm movement, you can also get a fashionable and casual feeling.

Frizz hairstyle with a tight twist perm

If you apply the twist perm tightly, it will look like crumpled hair. It also makes styling easier, so it is recommended for busy men.

Street style mash

Men’s style with slightly long hair and a bold twist perm. You can enjoy a street atmosphere by matching bright colors.

Transform Into a Wild System With “Twist Perm X Up Bang”!

A refreshing style that is OK for business people

The up bang that raises the bangs can create a sense of cleanliness by showing the forehead. A loose twist perm gives a refreshing impression, so you can aim to improve your liking even in the company!

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Up bang x two-block combination technique

In addition to the cleanliness around the face, you can also feel mellowness with a twist perm.

Let’s Raise the Aura of Fashionable Men With “Twist Perm”!

A twisted perm that is not only fashionable but also easy to set. The atmosphere of the finished product will change depending on the strength of the perm applied, so please consult with a beautician when deciding. Let’s aim for a cool man by sticking to the cut and color!

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