What Is The Correct Way To Cut Nails? Tips For Healthy Nails

What Is The Correct Way To Cut Nails Tips For Healthy Nails

Cracks in the nails, double nails, These common nail problems may be due to how the nails are cut. It is essential to know how to cut your nails correctly to avoid trouble. We will show you how to cut and prepare your nails correctly to keep your nails healthy and clean!

The Trouble in the Nails May Be Caused by How to Cut and Arrange!

  • A nail that supports the strength of the finger and protects the blood vessels gathered at the fingertips.
  • Occasionally, your nails may have trouble, such as cracking or thinly peeling off (double nails).

There are various causes of trouble, such as dry skin and malnutrition, but it can also be caused by incorrect nail cutting and trimming. First of all, for those who care for their nails casually, I will explain why troubles occur from how to cut and arrange nails.

Cause 1: Too much pressure is applied by nail clippers

  • When you cut your nails with a nail clipper, about 26 kg is applied to your nails.
  • 26kg is about the average weight of first and second graders.
  • It looks like it’s cut lightly, but it’s doing a lot of damage to your nails.
  • This pressure is used when cutting usually, so if you cut it roughly, it will cause further damage. It is also said that people with thin or weak nails are more likely to crack or chip by using nail clippers continuously.

Cause 2: Dry due to lack of nail care

  • Another cause is dryness caused by neglecting nail care.
  • As shown in the figure, the nail has a three-layer millefeuille shape, and there is water and fat between the layers.
  • When you cut it with a nail clipper, the cross-section becomes wider, moisture escapes from it, and it dries.
  • Therefore, if care is not taken after cutting the nails, the layer will peel off from the dry part, leading to problems such as double nails.
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To Properly Prepare Your Nails, 3 Points to Hold Down.

Trouble such as cracked or chipped nails. It is essential to know how to cut and prepare the correct nails again to avoid these. Here, we will introduce the points you should hold down before preparing your nails, such as the ideal nail length and cutting timing.

Ideal Nail Length and Shape

It is essential to know your nails’ ideal length and shape when preparing your nails. The best length is that the white part of your nails does not protrude significantly from the tip of your finger when you look at the palm of your hand! It also looks clean and neat.

Next is the shape, but we recommend the “square off” type, which has a moderately sharpened corner as shown at the left end of the figure. At this time, as shown in the center figure, you must take care not to get into a deep nail state that has been cut too deeply. Let’s cut it to the right length, as explained earlier.

Also, when deciding on a shape, you may be wondering, “Isn’t it better to have a rounded shape as you see in a nail salon? However, it is surprisingly tricky to make a round nail (round type), and if you fail, you may end up with a bias cut that cuts both sides of the nail. Bias cutting can easily cause ingrown nails, so be careful when cutting.

The Right Time to Cut Your Nails

  • The nails of a healthy adult grow about 0.1 mm a day.
  • Therefore, it is recommended to cut it once every two weeks unless you have stretched your nails!
  • If you stretch it, the risk of cracking will increase, and the burden of cutting will increase, so it is better to cut it diligently.
  • Also, as for the timing to turn off, after taking a bath, your nails are softened, so you don’t have to use force when preparing them, and the burden on your nails is reduced.
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Tools Needed to Cut Nails

To cut your nails correctly, it is recommended to prepare the following items with less pressure than regular nail clippers.

  • First of all, nail clippers are shaped like scissors and nail nippers.
  • Since You can cut the nails without applying force, the feature is that the burden (pressure) is small.
  • In addition, the cutting edge is slight, and the toes can be seen firmly when pinched, so it is also an advantage that the nails do not become too deep.
  • It is an item that can finely process complex parts to cut.

The next thing I want to prepare is an emery board. It is a file that is often used in nail salons to adjust the length of your nails. A number indicates the roughness of the eyes of the emery board. The larger the number, the finer the grain, and the smaller the number, the coarser the grain. For people with weak nails, it is recommended to choose one with more good eyes, etc., according to the strength of the nails.

How to Cut and Arrange the Correct Nails

  • Now that you know the points to keep in mind, I’ll show you how to care for your nails properly.


Step: 1 Apply the nail nippers to the stretched nails

Apply the nippers from the side, not from the center, and cut slowly and gently so as not to put pressure on the nails as much as possible. Be careful not to cut corners!

Step: 2 Leave a little white part of the nail and cut it in an arc from the side

Raise the nippers appropriately and cut the nail while drawing a loose arc. If you cut along the white line of the nail, it will be too round, so it is recommended to make it as straight as possible.

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Step: 3 Sharpen the corners of the nails with an emery board

After adjusting the length, sharpen with an emery board to smooth the cross-section. Sharpen the corners and be aware of the square-off shape.

When shaving, hold the board at a 45 ° angle and constantly move it in one direction, as shown by the arrows in the figure. Like a saw, your nails will hurt if you reciprocate it, so it’s NG!

Step: 4 Moisturize your nails with nail oil and hand cream to complete!

  • After cutting and scraping your nails, keep your nails moisturized.
  • Nail oil is an oil that supports the moisturizing of nails and the growth of healthy nails.
  • It is recommended that you first apply nail oil to the tips of your nails and the hairline of your nails, and then cover it with hand cream.

It Is Also Recommended to Have Your Nails Trimmed at the Salon.

  • Correct care of your nails is essential to maintain beautiful, trouble-free nails.
  • It is effective not only to take self-care but also to have your nails trimmed at a nail salon!
  • In addition to designing, there is also a hand care menu at the nail salon where you can have your nails cut and trimmed.
  • The merit is that the manicurist looking at the nails of many people carefully cares for them while checking the condition of the nails.

If your nails are in good condition, your nails will last longer. For those who often get nails at the salon and those who usually only take care of themselves, why not visit the nail salon once?

How to Cut Your Fingernails Correctly?


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