What Is A Weaving Colour? From The Difference Between Mesh And Balayage

What Is A Weaving Colour From The Difference Between Mesh And Balayage

Highlights and low lights give a three-dimensional effect by putting them in the hair-like thin lines. A technique called weaving is used for these colours. Speaking of colours that create a three-dimensional effect, there are meshes and Balayage, but the difference is not noticeable. In this article, we will introduce the differences between similar treatments due to the characteristics of weaving and the recommended styles to incorporate using weaving!

Have You Heard of Weaving?

  • “If you don’t set anything, your head will look flat …” “I hear that a three-dimensional hairstyle is fashionable, but what should I actually do?” When searching for a fashionable hairstyle, the volume and three-dimensionality of the hair Many people are worried about it. Under such circumstances, you may have heard the word weaving. 
  • Weaving is the name of hair colouring technology.
  • It refers to colouring that takes the hair bundles on the surface and regularly adds colour.
  • For example, highlights that add bright colours such as fine lines and low lights that add dark colours such as lines are technologies that use this weaving.
  • As you can see from both styles, this is a way to give your hair a three-dimensional look.

What Is the Difference Between Mesh and Balayage?

  • The colouring that looks three-dimensional includes mesh and Balayage.
  • To explain the difference between them, weaving is characterized by “colouring hair bundles regularly”.
  • Colouring the hair bundles on the surface is the same as mesh and Balayage, but weaving has a constant line from any direction.
  • By doing this, you can make the entire hair look three-dimensional.
  • In contrast to weaving, where colours are added regularly, the mesh is a menu that allows you to add lines irregularly.
  • You can change the thickness of the colour according to the design you want to do, and the lines will be more noticeable than weaving.
  • This menu is recommended not only for the three-dimensional effect but also for the colours you put in to make them stand out.
  • Balayage is a colouring that draws lines that look like they were swept with a broom using a brush.
  • Instead of inserting fine lines of the same thickness as weaving, add colour so that it flows roughly and thickly below.
  • Therefore, it looks like a gradation colour.
  • This style is especially recommended when you want to emphasize hair flow.
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People Who Are Concerned About Hair and Scalp Damage

  • Hair colour is the one that applies chemicals to hair to add or remove colour.
  • It’s an easy way to get rid of it, but many people are concerned about damaging their hair and scalp.
  • As explained earlier, weaving is a colour that can be put into the hair on the surface like a bundle.
  • Using aluminium foil etc., the colour is added while dividing the hair bundle into small pieces, so the feature is that the range of using chemicals is small.
  • It’s relatively less damaging than other bleach-requiring menus, and it’s nice to get rid of it while working hard on your hair.

People Who Want to Enjoy Colour and Perm at the Same Time

  • A popular perm menu as a clean style.
  • Some people may say, “I want to change the colour and incorporate the perm!”, But in reality, it’s a difficult menu to do at once.
  • Hair colouring and perms are usually done separately so as not to strain the hair (depending on the type of perm).
  • Therefore, you may have to go to the salon several times.
  • Weaving colour, which uses fewer chemicals, is easy to combine with hair menus such as perms that also use chemicals.
  • It takes time for one treatment, but it is a recommended menu when you want to eliminate it all at once!

Recommended Weaving Style List by Length

From here, we will introduce recommended styles that incorporate weaving by length. Please refer to it when ordering at a beauty salon!

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Short Hair X Weaving Style

Beige colour for a gentle, handsome short

Marron beige with weaving highlights. It gives a soft and soft impression, and a gentle, handsome short that incorporates both coolness and cuteness is completed.

Rhombus shorts are also weaved to make them more three-dimensional

A diamond-shaped short that combines a bright base colour with a weaving colour. A natural three-dimensional effect is obtained by moving the colour to be added by weaving closer to the base colour.

For a stylish perm with mixed weaving

It is weaving that combines highlights and low lights. Combining two-colour weaving and curl is outstanding, making it a tasty perm style.

Bob Hair x Weaving Style

Add a three-dimensional effect to a simple front-down bob

A simple bob style with weaving. By making it look bunched with weaving, you can produce a feeling of pulling out without becoming heavy, even with dark hair.

Produce transparency with secret highlighting

The secret highlight is in this uncut bob. Weaving is much thinner than usual to create bright and transparent hair colour. The secret highlight adds a touch of elegance to a simple high tone bob. 

Medium Hair x Weaving Style

Add coolness to a simple straight style.

A style that incorporates high-contrast highlights in a simple straight medium. The ash colour that cancels out the redness is incorporated so that you can give a cool impression as a whole. 

Long Hair x Weaving Style

Olive greige for a modern weaving style

If you want to add a modern colour to your weaving, we recommend the olive colour in! It is a highlight style made with olive greige.

Girly highlights with lavender greige

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A long style that incorporates secret highlights made with narrow weaving. The secret highlights accentuate the slightly purplish lavender greige. Why don’t you wrap the whole thing tightly and create a fragile and girly style?

When Ordering, Have Plenty of Time and Budget.

Weaving that fits into any style and gives the hair a three-dimensional effect. You can adjust the appearance depending on your colours, such as firmly for highlights and natural for low lights. Choosing a weaving colour that suits your impression of what you want to be is recommended.

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