What Is A Dixie Color? Colour Characteristics And Hair Catalogue

What Is A Dixie Color Characteristics And Hair Catalogue

The need for hair colour increasing in the last few years is transparency. Many colourants are being developed to meet such needs. The Pixie colour explained in this article has a good reputation for its transparency and lustre.

What Is Dixie Color?

People with high fashion sensitivity, such as changing their hair colour and treating them regularly, may be more particular about hair colouring agents. Dixie colour is what I want to push to such people. Pixie Color is a hair colouring agent produced by Milbon Co., Ltd. We are good at keeping the hair glossy even when dyed and creating a sense of transparency.

What Are the Benefits of Dixie Color?

The biggest feature of dixie Color is that we are thoroughly particular about eliminating the redness! You can achieve clear colour without excessively brightening your hair. It is also recommended for those who want to try cool colours because it eliminates redness. The colour can be quite dark, so even if you add cool colours, you can enjoy it for a long time. In addition, those who can only use dark colours according to the regulations of the workplace or school can enjoy the delicate colours.

Hairstyle Collection by the Colour Dixie Colour

You are introducing recommended styles for each Adixi colour lineup. The atmosphere changes drastically depending on the colour, so please find your favourite and use it as a reference for your order.

[Gray pearl] A bluish tone that leaves beige

First, pay attention to the dixie colour “Gray Pearl” style! It features a bluish tone while leaving a beige feeling.

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Dark grey beloved bob

Put together with a fluffy rounded bob for a cute atmosphere! It is a recommended colour that can incorporate a sense of transparency even for those who cannot brighten it due to work or school reasons.

Long dark hair made of grey pearl

Dark hair, which tends to be heavy, is made lighter by making it with grey pearls in a dixie colour. When exposed to the sun, your hair will look clear and pretty.

Foreign-style greige inner colour

A style that uses grey pearls in dixie colour for the inner. It is a nice point to finish with a soft texture like a foreigner using a dixie colour! It is also possible to reproduce a transparent monotone .colour

Excellent transparency! Blue ash as intended

Next, I will introduce a style using ” sapphire ” ‘s dixie colour”. The transparent blue ash looks like an adult!

Blue Greige Midi that drowns out redness

A dixie-coloured sapphire that drowns out redness. It also adds depth to the dark tones of Greige. It is recommended for those who like modal makeup and fashion!

Gloss with dark ash

Dark ash looks dark at first glance, but it’s transparent and doesn’t get too heavy. This style is recommended for those who want to create a cool atmosphere!

Refreshing handsome berry short

By adding sapphire in dixie colour, the high tone colour of ash will be glossy. Why not try a style with a light impression for summer?

[Emerald] A feeling of khaki colour

Use the dixie colour “Emerald” to create a khaki colour familiar to the skin! It is a colour that attracts the attention of light-coloured girls.

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Earth tone short style

By using emerald, it becomes a khaki colour with lightness and softness! It is recommended that the current hair colour develop well even for warm colours—rough short, and healthy impression.

Straight long with outstanding transparency

Long hair with attractive lustre. The redness disappears by putting her emerald on it, and it becomes an adult-like atmosphere. By daring to style it straight, the gloss will stand out.

[Silver] Smoky monotone

Based on the dixie colour “silver”, it gives a favourable impression of monotone. Recommended for those who like cool fashion.

Sophisticated uncut bob

If you are worried about the blueness of ash, we recommend using silver, which gives you a feeling of mellowness!

Small animal-like casual midi

Midi style creates a cuteness like a small animal with a casual feeling made with rough curly hair. Combining the dark silver Greige with the loose wave gives you a sense of sheerness at once. It is recommended for those who want to incorporate casual cuteness.

[Purple Garnet] In the longed-for lavender grey

You can also reproduce lavender grey with the dixie colour “Purple Garnet”. It is a unique colour that has a mysterious atmosphere!

Highly coloured lavender colour

Only dixie colour can enjoy the colour while darkening. We rounded short for a clean impression.

Natural wave

It becomes a calm pink colour by suppressing thae yellowness with the purple garnet of dixie colour. The moderate contrast of Balayage gives a three-dimensional effect, giving it a sexy impression. A style that I would like people who want to create an adult atmosphere different from usual to try!

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[Smoky topaz] Gray beige for a transparent feeling

The last is “Smoky Topaz” in dixie colour. Grey beige with plenty of transparency makes hair with a beautiful texture that attracts everyone.

A cute mellow beige

Colouring with smoky topaz becomes a beige colour with plenty of transparency. The casual highlights add a touch of elegance!

Smoky topaz for a foreigner’s look

It is a foreign-style colour that makes you feel desirable based on smoky topaz. Thanks to the soft texture, the feeling of sheerness are also improved! This style is recommended for those who want to make a difference in their surroundings.

Adult elegant nuance colour

The colouring brings out adult elegance with smoky topaz. This style is recommended for those who want a sense of transparency but prefer a calm colour. Her constricted hair adds a fluffy and gorgeous look to her face.

Dixie Colour Gives You a Sense of Transparency That Goes One Step Ahead.

Dixie colour that realizes unique transparency. Did you find your favourite style? When you make a reservation for a salon, be sure to check what colour agent you are using.

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