What Colour Is Pale Tone? Hair Colour Features And Colour Catalogue

The “pale tone” tag that you see on Instagram. Pale tones with pale and soft shades are becoming a trend in hair color. This article will introduce the features and recommended colors of pale tones that have a girlish atmosphere!

The lightness is cute! What color is pale tone?

A pale tone with an impressive fluffy atmosphere and transparency, In the first place, the pale tone is a pale color that looks like white with a mixture of other vivid colors.

From the characteristics of the color, it is a trend color that creates a girlish and feminine atmosphere, such as

  • A pale and ephemeral atmosphere.
  • A peaceful atmosphere.
  • A delicate and pure atmosphere.

  • Pale tones give a soft and bright atmosphere and have the characteristic of making the hair look soft with its transparency.
  • I want to try bright colors, but I also want glossy hair! The pale tone is a very recommended color for girls.

Bleach is a must if you want to enjoy pale tone coloring!

  • You must always bleach when ordering pale tones. By bleaching and removing the color firmly, there is an advantage that the transparency of the hair increases, and the range of colors expands.
  • Then, how much bleaching is necessary is different for each person. The number of times you should bleach depends on the hair color before bleaching.
  • If you have a perfect color or have a hair color budget, first consult with your hairdresser to decide whether or not to use pale tones.

When I hear that bleaching is essential, I’m worried about damage to my hair. If you want to try pale tone but are worried about damage to your hair, we recommend ordering from the care bleach menu that contains hair care agents. For what kind of menu is care bleach, please see below.

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A pale color sample catalog

We will introduce the hair colors of pale tones by color in a catalog format. It introduces the difference in the atmosphere by color, so please use it as a reference to get closer to your ideal style!

Warm pale tone

Pale pink, pale and ephemeral

Pale pink color short hairstyle. Pale pink gives a girlish feminine impression. Also, by making it short, it will have a cute atmosphere. If you want a more fluffy atmosphere, roll it loosely.

Soft with pale Orange

Bob style in pale orange color, Orange represents warm colors and is a recommended style for those who want to wear a gentle and soft atmosphere. The fluffy feeling is improved by winding the ends of Bob’s hair inward.

Pale beige and glossy

Long loose winding style in pale beige color, The pale beige color makes the hair transparent and gives it a glossy look. This hair color is recommended for people who want to make their hair look soft and shiny.

Cool pale tone

Pale blue and girlish

Medium style in pale blue color, Blue-collar workers tend to look cool, but by making them pale blue, they give a girlish and feminine impression. I like the cute atmosphere, but I also want to try blue-collar workers! It is a recommended color for girls.

Pale green and unique

Pale green color short bob style, The point is that pale green is light green, so it doesn’t stand out too much! This hair color is recommended for people who want to show their individuality but don’t stand out too much.

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Elegant with pale purple

Straight long style in pale purple color, This light, and calm pale purple are recommended for those who want to bring out the elegance even in the purple color. You can create a more adult feminine atmosphere by straightening your long hair.

At a salon that specializes in pale tones, Imechen for light-colored girls!

So far, we have introduced various pale-tone hairstyles. “Bleach technology” is essential for pale tone color. If you want to challenge the pale tone, you should look for a salon that is good at bleach color. Why don’t you now aim for a light-colored girl with a trendy pale tone?

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