What Color Is Silky Beige? Introducing Color Features, Method, And Collection

What Color Is Silky Beige? Introducing Color Features, Method, And Collection

Soft beige color that gives hair a glossy and transparent feeling. Although she has often heard it, many people wonder what kind of color it is—introducing such silky beige this time. We will introduce various styles as well as colors and ordering methods! Please see the charm of the color that you can easily remove with or without bleaching.

What Color Is Silky Beige?

  • As the name suggests, silky Beige is a beige color with a silky light texture and luster.
  • Specifically, it is characterized by a transparent color that is somewhat white.
  • It is the perfect color for the warm season because it becomes more transparent when exposed to sunlight. When you look for a style, there are many bright colors like the image, and at first glance, it looks like bleaching is essential.
  • Silky Beige is a color that allows you to enjoy a sense of transparency, even in dark tones.

The most important point of silky Beige is the glossiness. The transparency of the beige color gives the hair a shine, giving it a moderately loose feel and enhancing the gentle atmosphere. It is a recommended color for people concerned about the redness of hair because it is formulated to remove the redness of hair to increase transparency.

How Should I Tell You How to Order Silky Beige?

  • As explained earlier, the characteristics of silky Beige are its luster and smoothness.
  • Therefore, the color nuances may differ slightly depending on the tone.
  • When ordering, show a catalog close to your ideal and match the image with the beautician.
  • In the second half of the article, we will introduce various styles, so please try to find your favorite there!
  • If you are unsure about choosing a catalog, let the hairdresser know your specific image, such as “I want to make the texture of my hair look smooth”! The cosmetologist will look for the catalog together and formulate the coloring agent to get closer to the ideal.

Silky Beige Hair Catalog Collection With or Without Bleach

We will introduce the difference in color and impression of silky Beige depending on the presence or absence of bleach in a catalog format! We will introduce different hairstyles, so it is recommended to use them as a reference for hairstyles and colors.

With Bleach × Silky Beige

Dark tone silky Beige for a clean look

Hairstyles that tend to look heavy can be seen clearly by incorporating silky Beige. Although it is a relatively dark silky beige, bleaching is essential to bring out this transparency! It is a color that I would like people who want to enjoy the color fading stage to try.

Loose perm x silky beige for a fluffy feel

A perm short with a bright silky beige color. You can add fluffy cuteness in a boyish style by incorporating a soft silky beige color. 

Smooth texture color with noticeable wave movement

Wavy medium hair with a soft silky beige. For hairstyles that you want to move, match the hair color that makes the texture of the hair stand out. Silky Beige, which has been bleached to improve the smoothness, is the perfect color! 

Straight long with no redness and coolness

A novel style that combines straight long with bright silky Beige with bleach. Since the redness is removed, you can wear a cool atmosphere like an overseas woman. This style is recommended for those who want to imitate boldly.

Incorporate in inner color to make it unique

It is a style based on gray hair color with a soft beige inner color. Silky Beige is a color that is familiar to the skin, so even if you put it as an inner color, it will not be flashy, and it will be easy to challenge.

No Bleach X Silky Beige

Reduces redness and makes the texture airy

It is a medium style with a mix of winding and an airy impression. Silky Beige, which suppresses redness without bleaching, has a soft texture and makes it airy. If you combine it, you can make a fluffy and mature hairstyle.

Bring out the movement of the layer with silky Beige

Coloring the layer midi of the modern style with silky Beige. The light texture of silky Beige enhances the movement created by the layer cut.

Get natural transparency with dark silky Beige.

It is a dark tone silky beige style made without bleaching. Silky Beige, which appears firmly in the texture even in dark tones, has moderate transparency compared to black hair! It is a color that you should try if you feel that you want to be clean but you are worried about suddenly brightening it.

Excellent compatibility with mature Korean hair!

The smooth and glossy silky Beige enhances the femininity of the style. Those who want to get a cute adult impression and those who yearn for Korean girls are a must-see! 

The highlight style is also glossy.

A style that gives the hair a three-dimensional effect by adding highlights as a whole. Coloring with silky Beige gives a favorable impression of the highlights. 

Let’s Enjoy the Feeling of Pulling Out With Silky Beige.

This time, we introduced a wide range of styles, focusing on the color of silky Beige and the presence or absence of bleach. Silky Beige is perfect for the warm season. You can choose the brightness and texture you like, so please consult with a beautician and try to create the perfect color. Let’s get a feeling of outstanding transparency with a hair color that is transparent to light and raise your mood!

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