Wedding Decorations to Make Your Wedding Theme a Success

The decoration of a wedding is an essential element for the success of the event. It is chosen and prepared weeks or even months in advance. Choosing a theme to celebrate your union is a great idea to succeed in this essential step. This will greatly help you refine your ideas and avoid wasting time and money. Here are some useful tips to make your wedding theme a success.

The first thing you need to do for your wedding decoration is to define a specific theme. All desires are possible: cinema, vintage, sailor, video games, manga, comics, bohemian, glitter, etc. You can also draw inspiration from different eras: medieval, the 1920s, 1930s… The choice is wide. It is according to this that you will determine the material to buy to constitute the decoration. To avoid getting lost, remember to take notes on the different highlights to illustrate the chosen theme. Here are some examples of wedding themes with their specific decoration accessories.

A cinema-themed wedding


For a cinema-themed wedding, you can, for example, place a beautiful red carpet on the aisle leading to the church altar. At the entrance to your reception hall, set up a large wooden cinema clapperboard to offer a preview of the decoration to your guests. Regarding the decoration of the tables, place a cinema pocket ballotin with a sticker to serve as a menu and a black and gold Star Hollywood cinema table runner. Don’t forget to finish it off with candles and a pretty bouquet of red roses to accentuate the glamorous and chic side of the decoration.

A marine-themed wedding


To create a marine universe in your reception room, opt for a Bateau-Phare centerpiece, a white tablecloth, and a braided cord macrame table runner on each table. Also, consider placing a lantern to light up your tables and decorate it all with some seashells. You can also put your paper invitations in a bottle following the concept of the bottle in the sea. In addition, it is interesting to offer a small compass neatly packed in a burlap duffel bag to your guests.

A vintage themed wedding


For a vintage-themed wedding, recovery will be the watchword of the decoration. You can, for example, hang a label with the first name of each guest on an old key tied with a beautiful ribbon. You can also use a miniature typewriter to decorate each table. Doilies, beautiful bouquets of white roses, and candle holders are also welcome.

Countless other themes are possible for wedding decoration. To avoid going all over the place, you can take inspiration from the different themed decoration ideas found on the net or magazines. You can also hire a wedding decoration expert to help and advise you. From centerpieces to wedding rings, including candles, candy boxes, place cards, paper lanterns, hangings, garlands, urns, and figurines, will spoil you for choice for your wedding decoration, whatever the chosen theme.

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Focus on the essentials


To succeed in your theme, you must absolutely focus on the essentials. Even if it is good to have a lot of imagination to enhance the decoration, you must avoid getting lost in your ideas, because this often leads to doing too much and ultimately to nothing. It is best to follow a specific guideline. If your wedding theme is about a specific movie, for example, determine the most important elements that characterize that movie and decorate your ceremony and reception venue with them. Only once the outline of your wedding decoration has been defined will you be fine-tuning the details.

Define the colors of the wedding


Even if your wedding is on a specific theme, you must define two or three colors in advance to decorate the room well. You can adapt any color to your wedding decor as long as you use it sparingly. Class, elegant, and a symbol of purity, white is always trendy. It is often associated with other colors like red, black, burgundy, lavender, etc. However, we must avoid errors of taste and not overload the decoration by using too many shades of color. Also, it is important to know that black is to be used in moderation. The best is to associate it with more vivid and cheerful colors.

Avoid buying too early


As D-Day approaches and all the preparations that go with it, we are often tempted to buy the first decorative items we see to avoid rushing when the time comes. However, changes of mind are not uncommon. Buying your decorative items too early can mislead you and increase your expenses considerably. It is, indeed, a shame to buy many purple candle holders only to realize that we prefer a red or blue decoration.

Do not neglect the light in your wedding decoration


Light is a detail that should not be overlooked for the success of a wedding theme. In addition to embellishing your reception area, a well-crafted light will allow you to take beautiful photos. Bet on a multitude of sources such as candles or their imitations. Remember to put colored gelatins on the spots to sift the atmosphere. If the reception room has an exposed wooden frame, do not hesitate to adorn it with golden light garlands. Also, consider installing a few candles on the tables to accentuate the romantic side of the event.

Mark the festive spirit


Of course, it goes without saying that you do not decorate a wedding reception hall like a living room. It is essential to mark the festive spirit. To do this, you have to think big and bet on accumulation to wow your guests from the first seconds. For example, do not hesitate to hang a hundred balloons or paper lanterns from the ceiling to create a unique, festive, and magical universe.

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Organize the space well


To make your theme successful, it is important to consider the size of the room. This will allow you to determine what items to buy to best match and enhance the place. If the reception room is too large, do not hesitate to delimit the space by installing a photo booth corner, a table for the guestbook, cozy lounges, etc. It is also interesting to favor round tables because they take up space. On the other hand, if the space is quite limited, it is necessary to avoid overloading the decoration and placing rectangular herringbone tables to give an illusion of depth to the room.

DIY to personalize your wedding decor


It is quite possible to turn to Do It Yourself to personalize your wedding decoration. In addition to being original, it is particularly economical. However, it should note that making your wedding invitations and decorative accessories yourself is a tedious task that requires a lot of time, concentration, and energy. Indeed, making ten invitations seems easy, but when there are 200 or 300 to make, you risk getting bored quickly. Doing DIY is, therefore, an interesting idea, provided you have the necessary time and motivation.

Always take your tastes into account


It is unnecessary to be inspired by all the trends to choose your wedding theme and successfully decorates. Note that this day will be one of your fondest memories. It is, therefore, necessary to make something that looks like you and off the beaten track. Therefore, do not forget always to consider your personal tastes, memories of a couple, and others when decorating your wedding. If you decide to hire a wedding planner, don’t forget to brief them well on the style of decoration you are looking for and the things you do not want to see.

Surround yourself well


To avoid getting lost in the wedding preparations, it is recommended that you delegate tasks. This will allow you to make the most of your last single days and prepare yourself stress-free and worry-free for the big day. So do not hesitate to ask a professional to accompany you to each stage of the wedding organization. Attentive to your requests, he will help you refine your ideas and suggest solutions to enhance, personalize and harmonize your decoration. He can also take care of the organization of the entire event: planning, meal service, flower arrangement, etc. In addition, you can call on your loved ones to help you at each step of the complete organization of the wedding.

Anticipate the unexpected


It is always useful to be prepared for the unexpected. Usually occurring at the last moment, they risk spoiling the decoration and thus the party. It is essential to plan everything and equip yourself with the necessary equipment to make your wedding theme a success without a hitch. For example, if you have garlands to hang on a tree or a ceiling, plan a ladder high enough to facilitate installation. Likewise, don’t forget to take a tool kit with you with scissors, double-sided tape, and the like on the day you will decorate the reception hall to avoid any inconvenience and waste of time.

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