Lady Gaga's Stunning Hairstyles

Lady Gaga, an American singer and actress, went to the premiere of the movie The House of Gucci, in which she was the main character.

With the help of contouring, Lady Gaga's makeup artist correctly corrects the shape of her face.

Her picture for the event stirred up debate online. The Daily Mail writes about the photos.

Online, people had a lot to say about her picture for the event. The photos are written about in the Daily Mail.

Lady Gaga's career in music and as an actress can't be stopped. Since she first started out, her looks have become another way for her to stand out and become a fashion icon.

Some of her looks, especially in the beginning of her career, were the most surprising.

She is the queen of making first impressions that make everyone gasp.

Lady Gaga is the best at award shows. This singer, actress, and host takes the stage at major events to show a different side of herself.