10 Celebrities With Gorgeous Braiding Hairstyles

When you look at her from the side, you can see that her tight braid made a beautiful crown.

Bar Refaeli/Getty Images

The braid on Cate Blanchett's head was folded up and tucked under to make a perfect bump at the back of her head.

Cate Blanchett/Getty Images

Heidi Klum tried braiding one side of her long blonde hair in a French braid while leaving the other side loose.

Heidi Klum/Getty Images

Jemima Kirke showed us how to wear the Heidi braid in a chic and pretty way that we wouldn't have thought of.

Jemima Kirke/Getty Images

Jessica Alba shows how to get a cool half-shaved look without actually cutting your hair.

Jessica Alba/Getty Images

Kate Bosworth wore a pretty braided updo, and her blonde hair makes her look even more beautiful.

Kate Bosworth/Getty Images

With her dark hair, the actress looks so pretty and glamorous. Lucy Hale's dark hair makes her look so pretty and stylish.

Lucy Hale/Getty Images

This low bun hairstyle is really pretty, with one braid crossing over the other.

Lucy Liu/Getty Images

Nina Dobrev once again wowed us with a messy fishtail braid on the side.

Nina Dobrev/Getty Images

You can make the top part loose and then make the bottom part tight.

Shay Mitchell/Getty Images