Ways to Wear Cropped Pants or Capris

Discover the best way to wear your cropped pants, crop pants, or capris. We leave you many tips and ideas for modern outfits for women. Cropped capris or pants are notoriously difficult to wear and can be unflattering for many women. However, stores are currently full of these shorts and the trend continues.

What is capri pants

The capris are cutoffs that stop above the ankle, but usually well below the knee. They are different from shorts like Bermudas, which stop above the calf and are less difficult to wear.

First of all, they give the effect of shortening the legs! For almost all women, a silhouette with a longer leg line is more flattering.

They can bring out thick calves as they are likely to end on this part of the leg. Your gaze will be directed to where the hem of your capris ends.

How to Wear Capris?

If you like the funky modern vibe of capris and decide to put them on, how can you do it while maintaining a flattering silhouette?

Wear higher heels.

One way to overcome the shortening effect on your legs is to wear higher heels. Baggy pants and shorts look especially better with heels.

Think about the color of the footwear

If there is not much contrast between your shoes and your legs, your legs will appear longer. Shoes without straps also make your legs longer.

Wear a Shorter Blouse

When wearing flared or baggy shorts, be sure to wear a shorter top. High waisted shorts look fabulous with tops that end at the waist.

Wearing a shorter top will ensure your legs look longer.

Where Should Your Cropped Pants End?

You need to find a pair that stops at the thinnest part of your leg, as this will be what will stand out with your capri pants. Indeed, the capris draw a line across the leg and attract attention there.

What blouse to wear with capris pants

When choosing tops to style with your capris, think about shirts that you can tuck inside or tops that are quite short and will make your legs look longer.

Sweaters And Cardigans To Wear With Capris

You can go for various styles of sweaters with your capris, but be careful with the ends of your sweater. A sweater that ends at your hips will effectively cut your body in half, which is generally not flattering.

Instead, try a short style (you can always wear it over a longer shirt) or go for a longer open cardigan style to create long, slimming lines.

Jackets To Wear With Capris

Cropped or short jackets can be a flattering look with your capris as they can make your legs look longer compared to your torso.

Shoes And Boots To Wear With Capris

There are many shoe and boot options that you can choose from. Options for lengthening the legs include heels or booties, while you can choose sneakers or sandals for a more casual look.

Look with black capri pants