Top 80 Cute Updos For Natural Hair To Try This Year

Top 80 Cute Updos For Natural Hair To Try This Year

As a matter of neatness and style, women should wear their hair up as much as possible. It’s also needed for weddings, graduation parties, and other parties and events. They make you feel more sure of yourself and calm on holiday. You can wear gathered hairstyles every day as well as for special occasions.

In this article, I’ll show you the best haircuts and hairstyles you can use to feel more comfortable in a dress or everyday clothes.

I’ll show you step by step, in a way that’s easy and quick, how you can learn trendy hairstyles that work for your hair length since putting your hair up isn’t just for women with long hair.

You must have long hair to use these hairstyles. So, if you were thinking about cutting your hair, this list of the most beautiful gathered hairstyles for women with long hair might make you think twice.

Curly Updo


This low, curly hairstyle will look good on any hair type and color. The hairstyle gives a light, sexy look that is great for formal events.

Pretty Updo


Elegant hairstyles start with shoulder-length straight hair. Blow-dry your hair with a styling product to add shine.

Twisted Bun


This lovely bun will give thin hair volume in twisted hairstyles. Though difficult, it’s worth it. Curling irons create loose waves. Avoid combs for textured hair. To add interest, twist and pin your hair opposite the bun.

Twisted Knot


A versatile updo. Side twists enhance a traditional knot. They volumize and hold even short, thin hair.

Thin Updo Hair


Appreciate thin hair’s versatility. A twisted crown adds volume and dimension if you want to show off highlights, lowlights, or dark roots.

Classy Updo


With a smooth, glossy, and sleek updo, arrive at work in style. You’ll look like a chic, professional woman. This formal updo always works.

Wedding Hair Updo


Mermaid updos will impress guests. That artwork will brighten your special day.

Loose Curls Updo


A sexy updo complements any outfit. Tease your crown to rest your voluminous layers.

Styled Top Knot


Special occasion hairstyles? Request this intricate updo from your stylist. This flower-like style will draw attention.

French Braid Updo


Braids never go out of style. They are always popular because they can be used in many different ways. This one is perfect if you don’t have much time but still want a cool hairstyle.



Everyone loves the low-cut bun this season. If you like buns and braids, this style is for you. The hairstyle looks girly and romantic, and it’s good for spring and summer. It can be worn to a wedding, a normal day, or a party for a friend. No matter what you’re doing, give this look a shot.

Messy Fishtail Braid


You don’t have to run to the salon to get this look, which is good news. Everyone can say it! This hairstyle is simple, stylish, and takes only ten minutes. Leave the front few curls out. Try to remember this picture.

Simple Bun + Side Bangs


This bun hairstyle can take your everyday hairstyle to the next level. It’s a stylish style, and you should try it.

Elegant Side Bun


If you need a sleek and neat hairstyle for an event, don’t worry. It’s easy to do. Here’s a quick and easy way to style your hair perfectly!

Relaxed Chignon


Easy long hairstyles start with superficial knots. This simple knot adds volume and softness. Leave some fine strands to frame your face.

French Bouffant


This voluptuous hairstyle will turn heads. It will naturally move as you walk, attracting more attention. Lift your hair by backcombing the top half. Roll your hair loosely to keep it puffy. Rat tail combs create free-flowing single strands.

Messy Bun Updo


Pixie-cut girls would love this hairstyle! This messy, cute updo requires little effort to achieve maximum effect. These cute hairstyles are comfy. Dry shampoo in a high ponytail to add volume and texture.

Messy French Roll


Elegant and balanced modern French roll. Create waves with a large curling iron and spin your straight hair back, leaving a few locks to frame your face.

Chignon Off-Centre


Always-appropriate updos include chignons. It suits shoulder-length and long hair for formal events and holiday parties. This adorable off-center option adds natural volume. Leave out an opposite tendril to balance your look.

Bun Asymmetrically


We’re obsessed with this asymmetrical bun! Twist and randomly pin locks at your nape. Make your own with a texturizing spray.

Low-Knot Flower Piece


Romance is flower crowns! Add flowers to your hairstyle. Hair in a messy bun and a few thin strands down your neck.

Fine Hair Knotted Updo


Twist or knot your hair and pin it into a half-mohawk. Because the hair is concentrated on a smaller area, starting the hawk on the crown makes it bulkier.

Loopy Hair Updo

Curls are the easiest way to thicken thin hair. This gorgeous updo for fine hair shows off a gorgeous dye job. Large curls support fancy loops.

Low-Loose Knot Roots

Beautiful tight ballerina buns are not suitable for fine hair. A low messy twist does. Her loose facial pieces enhance her undone look. The bun may be irregular.

Short-haired Curly Bun


Color and texture always help. Thinner hair looks good with curls and darker roots. Ringlets or looser waves are a simple but effective updo for special occasions or every day.

Jumbo-Braid Updo


Think big. Horizontally braided jumbo braids make loopy buns. Tuck the braid for an updo. Gently pull each braid piece out to make it lacier.

Bangs and Curly Low-Updo


Volumize your hair with beachy hairstyles. The Gibson tuck on wavy hair was a beautiful update on your grandmother’s updo when she met your grandfather. Modern prom and wedding hairstyles are simple and elegant.

Locks Curly Updo Hair


Thin hair updos emphasize the body. Teasing, curls, and highlights create this elegant curly updo for formal occasions.

Messy Black Hair Updo


A romantic wedding or elegant formal gown suits a nest-like updo with a messy looped ponytail.

Shoulder-Length Updo


Dimension pulls layers back into a “cinnamon roll” when you highlight.

Accessorized Short Hairstyle


You can create a romantic and sophisticated hairstyle in seconds with a few bobby pins.

Long Hair Bohemian-Teased Bun


Casual chic with a kick. The headband’s loose strands and teased crown complete the messy look.

Thin Hair Romantic Braided Updo


Long, thin hair is hard to style. You don’t want flat hair when pulled back. Thus, thin hair loose braids are safe. Twist and fishtail braid for texture variety.

Bunted Thin Hair Updo


It’s not extensions. The loose crown and undone waves give fine hair volume. Leave some loose tendrils around your face for a romantic finish.

Bangs and Updo Hair


A waterfall braid that lets strands hang freely is a great new updo. After braiding, pull on the ends to make it bigger.

Spike-Updo Hair


To get this spiked, curly look with only natural hair, tease the back. This quick cheat is excellent for fine hair.

Effortless Knot Updo


This delicate style is intricate. It’s perfect for going from work to an event without re-styling. This quick look saves time.

Colorful Formal Bun


Bold hair colors like grey-blonde balayage “thicken” fine hair. To tame roots, pull hair back and use a strong styling spray.

Messy Updo Hair


Thin hair appears thicker with a color illusion, like this long fine blonde hair with dark roots. The messier the side braid, the better!

Low-Updo Crown Braid


This hairstyle is perfect for thin, long hair. The tendrils below and the thick, angled crown braid create a bulky updo.

Stylish Messy Hair Updo


This cute thin hair updo is easy to style! Hair elastics, bobby pins, and strong setting spray are needed. Today’s messy styles are great for thin hair because they tolerate flyaways.

Peaks Hair Updo

Highlights and lowlights create this cute tri-color mane, adding volume to flat hair again. When the color is this gorgeous, all you need is a little texture to create a flawless hairstyle that will never reveal your secret.

Relaxed Curly Updo


Avoid over-styling after thickening thin hair with hot rollers. Gathering your hair at the nape and pinning it can make it look fuller.

Away Braid Hair Updo


Try braid combinations—they’re trendy and gorgeous. To make the braids look thick, pull out each loop afterward. Leave braids down, ponytail, or bun.

Low-tangled knot


Thin hair and low updos look complete with a messy texture. A messy French braid in the back adds volume.

Twist And Braids Updo


Why not try several braids or a mix of braids and messy twists? Enjoy yourself!

Elegance Hair Updo


Prepare your hair elastics and bobby pins! Start with a low ponytail and braid two sections, twisting them around the elastic and pinning. It’s easy to pull off this look.

Side-Textured Bun Updo

Apply a small amount of product to damp hair and work it with your fingers before scrunching to maintain texture. Make a side part, leave some bangs, and put your hair in a messy bun at your nape.

Asymmetrical Flower Updo


A flower instantly elevates a casual outfit. You don’t want a large blossom to overpower fine hair, so choose a color that matches. This pastel pink flower matches blonde hair.

Fishtail Buns are a Mess

If you want a beautiful hairstyle to finish your look, you should try this one. A decorative gold rim can be added to the hairstyle to make it look even better.

“French Twist” is Done Badly

The French twist is a simple, classic way to style your hair. Use studs with jewels or fresh flowers to hold them in place for a beautiful finishing touch.

Double Crown French Braid

The double French braid is a great way to do your hair for any event. This look might look hard, but it’s pretty simple. You can also do this style with a fishtail or dutch braid.

Elegant Updo

Curls and braids are what makes this hairstyle stand out.

Low, messy bun

Messy low buns are stylish, especially with a few small French braids. This is an excellent style for prom.

Elegant Victorian Updo

The style of Old Hollywood is always in style. Add red lipstick and pearls to the style. The style looks good on medium-length hair.

Vintage Collected Hairstyle

  1. Curling
  2. Remove curlers
  3. Attach

Yes, it’s easy and simple!

Style of Hair With Fleece

When your hair is combed, you look instantly more sexual. The style works for everyone and is simple to copy (even for beginners). In this style, the more puffed out your hair is, the better.

Elegant and Stylish

This stylish hairstyle will be an excellent choice for a wedding. Choose hairstyles that are neat to show off your good looks.

Bun on the Side

One of the easy-to-do collected hairstyles is a low-side bun, which you can do if you have a lot of hair and it’s long.

Bun at the Top

This pulled-back hairstyle is already more complicated because it has a bun on top surrounded by a braid that starts at the nape of the neck. It looks great on blondes with dark roots because the braid lifts the top layer of hair, leaving the part of the hair that is more visible.

Elegant Knot Bun


The cutest and most elegant hairstyle ever. This feminine updo goes well with “power dressing” because it is neatly brushed backwards and polished.

Dutch Braid Updo


Dutch braids and updos create a romantic Bohemian look. Low-woven buns look great with braided headbands.

Thin Hair Lacy Updo


Thin hair can celebrate. Any elegant updo is possible with thin hair. Make a cute chignon with loose hair on the sides. Make a bouffant and add a chignon for volume.

Inverted Low Bun Updo


This style is best for quick, professional appearances. Twist three sections of hair, tuck the ends, and pin and hairspray.

Short-Haired Blonde Updo


Simple updos don’t require long hair. For a dreamy finish, twist your blond beach waves chaotically.

Inverted French Braid Bun


Thick hair suits updos. This casual braid into a twisted bun shows off your locks’ strength and class.

Money-Pieced Long Bridal Hairstyle


The messy ponytail bun suits curly hair and is inspired by Ancient Greece. It looks innocent but fierce with loose frontal strands.

Shoulder-Length Hair Low-bun Hairstyle


Don’t believe straight-hair updo rumors. Rumor spreaders have yet to see this low-bun. They’re fun.

Fancy Bubble Mohawk Updo


Bubble braid updos are cute and cheeky for formal occasions.

Thick Hair Messy High-Bun Updo


Don’t believe the myth that thick hair can’t be bunned if it’s long and thick. Use many pins.

Medium Hair Twisted Updo


Like the ocean? Your bend and pin updo is perfect. Shorter and longer layers work together to create a dynamic wavy texture that can save a bad haircut.

Half Updo for Long Curly Hair


You can recreate the classic hairstyle at home. Tease and bun your hair low.

Special-occasion middle-length updo


Another lovely, messy curly bun. For more dimension, spray each section individually with texture spray!

A Tangled French Braid on Top

Messy updos are so cute and in style right now. The hairstyle looks a lot more complicated than it is.

Elegant and Careless Side Bun

Bun hairstyles don’t have to be perfect to look beautiful. The less they look like they care, the better. Flowers and hair accessories around the bun will make the hairstyle look cute and stylish.

A Side Bun with a Fishtail Braid

This fishtail side bun is the best thing to eat on hot summer days. Curl your hair first to give it some volume. Make a fishtail braid with one side of your hair part. Take some hair out of the fishtail braid to make it look bigger and less tight.

Pearl-Pinned Ash Blonde Updo


Elegant short hairstyles for thin, short hair are shown here. Pin the ends in or half-up. Do it with elegant pearl pins.

French Twist is Soft and Feminine


This messy bun shows off your fine ombre hair without embellishments. A few bobby pins will keep this in place, and loosening the entire look will make the updo more voluminous and soft around your face.

Hair Embellishments: Amazing Power


If you like low buns, try a twisted bun with accessories. Flowers and jewels can make your hair look thicker when pinned up.

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