Trendy Short Hair: Curly Hairstyles That Short Hair Can Enjoy

Short Hair Is Trendy, Tips On How To Wind And A Catalogue

Short hair is an attractive style with handsomeness and refreshing cleanliness. By adding curly hair styling, you can enjoy a more sophisticated hairstyle! So this time, we will introduce recommended curly hairstyles that short hair can enjoy! Get a curly hairstyle that is soft and feminine and has a sense of shedding.

Produce Femininity With Short Hair + Curly Hair!

Short hair has a strong image of boyish and handsome, but you can also enjoy femininity by incorporating curly hair. In addition to the standard inner and outer windings, random winding that combines internal and external windings can be changed to a neat or casual atmosphere depending on the winding method. If you want to challenge yourself, please use a trowel or iron, and if you are not confident in your hands, please check with the image of applying a perm. I will introduce the recommended short hair for essential tech according to the winding method.

How to Make an Inwardly Wound Shortly That Gives a Beautiful Impression

When short hair is rolled inward, the entire coat is neatly organized in the shape of the head, giving a simple and beautiful impression. You will be able to create an adult-like atmosphere overall. Of course, if you curl the ends of the hair, you can create a cute atmosphere, so let’s add it according to the image you want to be.

Step (1) Divide the left hair into upper and lower hair centred on the bee and block it.

Step (2) Separate the hair around the ears from the bottom of the bee (pink part) and lift it.

Step (3) Hold the middle of the separated hair with a trowel and wind it inward toward the tip of the hair. When the hair under the left bee is rolled up, pull down the blocking hair (blue) above the bee.

Step (4) Separate the hair on the surface from the top of the bee (blue part) and lift it.

Step (5) Hold the middle of the separated hair with a trowel and wind it inward toward the tip of the hair. For hair on other surfaces, divide it into the same procedure as step (4) and incorporate it inward.

Step (6) Separate the bangs around the face and pinch the middle part of the hair. At this time, pinch the tip of the iron downward.

Step (7) While pulling it straight down toward the tip of the hair, make it slightly outward.

Step (8) Divide the hair on the left side into upper and lower parts of the bee, block it, and wind it in stages ② to ⑤ as on the left side.

Step (9) Separate the bangs around the face and pinch the middle part of the hair. At this time, lift the iron’s tip while facing it upward.

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Step (10) As with the bangs on the left side, wrap it slightly outward while lowering it straight toward the tip of the hair.

Step (11) Separate the top hair in the centre of the back of the head and lift it.

Step (12) Hold the middle of the lifted hair with a trowel and wind it inward toward the tip of the hair.

Step (13) Take a styling product such as balm in the size of one nail and apply it to the palm. Touch it with your hand as if stroking the neckline, and continue to use the balm.

Step (14) While firmly grasping the tip of the hair, let the balm left on the end of the hair blend in.

Step (15) Lift the hair on the left bee and hold it with your hand. You are stroking the inner hair with the balm left in your hand.

Step (16) Slightly lower the hair on the bee and style it to push toward the face.

Step (17) Further lower the hair on the bee and style it to flow toward the head’s back. Styl the right side in the same way as steps 15 to 17.

Step (18) Remove all the hair and adjust the silhouette of the back of the head to complete!

Click here for recommended inward winding short style.

Inner winding handsome short style

It can make the beautiful short hair with an inward winding silhouette feel more mellow by creating a feeling of the bunch with oil.

Inner winding mini bob that is compactly summarized

A mini bob with a simple inward winding of the hair tips. Although compact, it is wrapped softly around the ears to give it a cute impression. By combining long and thin bangs, you can add a sense of omission. 

Natural short bob

Natural short bob style with mash silhouette. It is a comfortable chin style that curls with a 32 mm iron and finishes with oil, perfect for you who are not good at styling.

One short curl bob with a retro atmosphere

A short bob style with the tips of the hair wrapped inward just around the ears. From the voluminous rhombus form, you can feel the retro atmosphere. With balm styling, you can give a light impression by providing a feeling of the bunch to the ends of the hair!

How to Make an Outer Winding Short That Adds a Feeling of Pulling Out

Outer-wrapped short hair creates movement throughout the hair, giving it a modern look with a sense of shedding. It is easier to create a more casual atmosphere than inward winding. The effortless outer wrapping styling and the mighty sword go well with short stretched shorts and short bob styles! If you have a problem with your style, this is a styling that you want to incorporate.

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Step (1) Separate the hair around the face and insert the iron diagonally from the middle of the hair.

Step (2) While ironing down toward the ends of the hair, remove the ends of the hair. Use the same procedure to remove the ends of the hair on the other side. At this time, the point is that the wrists are not too stubborn.

Step (3) While looking in the mirror, pinch the hair around the nape with an iron and make the ends of the hair fluffy.

Step (4) Take the top part of the hair, pinch the middle part of the hair diagonally with an iron, and make the tip of the hair outside.

Step (5) Make the other top hair out in the same way as in step (4).

Step (6) Roughly separate the bangs, sandwich the iron from the root, and lightly wrap it inward with the tips of the hair. Comb the bangs and arrange them.

Step (7) Spread the hair oil on your hands and let it blend into your entire


Step (8) When the oil is familiar to the whole, but the hair on your ears and leave the lagging hair.

Step (9) Take a small amount of oil in your hand, grab the bangs from the inside and lift it to blend in. Once familiar, trim the bangs with a comb, and you’re done!

Click here for recommended outer winding short style.

Root fluffy centre part short

Short hair with the topcoat and the base of the bangs wrapped around the outside. By raising the root with the outer wrapping, you can get a casual atmosphere, but you can also solve problems such as hair cracking due to bangs and whorls. Let’s make it a centre part and enhance the coolness of the shorts.

Outside honey mini bob style

A short bob style with an extra mature look makes the neckline part outside. The see-through bang adds a sense of omission, creating a fashionable and well-balanced style.

A short bob that made a rough wave

Short bob hair with a natural rough wave A thin 26mm trowel is used to finish the ends of the hair to the outside, creating a feeling of shedding.

How to Make a Mixed Winding Short That Looks Well-balanced

The last item I would like to introduce is a mix of short hair. The mixed winding, which is a combination of inner and outer winding, has a large volume and is a styling that allows you to enjoy curly hair curl. It is also here to make it look like frizz and foreign style. Mix winding is a little more complicated because it alternates between two curly hairs, inside and outside. It is recommended that you try it yourself, but if you have a problem, ask your beautician if you can reproduce it with a perm.

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Step (1) Put the hair on the surface from around the face, especially the middle of the hair, with a trowel. As it is, wind it outward toward the root and release it.

Step (2) Separate the hair bundle next to the hair bundle wound in step (1). Hold the middle of the hair with a trowel, wind it inward toward the root, and separate it.

Step (3)  Repeated alternately, and the hair on the surface of the head is wrapped around.

Step (4) Separate the bangs, sandwich the middle of the hair with a trowel, wrap it inward toward the root, and push it up toward the hairline.

Step (5)Separate the hair near the hair part from the top. Place the round part of the trowel on the inside of the hair for a few seconds, release it, and gently squeeze it with your hands.

Step (6) While looking in the mirror, look for the unrolled

hair tips.

Step (7) Take a small amount of hair oil and spread it on the palm. First, put your hand on the back of your head and let the oil blend into the entire back hair.

Step (8) Lift the bangs and top hair from the forehead and put a hand comb toward the back. Stroking the hair’s surface with the excess oil and adjusting it to reduce the overall volume!

Click here for recommended mixed winding short style.

Random Airy Short

A handsome short with lighter hair tips and an airy feel. The area around the face is wrapped around the outside, and the rest is gently rolled up with a 26mm iron to give a soft impression.

The front-down short is curly and casual.

A casual style with a lovely mix of short front hair. Coupled with the cute cream beige, it is a feminine curly short hair.

A mix-wound short with a fashionable sense of casualness

A style that alternately incorporates one curl of inner winding and outer winding to the short bob hair of the chin line. It is a light hairstyle with a lot of casualness and movement. By finishing it wet with oil, you can have brittle hair with a sense of a bunch!

Short Hair Is Curly and Doubles Cute.

For curly hair that you can enjoy with short hair, it is attractive that the finish of the style changes depending on the winding method, such as inner winding, outer winding, or mixed winding. How about changing the twisted process according to your mood and scene? Consult the salon if you don’t know the curly hair that suits you! You should be able to meet the perfect curly short hair.

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