Trend In 2022 – A Diamond-Shaped Bob That Looks Great!

Trend In 2022 - A Diamond-Shaped Bob That Looks Great!

I think many people want to try a diamond-shaped bob that impresses with elegance and cuteness but are worried about whether it suits them. Rhombus Bob is a hairstyle that suits any face shape! We will introduce hair colors that match the diamond-shaped bob and hairstyles by face type.

A diamond-shaped bob that is both cute and elegant!

The diamond-shaped bob impresses with its cuteness and elegance. The soft and fluffy atmosphere and the feminine and classical silhouette are attractive.

Those who are worried about whether it suits them. That’s not true. It is the charm of the diamond-shaped bob that it goes well with any face type.

What kind of hairstyle is Rhombus Bob in the first place?

  • The bob style in which the silhouette of the entire hair looks like a rhombus is called a rhombus bob.
  • By devising the vertical and horizontal emphasis balance, bangs, and how to put out the volume, any face type will be finished in a cute and elegant atmosphere.
  • We will introduce such a variety of diamond-shaped bobs by color and face type.
  • [By color] Diamond Bob Recommended Style Catalog
  • Even with the same diamond-shaped bob, the atmosphere and impression are very different just because the color and color are different.
  • We will introduce plenty of recommended diamond-shaped bob styles by color.
  • If it is brown or beige, it will give you a feminine and elegant impression.

Dark brown x diamond-shaped lob for an adult look.

The calm dark brown is paired with a long-length diamond-shaped lob to make it look more mature. For those of you who have a cute face and aim for cleanliness, it is recommended to finish it with an oversized silhouette.

Adult Bob with an attractive fluffy feeling

A diamond-shaped bob with a cute outer hair tip and a sense of looseness around the face. With a nice color, it gives a deep and aesthetic impression.

Random curl improves the small face effect.

The uncut bob hair has a small face effect by giving volume to the side with a casual curl. The bangs have a natural sideways flow to provide an excellent impression.

The feeling of airy is irresistible.

A fluffy rhombus silhouette that seems to contain air. Combine with the see-through bang to add an even more airy feel. Choosing a deep and not too bright hair color is good to give it a close look.

Black ash gives an excellent and mature impression.

Outer chin line diamond-shaped bob

An outer rhombus-shaped bob with constricted hair tips along the chin line. By matching the dark and dull color, it fits nicely on the skin and gives a clean impression.

Front-down diamond-shaped short bob

A short bob with a diamond-shaped silhouette on which ash greige is placed. The ear hooks make it neat and compact, giving it a neat and intelligent impression. When combined with a turtleneck, it raises adultness one step further.

For a beautiful A-line with hair tip perm

To keep the A-line, which is characteristic of the diamond-shaped bob, beautiful, it is recommended to apply a perm to the ends of the hair. The point is to choose a low-temperature digital perm and finish it in a natural atmosphere that is not too textured.

For a beautiful silhouette along the face line

A compact diamond-shaped bob with a tight impression, with the dark hair of light ash coming off. The small face effect is also outstanding, with a lean beauty silhouette along the face line.

[By face type] Diamond Bob Recommended Style Catalog

  • Since the silhouette of the entire hair can be charmed by a rhombus, the rhombus bob can blur the face shape.
  • However, the slight difference in the cutting method and styling is the key to making the best use of the face shape.
  • We will introduce the recommended diamond-shaped bob styles for each face type.
  • A round face feels omission with a layer around the face.

Leaving the cuteness of the round face

A round face is characterized by an acute atmosphere. Instead of hiding the round face line, put it out neatly. Let the bangs flow diagonally with a see-through bang to extrude cuteness.

High-tone diamond-shaped wolf bob

The royal rhombus silhouette is a good match for a round face with few irregularities on the face line.

The accent point is the back hair with color.

A royal rhombus-shaped constricted bob style with hair tips on the outside and a reverse winding around the face. The bangs are see-through for lightness. The fashionable feeling is upgraded by showing the earring color while leaving behind hair.

An inverted triangular face has a long volume at the line under the chin.

An inverted triangle puts weight on the lower position

Inverted triangles often care that the gills look like they are stretched because the chin line is sharp. In the case of a diamond-shaped bob, the balance with the short face line will be better by giving volume to a low position.

A silhouette that makes use of the inverted triangle

A unique diamond-shaped bob uses the face shape of the inverted triangle, which has a broad forehead and a crisp chin. I dare to give volume from the top to the center, and the hair ends have a crisp silhouette. It’s easy to hide the complex, but you can get a unique hairstyle by taking advantage of it.

Gorgeous with face-framing

A gorgeous and vibrant style with a high-tone border on the face line. Finish the top softly according to the volume on the side of the chin so that it has a natural silhouette. Control the inverted triangle 180 degrees and get the longed-for diamond silhouette close to the triangle!

With a diamond-shaped bob that suits everyone, Imechen without failure!

It takes courage to try any hairstyle for the first time. However, Rhombus Bob is a hairstyle that can prevent “I didn’t get what I expected.” as long as I have the hair color and the points of my face. If you are worried, consult a beautician and get a cute adult with a diamond-shaped bob.

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