Trend Hair Color Summary. Keyword And Four Major Trend Color Sample Collection

Trend Hair Color Summary. Keyword And Four Major Trend Color Sample Collection

As for the summer hair color, I feel like the hair color shines in the sunlight. It is a transparent color that is addicted to such a mood. In this article, we will introduce plenty of light colors with plenty of sheerness that is recommended for summer! We have picked up a wide range from bright to dark. Find your favorite and enjoy the refreshing seasonal hair color even in the hot summer.

In Summer, the Trend Is for Sheer and Light Colors.

Things make you want to change your hair color when the seasons change. Many people are wondering what hair color is trending this year. The key points of the hair color in the summer of 2022 are “translucency” and “light color”! We will introduce plenty of light and dark, so please try to find the perfect hair color for you.

The Royal Road of Summer! Both Men’s and Women’s Mote Greige Color

Speaking of the royal road in summer, the greige color with plenty of transparency. It is a dull trend color that suppresses redness by multiplying ash color and beige. One of the nuance colors with lightness, you can create a peaceful and calm atmosphere.

[Dark] Glossy Greige color

An adult-like style with glossy Greige color. You can get calm and mature hair that is natural but full of transparency. Let’s spend this summer with a light and dull hair color.

[Dark] Dark Hair Milk Tea Greige Color

A remarkable style that gives the trendy milk tea greige damages without bleaching. It’s perfect for those who wonder, “Is milk tea greige a little too bright?” A longing hair color with plenty of transparency!

[Bright] Classic milk tea greige

Classic milk tea greige color. By bleaching once or twice, you can be sure to get a clear color. With plenty of lusters, it is a color that should be noted this summer.

[Bright] Sheer greige with the sheer outstanding feeling

A trendy style that combines a bright sheer greige with a squirrel roll with movement around the face. The high-tone sheer color that suppresses redness gives a soft impression with outstanding sheerness. The light and bright hair color hold the trend firmly.

[Bright] Pearl Greige with a sense of transparency

Pearl greige with plenty of transparency. Adding a layer cut gives a stunning impression. It’s a color that seems to survive the hot summer refreshingly.

Ash Color That Enhances Transparency

The trendy ash color following spring. Ash is a dull gray color that can improve the transparency of your hair color. The dull, slightly pale ash color is one of the most seasonal colors in the summer of 2022.

[Dark] Ash brown with a sense of royal road

Dark ash brown is one of the standard colors. It is attractive that anyone can easily challenge. Wrap it finely with a 26mm iron to create a girly impression.

[Dark] Adult Ash Green

A dark ash base with an ash green gradation design. With a calm color, you can create an adult-like atmosphere. The loose wave winding further enhances the femininity of an adult.

[Slightly bright] Light ash gray with plenty of sheerness

Ash gray full of transparency. You can get a modern look by making it a light and dull color. It’s cool and cool, and it’s the perfect color for summer!

[Bright] Refreshing blue ash gray

Blue ash gray with bleach. It is a bright color with plenty of sheerness, but ash gray is added to leave a lightness. It is a challenging color that covers trends.

[Bright] With highlighting, it looks like summer

A style with gray highlights in bright ash gray. The glossiness of your hair will increase, and it’s perfect for a sunny day! If you want to enjoy summer to your heart’s content, this is a style that you should try.

Very Girly Pale Pink Color

The pink color of the 2022 trend. It is also popular hair color and will be a big success in the summer of 2022! Introducing a very girly pale pink color from dark to bright tones.

[Dark] Slightly pink-brown and mature

Eight tones of slightly pink-brown. The dark color gives an adult-like and favorable impression. It is also recommended for people who cannot get a bright hair color due to school or work.

[Dark] Pink color with plenty of lusters

A hairstyle that has an increased luster by daring to wrap it loosely. It goes perfectly with the dark pink-brown color, giving it a girlish and cute impression. It is also recommended for those who want a solid pink color, but a darker color is better!

[Bright] Pink nudie color that is familiar to the skin

Nudy color is close to the skin tone and is easy to get used to. The combination with pink is a very cute color, giving it an atmosphere like an older sister.

[Bright] Smoky pink with a strong presence

Smoky pink with bleach can be differentiated from the surroundings. It is a color full of charm with transparency and lightness and suppresses the trend. Because it is a dull color, it is also a point that you can have a calm atmosphere while having a bright hair color.

[Bright] Transient pale pink

Pale pink beige that has been bleached more than once. The transparent color can give a very brief impression. The very pale color makes the girly atmosphere even more.

Let’s Survive in the Summer! Refreshing Mint Color

The mint color, which has both sheerness and lightness, is hot in the summer of 2022. A mint-based color that gives you a refreshing summery feel. We will introduce you from dark tones to bright tones.

[Dark] Nowadays, mint ash

A combination of mint color and ash. It is the strongest color that you can get a trendy feeling. Let’s enjoy this summer with light colors with plenty of transparency.

[Dark] Layer cut for elegant mint beige

A combination of dark mint beige and layer cut. Coupled with long hair, it can give a feminine and elegant impression. You can also get a sense of transparency, which is good for mint colors!

[Bright] Mint x Milk Tea Beige

A style that combines milk tea beige and mint colors. It is a cool and transparent color. Get a sense of sheerness and lightness, and spend the summer in style!

[Bright] Calm dull mint green

Transparent mint green with bleach. The light color with a dull feeling gives the impression that it is not too flashy. The pale color perfectly holds down the trend of this term.

[Bright] Cool pale mint

The pale mint color is essential for bleaching. With refreshing and pale hair color, you can get a cool impression. Let’s survive the hot summer with plenty of sheer colors!

Summer When Hair Color Tends to Fade. How to Keep the Color?

Summer is when you want to wash your head because you sweat. However, if you shampoo too much, you will be afraid of discoloration. There are many natural enemies of hair color in the summer, such as the intense sunlight that makes your favorite color difficult to hold. Although it is such a summer discoloration, it can be greatly improved by just adding daily ingenuity. I will introduce how to keep your favorite hair color, so please refer to it.

Method 1: Color your hair without bleaching

Bleach effectively makes the color clear and gives a sense of transparency. However, bleach is characterized by its extensive damage and easy discoloration because it removes the pigment from the ground hair. Coloring without bleaching is recommended in the summer to make the hair color last longer. Recently, Illumina colors that allow you to get a sense of sheer trend without bleaching have appeared, so it is recommended to consult with a beautician.

Method 2: Have the color darkened

Regardless of whether you have bleach or not, it is recommended that you add a darker color in the summer when the color tends to fade. You can make the color last longer if you put it in a darker color, but you can also enjoy the change in the color fading process for a long time, and it is also a point that it is delicious twice.

Method 3: Do not shampoo on the day of dyeing. Use color shampoo from the next day.

It takes some time for the colorant to settle, so it is better not to shampoo on the day of dyeing. The color shampoo is the best item to improve color retention. Avoid regular shampoos that have strong detergency, and use color shampoos. As a representative of purple shampoo that suppresses yellowing that is worrisome due to discoloration, there are plenty of colors such as silver and pink, so please try to find the one that suits you.

Method 4: Set the temperature of the shower, dryer, and iron to a low temperature.

Careful hair care is important because colored hair is vulnerable to damage. Do not leave wet hair after taking a bath, but let it dry quickly. Also, it is recommended to set the shower’s temperature, hairdryer, and iron to a low temperature because it is better to avoid giving heat to the hair.

Method 5: Use sunscreen and oil for your hair when you go out

Ultraviolet rays contained in the summer sunshine are the greatest natural enemies for keeping hair healthy and improving color retention. There is a way to protect from the sun with a hat or sunshade, but the easiest way is to apply sunscreen or oil to your hair. There is also a spray type, so even those who don’t like stickiness can spend it comfortably.

Let’s Survive the Hot Summer Refreshingly With Trendy Colors With Plenty of Sheerness.

In the summer, the trend is for transparent light colors. In this article, we have introduced such trend colors for this summer. Did you find your favorite color? Let’s spend a cute and refreshing hot summer with a light transparent color.

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