Trend 2021: What to Wear With a Vinyl Skirt

Vinyl skirts are one of the most popular fashion trends. Feminine and daring, she gives your outfit a particularly bold retro touch. Vinyl is a glossy lacquered material that will captivate everyone in this eclectic fall season. Many girls hesitate to wear it for fear of looking vulgar. But we at Joy-pup will show you how to wear a vinyl skirt in your daily life with charm and confidence.

The best way to balance a vinyl mini skirt is with a modest top, such as a cropped long-sleeved sweater. This outfit is an excellent opportunity to showcase slender legs and fashionable shoes.

Vinyl skirt, which is shaped like leather and plastic, automatically becomes an original thing. Daring fashionistas play the game to the end, choosing bright, beautiful colors with texture. The best way to complement an outfit is a T-shirt, shirt, bomber jacket for a casual look, and a luxurious bag for an elegant look.

The plus of the vinyl skirt is the play with textures. For example, you are pairing with a thick plush sweater and mixing styles. Who said you couldn’t wear a vinyl skirt to work? In combination with a beautiful romantic blouse, a vinyl skirt can look very elegant, without a hint of vulgarity.

For those who love rocker looks, the vinyl skirt will become the center of the bow. Wear a flashy skirt with a T-shirt featuring your favorite rock band, accessories, and a pair of shoes for glamor.

How to wear a vinyl skirt during the daytime – Pair it with soft, cozy fabrics that exude warmth and comfort. Choose a knitted jumper to tone down the luxe glamor of vinyl. In the fall, wear a skirt of a soft palette of colors – terracotta, mustard, brown, beige, yellow. Whether you choose to wear a vinyl skirt in spring or summer, a simple cotton T-shirt or dress shirt can be a great addition.

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If vinyl in mini length is uncomfortable, but you want to add a lacquered skirt to your wardrobe, start with a midi length. It is less risky and will look romantic when paired with any top.

Shiny vinyl is one of the most eye-catching materials and requires no extras to stand out from the crowd. So when it comes to creating a chic look with vinyl skirts, it’s always a good idea to keep a muted, low-key top.

Mistakes to avoid

The secret of a vinyl skirt is how it blends with other garments. Here are some tips to follow when wearing a vinyl skirt to avoid fashion mistakes. Do not combine it with:

  • fishnet tights;
  • high heels and red lipstick;
  • deep neckline;
  • tight top;
  • other vinyl clothing at the same time.
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