Transparency Is Fashionable. Why Don’t You Dye In Ash Color Close To Black Hair?

Transparency Is Fashionable. Why Don't You Dye In Ash Color Close To Black Hair

Black hair with a neat and natural atmosphere. It’s nice, but why not make it more fashionable with the “ash” hair color of dark hair that is close to the natural hair? The more transparent ash is perfect for a new start in spring.

Upgrade your Black Hair with an Ash Color.

When the warm sun shines, you will want to try a clear hair color! We recommend ash, a hair color that gives the hair a transparent luster in such a case. The feature of ash is that you can enjoy transparency without bleaching! Even if you have black hair, you can add ash to make it look fashionable without creating a heavy atmosphere.

Here, we will introduce recommended colors by focusing on the classic “Ash Black,” “Gray Ash,” which looks like a rush, “Lavender Ash,” which is moisturized with bluish color, and “Smoky Ash,” which has a dull and soft texture.

Fascinate with Transparency! [Ash Black]

Natural handsome short

A short style that looks like an adult. The hair on the side is long and handsome. Let’s welcome natural ash black close to the natural hair.

Short style with outstanding small face effect

The ash black that creates beautiful hair looks even more beautiful with a short style with an outstanding small face effect. The transparency of the ash makes it a nice point that even dark hair does not give a heavy impression!

Bob Hair x Ash Black

Clean and cute bob

Ash black that suppresses redness creates a feeling of mellowness. By combining it with the bob hair that has been cut sharply, it is neat and cute.

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Medium Hair x Ash Black

For medium outside honey with a sense of omission

Medium hair with outer hair that flutters on the shoulders. By wrapping around your face and showing your forehead, you can make Korean hair now.

Long Hair x Ash Black

Ash black x layer for a light impression

Combining layers with ash black that do not look heavy gives a lighter impression. The layers add movement, so it looks fashionable and sure. Although it is light, it has an adult-like style.

Lovemaking appeal, no bangs x ash black

Ash black goes well with hair without bangs. It gives a cool impression, but the wave style gives it a lot of sex appeal. It is recommended for those who want a feminine atmosphere.

The Impression of Black Hair Changes Drastically [Gray Ash]

Short Hair x Gray Ash

Dark hair mini bob

A gray ash color with a sense of transparency and luster is turned on to the mini bob of the line. Gray ash gives a softer impression.

For fashionable people with gray ash with strong blue

For loosely wound shorts, adding strong blue ash gives a feeling of mellowness. Although it is a color that is easy to challenge, it is recommended for the first color as it will increase the fashionability at once. 

Bob Hair x Gray Ash

Decide on a stylish bob.

A bob that goes down to the front with a solid line. Add highlighted gray ash for a stylish look! It is an adult hairstyle that attracts attention.

Uncut bob

Gray ash is a color that eliminates the redness of Japanese hair, so it’s easy to finish with outstanding transparency. Put a wave on the uncut bob and a twist on the surface to get it moving.

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Medium Hair x Gray Ash

The outside splash is simply cute.

If you can do it easily, the topic of outside splashes tends to be heavy if you have black hair. If the gray ash is fashionable even though it is close to the ground hair, the usual outside splash will be even more fashionable.

Constricted hair with an elegant finish

Combining it with constricted hair that finishes elegantly is recommended for gray ash that gives a calm impression. Nowadays, the popular constricted hair is fashionable and feminine.

Short Hair x Lavender Ash

Feminine short style

The rounded shorts have a dark tone of lavender ash for added transparency. The clean silhouette also has a small face effect. Get a mote style with beautiful hair that is moisturized.

Chic mini bob hair

A trendy mini-bob with trimmed hair tips. If you use lavender ash to make your black hair look mellow, you will be more fashionable. 

Bob Hair x Lavender Ash

Produce lightness with bright lavender ash

A hairstyle with a layer of lavender ash for lightness. It gives a soft and gentle impression. The sheer feel of lavender ash is the key to creating this style.

Medium Hair x Lavender Ash

Straight uncut hair

We recommend uncut hair with a natural impression if you like the medium length. The deep lavender ash makes it fashionable.

Long Hair x Lavender Ash

Turn on lavender

Loose wave long is the royal road style of popular hair. She is a lavender ash greige with depth and transparency and gets an elegant adult girl atmosphere.

Short Hair x Smoky Ash

Cool rounded short bob

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A dark tone of smoky ash is added to the rounded short bob with a gentle atmosphere! While drawing out a soft texture, it is even more attractive.

Medium Hair x Smoky Ash

Smoky ash hair

Medium hair with a mature look with the addition of smoky ash. Use balm or oil to give it a slightly wet feel, and the styling will look good.

Long Hair x Smoky Ash

Enliven the feminine atmosphere

Loose wave, long hair. Add slightly brighter smoky ash to your feminine hairstyle to make it more fashionable.

The voluminous curl is elegant.

Long hair with elegant curls and volume. Her bunch of movements and smoky ash hair color create a feeling of shedding and make you an attractive woman.

Let’s Make Black Hair with “Ash.”

If you want to make it look beautiful in color, “Ash” is recommended! Even without bleaching, you can get glossy black hair full of transparency. Why don’t you order an ash hair color this spring and try a natural black hairstyle?

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