Top Rated Swedish Tourist Attractions You Must Visit

I’ll be showing you why Sweden is one of my top travel destinations. Check out “Top Rated Swedish Tourist Attractions You Must Visit”.The first activity on my list is:

Island Hoping

Island hopping now the coast of West Sweden is dotted with more than 8,000 islands and each one has its own unique charm. Summertime in this part of the world is actual perfection with long warm days and cool short nights. We have the Sun out actually some nice lens flare action going on I think it’s 9:30 p.m. but it looks like it’s four o’clock in the
afternoon. I’m starting in the south you have the island of rano which is a close 20-minute ferry ride from Gothenburg.

The island has about 350 year-round residents it’s primarily a fishing Island. Further up the coast north right on the border of Norway and Sweden are the Koster Islands. The car-free costs our islands are Sweden’s most westerly inhabited islands. They are 100% the place to go for nature as in Sweden’s only marine National Park. Since there are no cars allowed at the islands are best explored by bike. There are not many places on earth where you can get this kind of peace and quiet and the beauty points. I highly recommend it stopping at Koster garden for a delicious locally grown vegan lunch.

Fishing Culture

The next thing to experience is fishing culture. West Sweden runs deep with seafaring and fishing a culture throughout all generations. Makes sure to stop at the restaurant Gabriel in the fish church which is a massive hall that only sells fish and seafood. Gabriel the West Coast and Sweden’s of shellfish is amongst the best in the entire world. Not making that up to the entire world that’s thanks to cold clean that mineral-rich water. There’s a bunch of companies that offer crayfish & safaris.

Ocean Kayaking

That’s the isolation that you’ll find here in West Sweden up next on my recommendations is ocean kayaking. The weather and the water are actually so perfect that it feels like you could be somewhere in the tropics. And it’s hands-down one of the most beautiful stretches of water in the world. Go and rent the kayaks with some friends and head out for a day-long excursion through the coastal waterways throughout this trip. You know Sweden has been very relaxing very just peaceful and tranquil.


My next recommendation is to go to West Sweden door midsummer celebration. Midsummer is the celebration of the longest day of the year. There are tons of dancing around a maypole, good friends, schnapps and of course saunas.


And finally, I recommend enjoying the city of Gothenburg. Make sure to go check that out as well in the description.