Top 30 Visual Novels Of All Time

Top 30 Visual Novels Of All Time

We have collected the most interesting and exciting novels in one article, where everyone can choose something suitable for themselves in any genre.

Visual novels (translated as “novels” by some) are a genre of storytelling and predominantly text-based gameplay that engages the player through reading or visual cues.

This genre focuses more on the game’s main story with in-depth stories that allow you to reveal the primary and secondary characters. This is achieved by creating a thoughtful nature of the feelings, their attitudes and values, and a whole life that resonates with most players.


The visual novel explores the idea of ​​using an AI therapy app called Eliza. The bottom line is that the AI ​​program is controlled by proxy workers who read the script provided to them by the AI ​​in real-time. One such confidant is Evelyn, a role that the player assumes.


This novella tells the story of Kei, a young boy who dropped out of his old school after a particular incident. Now he goes to night school, trying to find his way into adulthood. That is until his life changes forever by being able to accompany a rock band on their tour. Hypnotized by them, he ends his musical career and finds other band members. Surprisingly sincere and sometimes edgy, this is a relativistic story and one game that more people should know about.


An unusual game with a deep atmosphere. As the world is nearing its end, according to the prophecies, a group of young people gathers for a friend’s funeral. The ceremony ends, but they all meet a strange creature named Mamiya, and their lives slowly deteriorate. It is a sensible, emotional, depressing story that will stay with you forever if you try to make it.


The story of a man was created as a result of an experiment on the brain-machine interface. Trying to learn a little more about who he is and how to live in society, he meets two girls and lives with them. Knowing more about their circumstances and the mysterious cases presented in each chapter will provide you with a fascinating narrative.

While this visual novel might be a little short by genre standards, it’s a well-written story with engaging characters and stories.


Cinders challenges you to create your own story that takes a classic fairy tale and turns it on its head with mature themes. This visual novel has a distinct art style that gives it a lot of personalities.

From the outside, this may seem like a retelling of the classic Cinderella story, but with so many unexpected twists and turns, it will surprise even the most demanding players. With over 300 choices and many significant decisions that will affect the story’s outcome, get the power to decide how the story of Cinderella will develop, as well as what kind of person she will become.


An unusual novel with a rich futuristic setting in neon color. You will play as a taxi driver, cutting through the busy streets of the near future. Unique customer stories, confusing stories, and an ever-disappearing friend – how much has occurred to a simple taxi driver? The player will have to withstand the onslaught of machines and try to save a human face in the new world.


At first glance, this is an ordinary school story, but once you advance along with the plot, it will be impossible to tear yourself away. Millions of visual novel lovers worldwide put this game on their tops and discuss it on the forums. A deep plot, thoughtful dialogues, and characters make this game a must-play, especially for anime lovers. In this game, it is interesting to follow the development of nature and how his worldview changes daily.


A new project by authors from Russia combines an example of an excellent visual novel and horror. The oppressive atmosphere of the Russian hinterland, images, and fears familiar from childhood. The non-linear plot allows players to immerse themselves in the story and remember those subconscious horrors that lurked in a dark corner of the children’s room. The black and white drawing style increases the psychological pressure and creates the feeling that this story took place somewhere in the distant childhood, at the grandmother in the village near the forest.


The story revolves around time travel, and the hero follows the story of a group of students who discover ways to travel through time using technology. This novel does an excellent job of showing how decisions can take us down different paths in life and influence the future. The atmospheric visual novel offers one of the most immersive experiences in the genre to date.


Root Letter is set in Matsue in Shimane Prefecture in Japan, with some of the most detailed and beautiful background art. The protagonist travels after receiving a letter 15 years late – talks about slow delivery. The letter states that an old pen pal, Aya, was implicated in the murder. Revelation encourages you to go on a journey and follow in Aya’s footsteps to uncover the truth behind those words and discover what happened to her.

As the name suggests, writing is at the heart of the story. By questioning people, interacting with different locations, and reliving a series of flashbacks, you will gradually begin to unravel an exciting story that can lead to several different outcomes.

While it can be slow at times, this novella is worth checking out if you’re a fan of a good mystery.


The protagonist has just lost his job and managed to get a seat at the arcade. With a total of seven romantic characters, it’s up to you to decide how to build relationships with them – be it friendly, spiritual, or something more intimate.

The dialogue choices you make throughout the process also determine the character’s personality. The amount of choice and freedom makes Arcade Spirits a lot of fun, and the memorable cast of characters and storyline make it one of the most enjoyable recent additions to the visual novel collection.


Another representative of the short stories where the action takes place at school. But it would help if you did not immediately write off this option since, in this series, the characters and motives of the characters are well revealed, which allows you to immerse yourself in the atmosphere. Many players in the US love this series and consider it one of the best of all time, but in Russia, the game is not wildly popular. You can try to play. In any case, the time will not pass in vain.


An unusual visual novel is also accepted in the West but not very common in the CIS. But if you have enough knowledge of English and there is a desire to try what fellow overseas gamers love, you can try to play. An anime of the same name was also released in 2012.


Another short story that is known among fans of this genre. Many call it a musical novel and praise it for the atmosphere, some rejoice, and some are indignant because of the presence of a semi-explicit scene specifically in this game. If all the novels are completed, you can try to play this one.


An unusual novel with a variety of game solutions and an exciting universe. In each of the paths, you can see how hard the characters fight with themselves and with each other. Good character drawing attracts many fans of the genre. This game has fantastic replay value, and you can play it multiple times and come back for another try. The story is excellent and occupies a special place on the top of users. Separately, it is worth paying attention to the quality soundtrack.


Another Brezg studio project, which is not a visual novel in the classical sense, does not lose its charm. A mixture of politics, noir, and short stories make you feel like a party functionary in a country suspiciously similar to the late USSR. Not a very long story, which can be completed in a few evenings, will leave you wanting to give all your savings to the authors so that they release a sequel.

It is recommended for those who are tired of classic novels and want to be the boss in the Brezhnev era.


Romantic relationships and dates with pigeons, there is nothing more to say. Find true happiness in alliance with birds, and give free rein to hidden desires and preferences even if they are precise.


When talking about Russian-language visual novels, Endless Summer is the first thing to mention. The excellent atmosphere of a pioneer camp, carefree childhood, first romantic relationships, and evening gatherings around the fire.


This short (about six hours long enough to play through) visual novel takes place in America during the new gold rush. The game has a colorful background, but the main focus is on the relationship between the two main characters, Amber and Marina. The duo has undeniable chemistry, and it’s getting hard to get used to the game-ending quickly. However, there are rumors that a sequel is to be expected.


A strategy game with a touch of the visual novel. An exciting story that does not let go until the last minute and the opportunity to be the head of the police of a large city. Fulfill your job responsibilities, do business with the mafia or sell material evidence – do everything to save up for a decent old age and retire with peace of mind. Approximately such words would be uttered by the main character, not knowing what lies ahead for him. Especially suitable for fans of strategies and management.


Part of the Endless Summer team is working on this project, so you can find everything that you loved in the previous game. Instead of Soviet authenticity – Japanese rock and roll, instead of a quiet camp – noisy parties. The game is still under development, but there is already enough material for review. Russian Nikolai is preparing to win the hearts of Japanese girls.


The first thing that pops up at startup is: “This game is not suitable for children or those who are easily disturbed.” This is the first hint of the game that this is not a short novel, but it will not be the last! The game follows the protagonist of a harem love simulator. A childhood friend invites you to join the school literature club; everything looks pretty dull.


This game contains a story that is impossible to forget. The main character is a man with amnesia who ended up in a mansion after memory lapses. Here he meets a maid who tells him something that sheds light on the history of the villa, this place, and the hero himself. This story has a lot of sharp plot twists that involve the gameplay and do not let go. Great drawing of architecture and exciting soundtrack that will appeal to all fans of the genre.


Muramasa is one of the visual novels that has been highly anticipated by the more die-hard fans of the genre. Although it was only officially announced this year, there were many rumors that JAST USA would handle it. The game lived up to expectations, showcasing Nitroplus’s excellent handling of the sober atmosphere of period mech drama and profound storytelling. This is one of the unique visual novels that everyone should try.


Part of the fun of making choices in visual novels is seeing the different outcomes of decisions, good or bad. In this game, every choice jeopardizes the characters’ fate or gives them a chance to escape. Featuring text segments and challenging first-person puzzle-solving, there are plenty of twists and turns here. Sometimes more than one character’s life depends on the player’s decisions.


This game combines an RPG stats system with visual novel mechanics. Therefore, every choice you make must be well thought out as it has an impact. All decisions will affect the protagonist, the people around him, and the ebb and flow of the story. This makes the gameplay addictive and forces you to carefully think through each decision because save / load does not allow you to return to the same conclusion. The Bronte family is living in a tough time. Choose your Lot!


Lucy is not a person, so she does not understand everything as well as we do. The player will have to interact with a mechanical girl. Its main goal is to make the main character happier and make his life easier. Excellent music, graphics, and storyline will not leave fans of anime and visual novels.


I protest! Suppose you haven’t played any Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney games yet. In that case, it’s best to start from the beginning, and luckily the original trilogy recently got an excellent re-release for all your courtroom needs.

Good enough, the Ace Attorney series is replete with exciting storylines, expressive animation, creative character design, and a generous dose of humor and heartiness. Each case is filled with unexpected twists and turns to think about. It would help if you planted criminals right and left by finding clues, collecting clues, and choosing the correct answers.


At the end of our era, Showa, a Chinese boy, and a Japanese girl from the countryside find themselves in Tokyo, taking low-paying jobs in real estate. They find it difficult to communicate since they don’t speak the same language, but will that hinder anything more than silent stares? The game has an impressive performance and gameplay for this genre, making it unique. Separately, it should be said about the characters, the study of which deserves all the praise.


In a cyberpunk world ruled by corporations, you’ll play as a bartender serving drinks to colorful characters in the dystopian setting of VA-11 Hall-A. With an eye-catching pixelated aesthetic, this visual novel’s mechanics are slightly different. Instead of choosing branching dialogue options, you should prepare drinks for your customers by listening to their stories and problems.

After all, you must pay the bills, so the more drinks you get right, the longer you can save your livelihood and home. There are plenty of exciting storylines with a great soundtrack. If you love a bit of cyberpunk action, you can’t go wrong with this one.

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