Top 20 Shoulder Length Hairstyles To Try This Year

Top 20 Shoulder Length Hairstyles To Try This Year

A shoulder-length haircut is one of the most suitable options for today’s women since such a hairstyle is both relatively simple in everyday care and at the same time fully corresponds to all the classic ideas about a delicate female image. Nowadays, there is a wide variety of haircuts for hair of this length. Therefore, despite the insane popularity of such a decision, each representative of the fair sex will be able to find her unique style.

Women’s haircuts are only instead conditionally called “shoulder-length”. In practice, they can be a little shorter and a little longer. Despite the wide variety of options, all haircuts of this type have several positive qualities, for which women value them.

For example, hair of this length goes well with colouring and fashionable modern colouring, while on long hair, it would lose the coloured strands, and on short hair, they would already claim the title of full-fledged colour. At the same time, styling is quite simple in everyday performance – if the haircut option is chosen correctly for the type of face and hair, then the simplicity of styling the hairstyle will be extreme.

A big plus of shoulder-length haircuts is suitable for any appearance. If you have any unusual features – medium length hairstyles will suit you. Generally, you need to choose the right one.

This hair volume is enough to open the face, highlight the advantages, and hide certain flaws. In the same way, the structure of the hair does not matter – it can be straight or curly, thick or thin.

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A bob hairstyle is an indispensable option. Kare never goes out of fashion and suits any girl, considering her features.


Shoulder-length haircuts with bangs are also considered separately. In most cases, they are a variation of one of the hairstyles described above, and in the circle of stylists, they can have a completely different, unique name.


To get a ladder, the master creates blocks near the face. These blocks are stacked on top of each other, creating a single-stepped shape. They can be frequent, large, pronounced, or small.


is one of the best solutions for naughty hair – although they curl as they please, the look generally turns out to be sweet and holistic. To create a hairstyle, the strands are thinned – they are made of different lengths.

Long bob

It is another super popular hairstyle that is voluminous at the crown and, on average, covers the face a little more due to the presence of long and well-defined bangs.

Wavy bob

Are you looking for a glamorous makeover? The light balayage and the firm texture of line A bean are the perfect proposition.


If everything is fine with the shape, no correction is required. The forehead should be left open. Play with length. Make it graduated or smooth. Add asymmetry to accentuate the face.

Straight cut

A straight cut is suitable for curly hair. The advantage is that even with naturally curly curls, it avoids the “poodle” effect that some people fear.

Ragged bangs

These bangs usually cover the forehead but are not cut as linearly as straight bangs. The torn edge hides some of the heaviness and severity of the face that straight bangs.

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Oblique bangs

This kind of bang helps to give your hairstyle an asymmetrical look which is very trendy. Unpretentious to the shape of the face, suitable for almost everyone.

Curtain bangs

The last couple of years in fashion bangs “curtains.” These forked bangs are trendy among female representatives. It suits everyone, is easy to style, and gives the hair a pretty look.

Graduated bangs

Graduated bangs – looks good on owners of square and round faces. The strand artificially lengthens the irregularities and stretches the shape of the face.

Waves with bangs

Do you want a comfortable and attractive hairstyle that can be enlarged without looking in the mirror? The solution is gracefully disheveled, with gentle waves and medium-length bangs on the sides.

Bob for straight hair

Are you the lucky owner of perfectly straight hair? A very oblique cut will achieve an intriguing and, at the same time, exquisite effect.

Medium length bob in blonde

If your color is winter, you will look phenomenal with a classy mid-length blonde bob.

Bob with side parting

A side-parted hairstyle always looks sexy and a little passionate.

Wavy bob and side styling

If you are looking for an attractive, passionate hairstyle, this hairstyle is perfect for you. You toss very wavy or curly hair to one side of your face.

Uneven blond that borders the face

A heavily colored bob with gentle waves perfectly accentuates the cheekbones and enhances the natural beauty of every face type.

Bob to the shoulders with highlights

Medium-length hair is a massive field of activity: for coloring and styling. Highlighting is also always an attractive solution.

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Wavy mid-length bob with a parting in the middle

If you’re a connoisseur of symmetry, you’ll fall in love with this slightly wavy bob that will perfectly accentuate your features.

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