Top 10 Tourist Attractions To Visit In Germany

If you wish to enjoy some of the dense forests, lovely river valleys, snow alpine peaks than you must definitely visit Germany. We will discuss someplace which you can visit in Germany. Check out top 10 tourist attractions to visit in germany.


Thailand is crowned as the queen of the North Sea enjoy 40 kilometers of long sandy beaches to the west and the Wadden sea mudflats on the eastern side. If you are a sports lover then be happy as Silva’s famous for conducting the famous windsurf World Cup. Enjoy watersports to the fullest. A must-visit place for avid food and drink lovers also. A Sylt is waiting to offer you some of the delicious and mouth-watering cuisines over there.

2. Neuschwanstein Castle

This 19th century Roman Palace is situated in the old town of fussing which is a spectacular winter resort. Also, a must-visit place, once you are in Germany. Neuschwanstein Castle is one of Europe’s most famous royal castles.

3. The Valley Of Rhine

The rhine is not only beautiful but it is also the most important waterways in Europe. One of its magnificent sections flows through Germany’s Rhine valley for it’s a real natural beauty. It attracts a large number of tourists from all over the world. The most spectacular stretch extends from the Mannheim in the south to the Copeland’s in the north.

4. Lake Constance

Lake Constance is also is known as Bodensee in Germany. This 63 kilometers long lake borders Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. A lovely summer destination with sailing, windsurfing and swimming options. This classic Alpine beauty is worth checking out and worth admiring it.

5. The Harz Mountains

The Harz Mountains slightly aloft beads among the tourists. This mountain range is among the highest mountain ranges in Germany. Picturesque scenery, snow Laden Peaks, numbly flowing river. The Harz the range is all about divine solitude. The Grimm brothers many popular fairy tales are based on these Harz mountains. Hike to the summit of Bracken or take a ride on the steam train and your Germany trip is all delighted.

6. Saxon Switzerland National Park

This national park is situated in a German free state of Saxony near the Saxon capital Dresden. This sprawling park is just near the scenic Elbe sandstone mountains. You get to see the fascinating Elbe River, breathtaking rocky formations, valleys, hiking and climbing trails back there. Make it sure to visit miss nature’s beauty once you are in Germany.

7. Rugen Cliffs

Germany’s largest island by area located in the Baltic Sea. This island has some pretty eroded chalk cliffs which are towering high above the sea. These are mainly formed due to the constant erosion by the sea waves located in the Jasmine National Park. The most incredibly beautiful part of the cliffs is Koenig’s style which is also known as the king’s chair.

8. Nuremberg Christmas Market

If you want to feel the carnival, the magic, the scent of the roasted chestnuts. All those fun and frolics with your special one then this Christmas market is a must-visit place in your checklist. Men are pretty logical excuses for you to be there feel the warmth and shop till you drop.

9. The Black Forest

Those gentle hills and those soft Meadows black forest has assured a life to the imaginative minds the canopy of trees. Over here is so dense that the local people call it as the Black Forest. Visit Europe’s most fashionable spot on Baden-Baden and give yourself the maximum pampering. Visit the town: find the peace amidst the magical spell of Black Forest woodland.

10. Brandenburg Gate

Your trip to Germany is incomplete unless you visit the historic Brandenburg Gate. Being the city’s first neoclassical structure and standing tall at an impressive 26 meters height. This gates royal look will leave you making awestruck. This iconic structure was also a part of the infamous Berlin Wall and was a symbolic division between East and West Berlin.