Top 10 Ski Resorts in the USA for Christmas & New Year’s Snow

The ski resort is popular in many countries for skiing, snowboarding, and other winter sports. Today here we have the top 10 ski resorts in the USA for Christmas & new year’s snow.

Breckenridge, Colorado


The single highest lifts in not only the United States but all of North America. Breckenridge seems like a solid place to start our Alpine adventure. The lift that earns the resort this distinction the Imperial Express carries skiers to an elevation of almost 12,500 feet. Which translates to both an epic view and one heck of a thrilling descent. Unfortunately, Breckenridge’s claim to fame is both a blessing and a curse. The Imperial Express paired with the resort’s numerous other selling points made it the single most visited resort in the United States over the 2018-2019 season. While most skiers are happy to share the mountain crowds that large can detract from the experience. That being said with its diverse terrain affordable accommodations and historic namesake mining town. Breckenridge nonetheless has a lot to offer.

Squaw Valley, California


Squaw Valley is a true Alpine paradise, especially for the more advanced and adventurous skier. It’s widely considered to offer some of the best terrains on the entire west coast. The weather can sometimes be withholding in terms of snowfall. But when there’s a fresh powder it’s among the finest you can find anywhere on the planet. The town itself lacks some of the infrastructure and quintessential charms. What skiers have come to expect from a resort area. But honestly, you’ll be so exhausted from tearing down the mountain that you likely won’t have much energy left for going out at night. Anyways the mountain also gets bonus points for the picturesque views of Lake Tahoe that can be seen from Squaw Peak.

Big Sky, Montana 


Montana occupying over 5,800 acres of terrain roughly 4,500 feet of vertical drop and with more than 300 trails open each season serviced by 34 lifts. Big Sky has a lot of numbers going for it throw in the intimidating Lone Peak. It’s safe to say that the most experienced skiers will find challenges for those looking for a more relaxed afternoon of skiing. Big skies seemingly endless acres of intermediate terrain offer plenty of fun with little risk of the crowd like Squaw Valley. Big sky isn’t nearly as developed as Colorado resorts but the nearly perfect weather and consistent snow conditions more than make up the difference.

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Steamboat Springs, Colorado


Colorado is widely regarded as the American mecca for skiing and snowboarding which is why it takes up such a substantial portion of our list today. Given the popularity of the area, resorts can tend to get quite crowded which is one of the most appealing things about Steamboat. It’s totally underappreciated, it’s a bit further from Denver than the competition. It’s smaller than previous entries at just under three thousand acres and at elevation is a bit lower. But it still has a lot to offer especially for those who prioritize snow quality above all else the precipitation. Here is arguably the most consistent of anywhere in the state and people speak of its champagne powder with reference. Add to that a classic western resort again with smaller crowds than usual. And you begin to understand why it’s considered a hidden gem.

Alta Ski Area, Utah


Forgive us for talking about two different resorts in the same breath but it seemed unfair to talk about one and not the other. And unlike some neighbors, they actually play together quite nicely. They even offer a joint day pass Snowbird which lies to the west of Alta has always been seen as the big brother of the two. Due to its more substantial infrastructure as well as the high-profile developments. It’s undertaken in recent years including the much celebrated Snowbird tram given.

That the two resorts are located just under 35 minutes from Salt Lake City Airport. They’re incredibly convenient to get to Alta for its part is one of the oldest ski resorts in the nation. Though it’s got fewer modern touches, it evens the scale with its location sitting at the end of Little Cottonwood Canyon. It’s blessed with a little extra powder this won’t do snowboarders much good. However, as it’s a skiers only resort.

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Aspen, Colorado


Aspen is one of the first words that come to mind and if more than lives up to its literally lofty reputation. Not only is it said to be among the best-groomed mountains in the west with an efficient lift system that cuts down on wait times. But the town itself checks every box you could ask for from dining and nightlife to family-centric activities. Aspen’s really got it all, unfortunately, that name recognition comes at a cost. Staying in Aspen is not for the budget find it that being said considering your lift ticket gives you access to four distinct areas Aspen Buttermilk, Aspen Highlands and Snowmass you’re getting a lot of quality skiing for your money.

Park City, Utah


Colorado might have the greatest variety of high profile ski resorts but Utah does pretty well for itself. After all Park City is the largest ski area in the United States Plus like Alta and Snowbird. It’s quite easy to get to from Salt Lake City Airport as the drive is only about 45 minutes. And at the end of that drive, you’re rewarded with a staggering seventy-three hundred acres. Or so of skiable terrain encompassing eight peaks 22 miles worth of lifts and 348 trails as for the city itself. It ranks very highly in terms of entertainment value. It is after all the home of the famous Sundance Film Festival, the historic Main Street has all kinds of charming.



Colorado, we’ve got one word for your backcountry. If you prefer to issue the beaten path or trail then Telluride and its terrain variety is for you. The Powders here is of the champagne variety and can usually be counted on to be in plentiful supply at about 2000 acres of skiable area and 148 trails. It might not be quite as mammoth in size as some of the resorts we’ve looked at today. But like we said the backcountry is so extensive that you’re unlikely to get bored even after multiple return visits. The town also warrants a mention though small and a bit pricey. There’s no denying its historic charms or Instagram ability.

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Colorado as prominent as it fails does get a fair amount of criticism as it does get very crowded and based on how many people complain about the parking. It would seem that the infrastructure sags under the numbers. It’s also a bit expensive but all that being said the simple fact remains. The Vail offers some of the very best skiing in America for many. It’s the resort by which others are judged the grooming is top-notch. The terrain is varied if a little lacking in terms of steeps the lodging options are legion and higher-end. And as many have argued. The mountain offers unparalleled use plus with over 5,000 acres of terrain boredom will not be a problem in any way.

Jackson Hole


Wyoming like Aspen this is a skiing destination with a whole lot of name recognition. With an average of over 475 inches of snowfall per year. The conditions are seemingly always top-notch and yet it’s other statistics don’t do nearly as good a job selling. Jackson Hole especially not compared to some of the other resorts discussed today. So what makes Jackson Hole our number one pick considering it covers a relatively small area 2,500 acres. And only has 133 trails serviced by 12 lifts quite simply. It’s unlike any other mountain resort in America. The terrain is endlessly interesting boasting epic steeps and backcountry that never fails to thrill. Without feeling totally exclusive to advanced skill skiers.

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