Top 10 Reasons Why You Want to Go New Zealand

It might take a long time to get there but boy is it worth the trip. We are looking at some of the top attractions of this beautiful & hip country has to offer.

10. The Waitomo Glowworm Caves

You probably wouldn’t think that worms would be a good reason to visit any country. At least in the case of New Zealand, you’d be wrong. Located on the North Island the intricate and complex white Omo caves are interesting all on their own. When you add the visually stunning effect that countless New Zealand glowworms produce. You have something that’s worth seeing even for people who don’t even have the slightest interest in spelunking. You can take a guided tour that’ll bring you through the different levels of the caves. It even includes a boat ride through the glowworm caves.

9. Mountains

If your somebody who’d rather be high up than underground New Zealand has got plenty for you too specifically a plethora of mountains and mountain ranges. There’s Mount Maunganui, Mount Tarawera, miter peak rocky also known as Mount Cook. Of course, the aptly named the remarkable, the latter is particularly good for skiing. If you find yourself in or near Queenstown on the South Island during the winter. Remember if you live in the northern hemisphere the New Zealand winter is your summer. If you do visit New Zealand during their summer don’t worry there’s plenty of hiking, mountain, biking and climbing to do on these majestic mountains.

8. Abel Tasman National Park

Abel Tasman is most closely associated with the Australian island of Tasmania. The 17th-century Dutch explorer is also fortunate enough to have one of the most beautiful national parks in the world named after him. While this park is the smallest of New Zealand’s national parks. It proves that good things can definitely come in small packages. Located on the northern shores of the South Island. There is no shortage of things to do here pitch a tent and go camping hike in the interior swim or scuba dive go kayaking. If you’re an adrenalin junkie go skydiving. Whatever you do be prepared to see some amazing and unique fish birds and mammals.

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7. Maori Culture

There are many countries you could visit and not interact with an indigenous member of the population. This isn’t particularly likely in New Zealand especially if you make an effort to learn about the indigenous people. The Maori people and their culture still have a strong presence in New Zealand. They are a big part of what makes New Zealand special. You can meet Maori people and learn about their culture pretty much anywhere in New Zealand. Perhaps the best place to do so would be the city of Rotorua. Where you can tour living Maori villages take in performances and eat food prepared in the traditional hungee method that is food cooked with heated rocks in a buried pit oven.

6. Middle Earth

New Zealand has always been an amazing and beautiful country but let’s be honest a lot of us got the urge to visit only after seeing the Lord of the Rings. The Epoch Tolkien film trilogy and the subsequent Hobbit movies were all filmed in New Zealand by Peter Jackson. Expertly used the nation’s unique and stunning beauty to transport viewers straight to the Shire Mordor and elsewhere in the middle-earth. There are a number of different Lord of the Rings tour packages and considering that the trilogy was shot in over 150 locations. There is plenty to see the films were mostly shot on the South Island. If you visit Auckland you can take an Express tour to the Hobbiton movie set.

5. Vineyards 

New Zealand isn’t just for mountain bikers and kayakers there are plenty of great spots to relax. If you’re even a little bit of an oenophile you need to visit some vineyards. New Zealand wines are famous the world over so why not spend a day seeing how they make their wine. If you can have a glass or five while you’re there even better right. The most famous vineyards are in Marlborough which is at the northern tip of South Island and which produces over 75% of New Zealand’s wine. In Central Otago which has the southernmost commercial wine production region in the entire world.

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4. Festivals

New Zealand is not a densely populated nation and while many of its greatest attractions are natural ones. They still do have the city’s great cities in fact and one of the things that keep these cities hustling and bustling is the festivals. Kiwis love a good festival and you’re bound to run into at least one festival no matter when you visit. Skiers should check out the Winter Festival in Queenstown. If you’re there a little earlier in the season nearby Arrowtown has a big annual Autumn Festival. Music lovers should check out the world-famous Tauranga jazz festival. If you happen to be in either Christchurch or Auckland during the Lunar New Year you can enjoy a stunning Lantern Festival.

3. The Great Walks

How many countries have such well-identified and famous hiking trails that they get their own titles? Well, New Zealand has such tracks and their top ten are known as the great walks. These walks are heaven for serious hikers or what the Kiwis would call trampers. They range in length from about 20 to 50 miles. There are three on the North Island five on the South Island and one is on Stewart Island also known as a rocky aura. A small island south of the South Island. If you consider yourself a serious hiker you’ll have to do at least one of these great walks.

2. Bay of Islands

One of the benefits of New Zealand being one of the more remote places in the world is that much of its indigenous fauna is unique. Even the species that aren’t are still amazing to marvel at one of the best places to see interesting wildlife is in the Bay of Islands. The New Zealand government has taken great pains to keep people from introducing predators like cats and rats into this environment. Where you can see birds like Wicca’s and penguins marine life like orcas and seals. As well as what the Bay of Islands tourism website boasts to be the largest insect in the world.

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1. Lake Rotorua & The Emerald Lakes

We began our list with vivid colors and so too shall we end our list and with good reason. New Zealand has many beautiful lakes you should visit but Lake Rotorua and the emerald lakes are in a category all their own. The emerald lakes are small lakes on mount Tongariro in Tongariro national park. That boasts a brilliant green hue owing to dissolved minerals. Lake Rotorua on the north island is much bigger and contains geothermal vents. In certain parts, geysers and mud pools contribute a high amount of sulfur to the volcanic crater lake. Which gives it a greenish-yellow color in the right light. These Lakes look positively otherworldly.

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