Top 10 Bucket List Destinations: Where to Go in 2021

We all like to go on vacation but as in 2020 we are all stuck and we cannot plan. We should plan our holiday in 2021. There are many places which are beautiful, mountains, beaches, either for shopping, etc. Let’s add Top 10 bucket list destinations: where to go in 2021.

Budapest, Hungary


The capital and most populated city of this famed Central European country. Budapest truly has something for every type of traveler. Even if the nation is struggling with an autocratic government. The city is rich in history and boasts bold architecture. But is equally known for its world-class nightlife, under-the-radar foodie cred, and the country’s distinctive wines. You know a red from the Eger region when you taste it and the same could be said of Choloms white wines. Which hail from vineyards on the slopes of an extinct volcano. After a long day of wine tasting and marvel art at the Art Nouveau and neoclassical architecture.

There’s no better way to one wine than by soaking in one of the city’s famous hot springs. It’s a time-honored activity in Budapest dating back millennia. History buffs in particular, are sure to be fascinated by the city which still bears many scars from World War Two.

Santiago, Chile


What are the must-visit cities that pop up on most bucket lists? Los Angeles and NYC, London, Rome, and Paris all worthy destinations to be sure. But they’ve already received extensive coverage Santiago not so much. But we believe that this up-and-coming metropolis is well on its way to earning a place among the top. The capital city of Chile Santiago first and foremost is no worthy of the contrast between city and surrounding landscape. Within Santiago, one finds all the culture, shopping, nightlife, and skyscrapers that one expects from a metropolis. But located in Chile Central Valley it’s blessed with breathtaking views of the surrounding Andes Mountains. Towering in the distance they can be seen from pretty much anywhere in the city. With top-notch restaurants, a vibrant art scene, and more bars and cafes then you’ll know what to do with. Santiago is a true cultural gem.



As a result of the very real threat of climate change, many of planet Earth’s most unique and extreme environments are threatened. Some feared that Antarctica will soon be a distant memory or at least become unrecognizable. The only continent without a government and no permanent inhabitants at least no human ones. Antarctica is breathtakingly beautiful, inspiring in its lack of human activity and just an altogether otherworldly experience. Travel inherently contributes to climate change but there are a few professionally organized trips that make a more concerted effort to minimize the impact on the environment. Then expeditions to Earth’s southern extremity. Your trip to the frozen continent might also inspire you to make major changes in your life that will offset the environmental cost of the initial flight. Honestly, it’s almost impossible to visit this pristine destination and come away unchanged.

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Marrakesh, Morocco


It might only be the country’s fourth-largest city but when it comes to culture Marrakesh is second to none. The cityscape speaks for itself in this regard but the architecture will make you feel as if you’ve traveled not only to a foreign land but through time as well. Its long and storied history can be felt with every step you take. As you navigate the palaces, mosques, and markets of this walled city. Marrakesh is home to countless architectural marvels. A testament to centuries worth of skilled craftsmanship. The detail that goes into these ornate structures is awe-inspiring. Of course, the bazaars or Suk’s are among the biggest selling points. The colors, sights, sound and smells you’ll encounter as you explore these centers of Commerce will make your head spin.

Copenhagen, Denmark


The capital city of Denmark Copenhagen is widely considered to be among the most livable cities in the world and one of the best urban destinations to visit. Its beauty is reason enough to visit but it also excels in all aspects of popular culture. New Nordic cuisine has made Copenhagen a culinary Mecca. A status further bolstered by the rock-solid Street food scene. In this city as embodied by the architecture history is cherished without hindering progress and new innovation, In short Copenhagen delivers everything that you could ask of a city destination. Now while Copenhagen might be the country starring attraction do yourself a favor and add a second stop to your Danish holiday. One of Denmark’s greatest treasures is Aero island a fairy tale land famous for its natural beauty and the charms of its three picture-perfect towns. It makes for a perfect weekend add-on.

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Rio De Janeiro, Brazil


Each year this city welcomes between 1.5 and 2 million people to party in its streets with the locals and that’s just for Carnarvon. The world-famous festival is an incredible experience. But the intense energy and massive crowds understandably might not appeal to all types of travelers. As such, we thought we’d remind everyone that this vibrant and colorful city of music and dance is great year-round. Few destinations can compete in terms of natural elements interspersed in and around the city. And that’s really saying something considering it’s among the most populated cities in the Americas.

The city hugs the shoreline of the Guanabara Bay and boasts gorgeous golden sand beaches. It’s further framed by cocoa value mountain atop which purchased the iconic Christ the Redeemer statue. The food is inexpensive, the nightlife is exciting and it serves as the perfect launchpad for a wide variety of adventure activities including hang-gliding.

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This prosperous island city-state is truly one-of-a-kind both within the context of Southeast Asia and from a global travel perspective. Located off the coast of Malaysia its economic success is the stuff of development legend. The cityscape is made up of cutting edge skyscrapers and innovative green spaces in equal measure. The cost of living is notably higher than in neighboring countries. But the experience of exploring Singapore is well worth the price tag. A melting pot of sorts and very much cosmopolitan. Singapore is an interesting amalgamation of various Asian influences which together make up its contemporary identity. Nowhere is this more obvious than in its street food which is world-renowned amongst travelers who follow their taste buds. As for those looking to splurge you’ll find no shortage of opportunities here in Singapore. Thanks to the abundance of high-end shopping and dining.

Havana, Cuba


The capital and heart of Cuba Havana only attract about 1 million tourists every year. But we expect this to change as more international travelers get wise to this island nation and its many charms. Havana its historic district in particular is pure Instagram gold and seems to exist outside of time. The country’s messy history including a trade embargo with the United States makes for an interesting jumble of new and old. It’s colorful, brimming with music and art, and has evolved a cultural identity. That could only exist under the hyper-specific circumstances that have affected the country’s development. This is a city that wastes nothing. So boutique, hotels, bars, and cafes all have a retro feel to them. Further enriched by a bounty of art and furniture made from found objects and despite what you may have heard to the contrary Havana is considered quite safe.

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Hong Kong


Hong Kong’s towering skyscrapers and densely packed streets make it among the most recognizable metropolis on earth. But what few people know about Hong Kong is that it’s also home to expensive protected green spaces and lush mountain environments just outside the city which begs to be hiked. Culturally speaking while modern-day Hong Kong is best known for its forward-thinking tech and fashion as well as its nightlife. It’s equally informed by the history of colonialism and Chinese traditions. In short Hong Kong is a city that’s guaranteed to defy your expectations many times over and did we mention the dim sum and other delights.

Serengeti National Park, Tanzania


Cities are all well and good but considering 2020 we suspect that you might be itching to explore the great outdoors in 2021. Sometimes you just need to immerse yourself in a wild environment where nature reigns supreme. Well covering 5,700 square miles of land in Tanzania. The Serengeti National Park is the perfect bucket-list destination to help scratch that itch. The park is made up of grasslands, forests, savanna, and woodlands and is home to a wide assortment of notable wildlife. Including hippopotamuses, crocodiles, elephants, giraffes, lions, leopards, and more. The migration of wildebeest and zebra one and a half million and 250,000 animals respectively is especially awe-inspiring. Everything about the Serengeti is epic. A visit to this African kingdom is a life-changing one that you will never forget.

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