“Tone-up nails” by dullness type that lead to bright hands

"Tone-up nails" by dullness type that lead to bright hands

As we get older, some people may start to worry about the dullness of their hands. Therefore, we will introduce nail designs that incorporate colours that suit each dullness type. The writing is naturally toned up!

[Brown dullness type] Accumulated keratin affects!

When the rhythm of skin turnover is disturbed with age, old keratin accumulates on the skin’s surface and causes stiffening. The transparency of the skin is lost, and it becomes dull. Keep in mind keratin care and moisturizing!

[Brown dull type] Nail that brightens your hands How to

[Good Color] A chic colour with a calm tone suits you!

Earth tones such as brown, khaki, mustard, Camel, and smoky colours such as greige will blend in with your skin!

[Good Art] Bold designs such as floral patterns and plaids also match!

Eye-catching art such as tortoiseshell, argyle, abstract patterns, and knit-like designs look great! It is recommended to enjoy it as much as possible to calm the colour!

[Bad Color] Bright and refreshing colours are easy to float from your hand

If you use a wide range of refreshing colours such as light blue, lemon yellow, and light grey, brown-type skin may look dull.

[Upper right] Bold while chic, Adult rose nails

The delicate and impactful rose art is fashionable Camel, and beige bicolour French are also proper as accents!

[Lower right] Cool with a combination of elegant brilliance and matte!

The combination of depth fine art that adds brilliance and matte nails is exquisite! The amber-style parts on the ring finger are also a point.

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[Upper left] You will want to touch it, Pay attention to the knit-like texture!

The calm colour scheme and the design reminiscent of a plaid make it cute for adults. A design that gives you a modern look with the jewellery nails on your middle finger!

[Lower left] The overlapping colours and aurora improve the beauty of your nails!

The design in which colours and aurora film are randomly layered has a beautiful sheer feel! The index finger and minor finger gradations use this year’s trend colours.

[Dull Yellow type] Be careful of skin oxidation and saccharification!

If too much fat or sugar is taken or UV care is insufficient, oxidation and saccharification will cause yellowing. It leads to the decrease and deterioration of collagen and affects the joints. Review your eating habits.

[Dull Yellow type] Nail that brightens your hands How to

[Good Color] The colour that makes you feel warm is perfect!

Tone up with warm yellow colours such as coral, pink, orange, yellow-green, bright beige and brown! Gold type is also suitable.

[Good Art] Simple art that complements the colour

Not a flashy art, but a simple and elegant design. Bright yellow stones, tiny pearls and studs are also a good match!

[Bad Color] A crisp, vibrant colour or a colour that is too bluish.

Vivid colours, dark brown and black, have too strong a contrast with the skin and tend to appear floating. The same applies to colours that are too bluish or dull.

[Upper right] Pink and aurora give a bright impression!

Turn on Aurora flakes at the base of one-colour coral pink nails! Playful while making your fingers look beautiful with a subtle shine.

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[Lower right] Milky beige x delicate dots

A gentle one-colour base with small dots for a casual accent. Only one of the dots is a shining aurora stone!

[Upper left] Change to beautiful skin and nails with sheer beige nails!

The sheer pink beige is very familiar to both skin and nails! Beautifully colour your toes with fine bronze glitter lines and coloured stones.

[Lower left] Soft green and bijou make your fingertips shine

If it is a soft green, it will not be pop and will be finished as an adult! The key to the stylish atmosphere is the stones lined up like accessories!

[Blue dull type] Be careful of poor blood circulation at hand

Blood flow is significantly related to skin colour. When blood circulation is poor due to coldness, lack of exercise, or muscle weakness due to aging, the skin looks pale and cloudy. Incorporate measures against cold daily!

[Blue dull type] Nail that brightens your hands How to

[Good Color] Choose a vivid colour or dark colour

Bright red, blue, wine red, deep green, navy, black, etc. If you choose a clear or dark colour, you will be addicted to it!

[Good Art] Turn on cool stones, pearls, and silver lines!

Calm and clear stones, pearls, and silver parts and lines are recommended! Animal prints, peacocks, and extensive arts also match.

[Bad Color] I am not good at yellowish colours that are the opposite of the blue type.

Yellowish colours such as orange, beige, and gold are unfamiliar to the skin. If you have lousy nail colour, enjoy using a colour base rather than the clear base.

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[Lower right] Navy x Leopard that makes your hands look cool

A sophisticated leopard pattern is turned on in two tones of navy and light grey! The 3D mirror art of the thumb is an image of a silver ring.

[Upper left] Gorgeous with alluring wine red and tweed

Tweed nails with a realistic texture mix yellow and orange so that they blend in well with your skin! Wine red & jewellery style parts are also attractive.

[Lower right] Suitable for adult women! Skilful dot design

By overlaying large and small dots in a dark colour, you can create a stylish atmosphere! We are particular about the texture of the index finger and little finger-like natural stones.

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