Things You Need to Know About 2021 Hyundai i20

When it comes to making small cars Hyundai really knows his stuff. Hyundai set its sights on a super mini-class with this the all-new third-generation i20. Here’s everything you need to know about it.


Hyundai claims it will put up a fight thanks to strong equipment levels class-leading safety kit and mild-hybrid powertrains. it’s fair to say that the last i20 played it pretty safe when it came to designing but it’s all changed this time around just take a look at this front end.

These lights are much sharper and longer than before and they actually blend fully into the grille. There are creases over the bonnet to make it look a lot more sporty on the whole.

The nose is very low too so it looks way more distinctive than before the new i20 rides on a heavily updated version of the cars old platform and the sportier shape is helped by a lower wider body than before it’s all changed at the back


The interior is completely different starting with a brand new design of four-spoke steering wheel and air vents that blend into the dash. Top-spec models get a Mercedes A-class style brace of 10-inch digital displays one for driving functions and another for the infotainment system.


Practicality has been improved this time, thanks to increased rear legroom and a boot that has grown 25 liters to 351 liters. Under the bonnet, the i20 gets an all petrol lineup while a lot of the engines are carried over from the old model. The big news this time is that this 48-volt mild-hybrid tech available this hybrid setup recovers energy when the car slows down and uses it under acceleration to take the load off the engine.

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The old car, the mild hybrids come with the choice of 7-speed dual-clutch automatic or a 6-speed manual gearbox the manual is all-new and uses an electronic clutch which allows the gearbox to disconnect from the engine when coasting to save more fuel and the efficiency gains



i20 will lead the class when it comes to safety tech, Cruise control works with a Sat Nav to adjust changing speed limits and a lane keeper system can steer the car for short periods.