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The Top 15 Anime Based On Popular Games

The Top 15 Anime Based On Popular Games

A quick look at 15 animations based on game plots to help you get a better sense of the works’ vibe.

With the development of the gaming industry, more and more projects appear in which there is an exciting and detailed plot, a well-developed universe, and living characters. Some of them are filmed, and it does not matter what becomes the primary source – a game for the console, a visual novel, or a popular MOBA. What is anime based on the plots of games worth watching?


Episodes: 78

Genres: Adventure, Fantasy, Comedy, Mecha

IMDB Rating: 6.3/10

The main character is Sonic, the hedgehog, who has supersonic speed and lives in a parallel world. In fighting one of his enemies, Sonic finds himself on Earth along with several friends, where he is taken in by a boy named Chris. They manage to make friends, but Sonic and his relatives’ dream of returning home and are trying to do everything for this.

Another anime that many have known since childhood. The adaptation is based on the Sega series of games and is mainly aimed at a children’s audience, but it is pretty capable of awakening nostalgic feelings.


Episodes: 26

Genres: Mystery, Adventure, Fantasy

IMDB Rating: 6.7/10

High school student Ren moves to Tokyo and quickly finds a group of friends. But he has a bad reputation – he comes with an excessive conviction and punishment. After some time, Ren meets a mysterious creature – Morgana, who shows him a new world – “Palaces” created by human hearts. You will force him to confess all his sins if you open it. Together with his friends, Ren decides to use this power for good, eradicating crime and becoming a group of vigilantes.

The anime adaptation of the game of the same name follows the plot almost unchanged. This allows you to get acquainted with the title’s plot without playing it. The presentation and detailing is worth a look.


Number of episodes: 7

Genres: action, fantasy

IMDB Rating: 6.6/10

Space is engulfed in a brutal war between humanity and the Covenant – members of the association of many alien races seeking to capture the mysterious ring artifacts they want to use as a weapon against heretics. Humanity is losing fight after fight, but they have hope – cyborgs strong enough to resist the Covenant.

This is not a full-fledged anime – episodes of various lengths, and in general, it is 7 OVAs that tell about some events from the plot of the Halo game series. The franchise proved to be quite successful, and the appearance of anime episodes only raised its ratings.


Number of episodes: 12

Genres: Adventure, Fantasy, Action

IMDB Rating: 6.8/10

Along with people on the planet, there are other creatures – seraphim who eventually ceased to be visible to humans and turned into legends. Sorey grew up among these sacred creatures and always wondered why they were no longer seen. He wanted peace between the two races. After Sorey first enters the city of people, he immediately becomes involved in strange events and removes the sacred sword from the rock. This turns him into a Shepherd – the one who must protect the world from evil. The anime is based on a game of the same name, and the plot repeats without any particular changes. A relatively light and beautiful project that will appeal to fans of the original game.

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Episodes: 5

Genres: fantasy, adventure

IMDB Rating: 7.1/10

The little prince Noctis barely survives the monster’s attack on his house, loses loved ones and position, but very successfully and in time escapes. His peace is very short – between his kingdom and a hostile empire, there is a war that ends in defeat. Enemies capture the capital, but the prince wants to return what was lost. The anime is a prequel to Final Fantasy XV, which has been awaited for a decade, and introduces the game’s main characters. The depth of the plot should not be expected here, but it will reveal some details of the relationship between the characters involved in the game.


Number of episodes: 276 in the first series + 902 in the rest

Genres: Adventure, Fantasy, Comedy, Spoken

IMDB Rating: 7.5/10

One of the most famous anime that many watched in childhood. The source is indeed the games for the Game Boy console, which later received many sequels and anime adaptations. The franchise caused an incredible public outcry, got into the Guinness Book of Records, and has successfully existed for 26 years. The “face” of the universe is pokemon Pikachu, which is familiar even to those who have never watched a single series.


Episodes: 1

Genres: fantasy, action

IMDB Rating: 7.3/10

The anime tells the story of Geralt of, Rivia’s future mentor, Vesemir. He destroys monsters for a fee, and the situation in the world is just beginning to heat up. But even Vesemir will not be able to enjoy his life – a new enemy begins to awaken, for which he must be ready to meet.

The full-length is essentially a prequel to the series itself and games, so it does not require knowledge of lore from books, series, or games. Here you have to learn the history of the witchers and see the young Geralt.


Number of episodes: 12

Genres: Action, Fantasy

IMDB Rating: 7.1/10

The protagonist Dante is a demon hunter who makes their way into the mortal world. However, he does the job so that his office only brings losses, and he is also constantly unlucky in gambling. He has a bad temper, eternal optimism, professionalism in exterminating evil spirits, a passion for strawberry dessert, and a critical task ahead.

A short adaptation of the first of six parts of the Devil May Cry franchise, which looks literally in one breath and makes you sympathize with the main character. There are humor, action, drama, detective, and thriller elements. It’s worth watching, even if you don’t know the source.

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Episodes: 16

Genres: Fantasy, Adventure, Action

IMDB Rating: 7.9/10

Davion is a dragon hunter who strives to make the world better. He witnesses a terrifying battle between two ancient creatures – a demon and a dragon. As a result, he receives the latter’s soul and many new obligations. He needs to curb new abilities so as not to turn into a monster, and Princess Mirana, who has her own goals, agrees to help him in this.

The film adaptation of the Dota 2 title is very successful, and many of the characters are familiar to everyone who has played it. The Netflix studio was engaged in the project, which indicates the high quality of the resulting series. It’s worth watching, even if not a single rink in Dota has been played.


Episodes: 26

Genres: Drama, Mystery, Psychological Horror

IMDB Rating: 7.9/10

The protagonist Keiichi moves from the city to a small village called Hinamizawa, which appears to be quiet, picturesque, and full of peace at first glance. He meets his new classmates, learns about the upcoming festival dedicated to the local deity, and understands that it is in the still pools where devils live. The holiday inevitably brings human sacrifices and in itself can become the next one.

The anime adaptation of the visual novel may seem somewhat violent, but it also intrigues with its tense atmosphere and sense of horror that lurks in a light picture. It’s worth watching, as it’s a reasonably high-quality horror.


Episodes: 26

Genres: Action, Drama, Mystery, Science Fiction

IMDB Rating: 7.9/10

In the city where the main characters live, everything is under the mafia’s control, and clashes with it are inevitable. Having lost their friends and beloved, taken prisoner by the head of the strongest clan, they decide to join the criminal world themselves, pursuing different goals. Their paths diverge, and one of them dies, but this is not the limit. A few years later, the deceased returns, and now he has a new goal, for which you need to find a former friend.

A dark and exciting film adaptation of the game of the same name, which takes you to an alternative world similar to America at the end of the 20th century and looks like a very seasoned noir. The source received several sequels, including a very fresh 2022.


Number of episodes: 32

Genres: Drama, Adventure, Dark Fantasy, Horror, Action

IMDB Rating: 8.3/10

Everyone in Wallachia knows about Count Dracula’s castle – a mysterious and dangerous place. The most ordinary girl, Lisa runs the risk of appearing in person, but she has a noble goal – she wants to gain knowledge to become an excellent doctor and save lives. But the locals executed her for this, and Dracula, who fell into a rage because of the death of his beloved, decides to destroy all the inhabitants of the planet. The threat must be prevented by a descendant of the hunter family, the only one who can resist the monster and his army.

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The series is an adaptation of the third part of the Castlevania series. Not precisely an anime, but worth watching. Dramatic and dark fantasy with a new take on the familiar Dracula story.


Episodes: 25

Genres: Action, Drama, Dark Fantasy

IMDB Rating: 8.3/10

Centuries ago, three great magical families started a contest called the “Holy Grail War” that repeats itself every few decades. Its essence is to seize the power that can fulfill the winner’s desire in it – a pair of master magicians and his servant. Kirei is one of the Masters who participate in this war without much passion, and he must confront the magician Emiya, hired by a hostile family. The fourth phase of the battle begins.

The anime is not directly based on the game but serves as a prequel to the Fate/stay night visual novel. If you want to get to know the Fate series better, you should start with this work – there is a much more fascinating plot, revealed characters, and a well-developed setting.


Number of episodes: 24

Genres: Adventure, Science Fiction, Drama, Thriller

IMDB Rating: 8.8/10

In the Akihabara area, an apartment has become a natural laboratory run by a small group of passionate people, consisting of a scientist, a cosplay fan, a hacker, and a young genius. They create future devices and work on a mobile wave made from materials from a nearby flea market. It can be controlled by messages, but it turns out that the invention is much more dangerous than it seemed at first glance. It was after her that a series of monstrous events began.

It is an exciting film adaptation of the visual novel, which is worth seeing due to its unusual plot and tense atmosphere. The series is not limited to 24 episodes – there is a full-length and several OVAs.


Episodes: 9

Genres: Drama, Action, Science Fiction, Fantasy

IMDB Rating: 9.1/10

A story set in two linked city-states: the gleaming Progressive city of Piltover and the chemical-filled oppressive Zaun.

Two parallel storylines:

  • Young Piltover inventors Jace and Victor created Hextech, a combination of magic and engineering;
  • Zaunian sisters Vai and Jinx, whose destinies were divided in childhood, and between them, there is an abyss of despair and deceit.

What will the increasingly heated conflict between characters and cities lead to?

Arcane is just a part of the events from the world of League of Legends, which became the primary source of the series and tells the stories of a small proportion of the characters. The plot is apparent even to those who are not familiar with the game, and in the first days after the release, the series became Top 1 in terms of views on Netflix. Let this not anime, namely the animated series, it still deserves special attention.


The Best Netflix Movies In 2022: You Must Watch This Year

The Best Netflix Movies In 2022

I reviewed the most notable Netflix series so far this year, and today it’s time to do the same but with its cinematographic harvest.

Below you will find what I, Mikel Zorrilla, consider to be the ten best Netflix movies in 2022 so far -here is my review of his most potent feature films from last year-a list that I will update as I see more Netflix titles. The platform that I consider appropriate to include here.

All the Best Netflix Movies in 2022

You can also look at this selection of fantastic science fiction movies available on Netflix or this review of the best horror movies available. Without further ado, let’s go there with his best film proposals so far in 2022 :

4 Halves

curious Italian romantic comedy that explores the concept of soul mates through the premise of what would happen if a particular group of people paired up differently. It is a balanced film that deviates from the easy paths of this type of proposal and has an efficient work of its cast, a skilful job of its screenwriter, and a solvent work of direction. It’s not revolutionary either, but titles like this are appreciated in such a hackneyed subgenre.

Apollo 101⁄2: A Space Age Childhood

The best of this 2022 without any possible discussion. Richard Linklater returns to draw on nostalgia, this time to remember in his way everything that surrounded the launch to the moon. With a touch of fantasy, when it shines with more intensity, it is when it recreates those memories with contagious energy.

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Big Bug

The French filmmaker Jean-Pierre Jeunet makes a very identifiable work within his cinema that is also his first feature film in almost a decade. An eccentric film that mixes science fiction with costumbrista in an uneven but stimulating way, counting on a peculiar gallery of characters and an excellent technical finish.

Black Crab

It is a stimulating post-apocalyptic film that more than meets its objective of immersing the viewer in the universe it poses and is also very successful in showing the hardships that its protagonists face in a practically suicidal mission. Unfortunately, interest wanes in its last act, but everything we see beforehand makes up for it.

Cat Burglar

A magnificent interactive animated film from the creator of ‘Black Mirror’ that drinks directly from the style of Tex Avery. Ingenious at all times and funny most of the time, it is a delight that invites you to see all the options for that attempted robbery, enjoying one as much when the protagonist gets away with it as when it ends terribly.

The Wasteland

Netflix’s first Spanish film in 2022 pays special attention to achieving an oppressive atmosphere to get the viewer to connect with the anguish that its two protagonists go through. In addition, both Inma Cuesta and Asier Flores are compelling in their respective characters. Still, it is fair to point out that interest wanes somewhat in its final stretch, where it seems that David Casademunt runs out of ideas about what he wants to tell us.

Stroke of Luck (‘Windfall’)

One of those small movies that lean almost entirely on its leads and the strength of its script. For my part, I thoroughly enjoy Jesse Plemons playing the obnoxious rich man here, to the point where he only sustains the show when specific weaknesses start to surface around footage hour.

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The House

A striking stop-motion animation film divided into several stories, all of them linked to the house of the title. As usual in these cases, the baggage is somewhat uneven, but all offer something of interest, often flirting with terror but never leaving aside the general absurdity of what it proposes.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

It is far from the sensational Tobe Hooper film with which the franchise started in 1974, but that does not mean that we are facing a most enjoyable slasher as long as we assume that what most interests those involved in the accumulation of corpses and the generosity in showing Leatherface’s crimes on screen in the most graphic way possible.

Munich on the Eve of War (‘Munich: The Edge of War’)

An exciting film about the tensions before a military confrontation, in this case, World War II. What matters here are the diplomatic movements to avoid what seems inevitable or at least postpone it as long as possible, so everything ends up tending more to the spy movie, but with a perhaps more relaxed approach than ideal, giving the feeling of moments when it might have worked better as a miniseries. All in all, it’s worth it, and Jeremy Irons is excellent.

In addition, Netflix plans to release 2022 a multitude of feature films that promise a lot. The platform itself highlighted 28 films in particular, among which titles such as ‘The Gray Man‘ stand out, the news from the directors of ‘Avengers: Endgame’ with Ryan Gosling and Chris Evans.

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Batman 2022: What Do You Want To Know Before Watching?

Batman 2022 What you want to know before watching

DC fans are getting impatient as there’s only a little bit left to wait until the premiere of Batman. The next reboot of the franchise should be large enough to satisfy fans of the series and ordinary viewers. In the meantime, it remains for us to collect facts and bits of interviews to outline in general terms.

So far, we can only say that the project was directed by Matt Reeves, better known for the film Planet of the Apes: Revolution. Robert Pattinson will star in the role of Batman, causing mixed emotions in the viewer.


If you ask the average Western viewer, almost everyone dreams of a film getting a high rating. It’s not about cruelty at all – it’s just that everyone expects maximum action and dynamics from the adaptation of comics. Batman is rated PG-13 (not recommended for under 13s), which is disappointing. It will deliberately soften many scenes, and we will have to be content with a moderate degree of confrontation between the characters.

Separately, it should be noted the timing of the tape, which is regarded as extremely long – 175 minutes. The author’s version lasts about 4 hours, and after the premiere, fans will have the opportunity to purchase such recordings, enjoying all the scenes that the director intended.


While Marvel is mixing all its universes into a fusion cocktail with a light hand, DC continues to bet on independent stories. It means that the new “Batman” got its world. The film will not intersect with Ben Affleck’s vigilante and Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker – the viewer is waiting for a completely independent story.

Of course, competition may well lead to the fact that the situation will change in the foreseeable future. However, for now, Matt Reeves is firm and willing to focus on Batman, not looking to experiment with other universes. That is why the viewer should not count on the reunion of the characters of Pattinson, Affleck, and Keaton, as the guys from Marvel did with Spider-Man.

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After announcing that Robert Pattinson would be the new Batman, the community was divided into two camps. Some continue to hate the actor, remembering his participation in “Twilight,” while others were delighted because recent work revealed the guy from a different side. Robert starred a lot after the famous saga, did not disdain independent cinema, and raised his authority in every possible way. However, it is still not easy for the actor to remove the label of Edward the vampire.

According to Reeves, he decided to invite Pattinson to the stage of writing the script. The main reason for this is a feeling of some inner rage, which the director saw in Robert. The actor himself enthusiastically accepted the offer and actively joined in the work on his character.


They want to offer us a truly new Batman, a reading whose history can contrast sharply with previous vigilante films. Matt Reeves speaks rather vaguely about this, and he was inspired by the songs of the Nirvana group when he prescribed the character of the protagonist and imagined his implementation. The desire for revenge will be a drug for Batman, which must be mastered to avoid a sad end.

After the trailer and the statements of the film crew, it becomes clear that Batman will be far from being a role model. The vigilante is just beginning his journey, so he cannot always moderate his rage. Bruce Wayne will make mistakes, and only by making the best efforts can he become a real legend.


Obviously, “Batman” is, first of all, the story of the formation of a superhero. Not much time will be devoted to Bruce’s past, and we will rather see how the character goes through the path of his moral maturation. It is unlikely that the fights present in the trailer can impress an experienced viewer so that the focus will shift from action in favor of a detective story.

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It is confirmed by the presence of one of the villains, the Riddler, who cannot do without charades and puzzles. Also, pay attention to the frankly noir atmosphere of the action. It will appeal not only to comic book lovers but also to the average viewer, who is not spoiled by such surroundings.


It is generally accepted that the death of Bruce Wayne’s parents became the actual event in the life of the future superhero. This topic has always received increased attention, but Reeves turned everything. The director stated that it makes no sense to return to the past of Batman, although his presence is implied during the film.

The scene of the death of Bruce’s parents was reproduced in the cinema extremely often and set the viewer on edge, according to Matt, so it will not be re-shot. Also, we must not forget that the new Batman story has every chance to acquire unexpected details that the director will probably add to the overall composition.


Previously, the name Andy Serkis was not well known, and he was engaged in the embodiment of images of fantastic creatures using computer technology. Today, the actor not only appears on the screen in his true form but also makes films. Before us is a vivid example of how a person can get out of a fairly narrow framework with his work.

Serkis is back in the spotlight, you guessed it, and this time he’s got the small but notable role of Alfred Pennyworth. This character replaced Bruce Wayne’s parents, and he bears a significant share of the responsibility for the moral guidelines of the ward.


If you expect to see something incredible, you have to disappoint – Ben Affleck was driving around in a much more fancy car. However, let’s not rush to throw stones at Reeves, who noted that he wanted to make his Batman a smart and inventive guy, gradually modifying the iconic vehicle.

The idea is interesting, although while the Batmobile does not stand out too much, there are reasonable hopes for developing this superhero attribute. The same goes for Batman’s costume and cave – everything is modest but tasteful. The director notes that Bruce is just starting his journey and relies on practicality, not thinking about excesses, even if they could be really useful.

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You can supply the public with the evilest antagonists as much as you like, but let’s face it – without the Joker, Batman does not cause much interest. Many viewers perceive this film as a preparation for the battle of two sworn enemies, whose relationship has long gone beyond the banal confrontation between hero and villain.

In the movie “Batman” the Joker will probably not appear in the frame – his time has not come yet. However, there are rumors that Matt Reeves will make a good start on the next parts of the franchise and create a scene that foreshadows the imminent arrival of Bruce’s main enemy. Also, in the trailer, we see hooligans painted in clown makeup, which means that the Joker is not forgotten by the authors and is just waiting in the wings.


Many are interested in what awaits us after the premiere of the tape “Batman.” It’s trendy to create entire franchises, and the director is aiming for a trilogy. However, the final decision will depend on the audience – if there is an unexpected box office failure, the project will be pushed away until better times. However, such an outcome is unlikely. Films about superheroes are now making good money.

Two more projects can interest the public in the future. Right now, work is underway on a series that will tell about the everyday life of the Gotham police. An influx of stars is not expected, but Matt Reeves will work on the project as a screenwriter, which means he will establish a connection with the tape with Batman.

Another series is on the way, which has much more prospects because Colin Farrell will return to the image of the Penguin. The spin-off is doomed to success thanks to the presence of a world-famous star in the title role, and Oswald Cobblepot is interesting to the bulk of the audience.

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Top 10 Films That Were Not Believed In, But They Blew Up World Cinema.

Top 10 Films That Were Not Believed In, But They Blew Up World Cinema.

Cinema is, first of all, a profitable business. Studios are ready to invest great money in their projects, counting on the return on rental. However, there are also many films produced, the success of which is quite difficult to predict. It’s time to talk about projects that managed to win the audience’s hearts despite the penny budgets and low level of ambition.

What is the secret of such films? Original ideas, a successful marketing campaign, attractive actors, or the sum of these factors guarantee the ultimate success. It is not necessary to seriously invest in a tape for it to become desirable for the audience, and the films listed below are an explicit confirmation of this.


IMDb – 6.6

Before the release of this film, it was simply impossible to imagine how great his success would be. Of course, the modest budget did not imply the participation of stars of the first magnitude in the project. However, the film managed to shoot at the box office, earning over 350 million in US currency, and was nominated for an Oscar for Best Screenplay.

Tula is a girl of Greek origin who lives in Chicago with a large family. The main character has long wanted to meet the man of her dreams and get married, so she is simply crazy with happiness when the American Ian pays attention to her. However, the guy will have to make a lot of efforts to show his best side in front of the orthodox parents of the chosen one.


IMDb – 7.1

Before us is a picture from which the domestic audience undoubtedly expected more. The tape “Don’t Breathe” turned out to be a solid thriller with ” horror elements,” and its budget was a modest 10 million. The director lured Stephen Lang into the lead role, even though he was not an exciting start. The lion’s share of filming occurred within the same location, and the viewer expected to see another film of average quality. It’s not every day that you see a blind veteran defending a home from young people who decide to take advantage of his vulnerable position. Also, the picture is rich in unexpected twists that make the viewer change their attitude toward the characters in viewing.

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IMDb – 6.9

Logically, it was simply impossible to predict the success of Mad Max. There were only 300 thousand dollars, a few shabby cars and motorcycles, and a pair of leather suits at the director’s disposal. The cars were repainted on the go to use them in other scenes, and the actors were dressed together, bringing wardrobe items from home. Mel Gibson starred in the lead role.

Despite all the difficulties, George Miller made a fantastic action movie, which is already considered a classic of cinema, got sequels, and managed to surprise. At the box office, Mad Max earned over $100 million, an incredibly high-profile success with an acute shortage of resources.


IMDb – 7.3

As you know, “Split” is the second film of the trilogy in a series of such films as “Invulnerable” and “Glass.” When it became clear that the film series returned after 16 years, public expectations were extremely high. However, a modest budget – only 9 million in green currency did not allow counting on any frills. However, the director managed to assemble a very decent cast. The pair of James McAvoy and Anya Taylor-Joy managed to play convincingly enough to pull the film to new heights.

Kevin has multiple personality disorders – completely different people whose worldviews fit his mind. A man kidnaps three girls to sacrifice them and summon his next alter ego, the Beast, whom he considers the pinnacle of human evolution.


IMDb – 7.7

It is necessary to return to another masterpiece, which was completely unexpectedly successful. Get Out is Jordan Peele’s directorial debut, so the picture didn’t claim to be something serious. A modest budget of 4.5 million did not allow for much acceleration, and acting became the cornerstone. Daniel Kaluuya, who embodied the image of the main character, did not disappoint – sometimes, the guy looked extremely convincing. The film plays up the theme of transferring a person’s consciousness into another’s body and the opportunity to ensure immortality in this way. Chris becomes a victim of a family that put such operations on stream, and now he will have to try very hard to get out of this mess unscathed.

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IMDb – 7.7

Some call this picture brilliant, while others fall asleep already 10 minutes after the start of viewing. Why are viewers’ opinions so different? Such melodramas should be studied in a certain, appropriate mood. Only then can one appreciate the full range of emotions generated by Bill Murray and Scarlett Johansson. If you are not interested in delving into the details of the film “Lost in Translation,” it will seem like another “rogue.” The picture tells about a chance meeting of two lonely people who are no longer satisfied with their own lives. However, do not count on a typical ending – it can surprise even an experienced viewer. The public voted for the film with their feet and brought the studio almost 120 million in green currency.


IMDb – 8

This film is a sensation in its purest form. The result is simply unbelievable, given that the layman, jaded with blockbusters, does not have much sympathy for such melodramas. However, the facts speak for themselves – almost 380 million conventional units were earned by the creators of the tape. The film tells how Jamal advances in the famous TV show to the public’s surprise. Everyone thinks that the guy is cheating, so he will have to tell his own story of growing up in the hellish slums of Mumbai, where any information can find a person, regardless of his will.


IMDb – 8.1

Many people know that one of the most iconic films was considered a very risky undertaking. The script for “Rocky” was written by Sylvester Stallone in just a couple of days. The actor wanted to play the main character so much that he gave the studio an appropriate request, and the filmmakers had to give in. As a result, Stallone had to involve members of his family and relatively famous people who wanted to appear on the screen as a cameo. However, the story of a talented boxer turned out to be so attractive that it pulled in 225 million in US currency and received 3 Oscars.

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IMDb – 8.5

Many will say that “Obsession” is one of the best near-musical films of our time and will not be far from the truth. The picture gushes with strong emotions, forcing the viewer to squeeze into a chair from an excess of adrenaline. The film’s box office is not too high – 49 million, but it must be taken into account that almost 15 times less was spent on shooting. It is worth adding 3 more Oscar figurines and the boundless love of cinema fans. Andrew is an incredibly talented drummer who dreams of becoming great. He stubbornly goes to the goal and begins to play in the orchestra with a recognized master, famous for his eccentric behavior. The methods of a genius can hardly be called pedagogical, so Andrew will have to be patient so as not to break down psychologically.


IMDb – 8.9

The cult film “Pulp Fiction” by the cult director Quentin Tarantino with cult actors in the lead roles had few chances of success. Tarantino’s films are always a separate genre of art; Quentin skillfully manages images, relying on the visual component. Pulp Fiction is kitsch, a crude spoof of pulp novels, but the tape has reached the audience’s hearts, earned almost 214 million conventional units, and found its fan base.

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Short Layer Hair Best Hairstyle To Do In 2022-2023 Short Layer Hair Best Hairstyle To Do In 2022-2023
Short Hairstyle4 days ago

Short Layer Hair: Best Hairstyle To Do In 2022-2023

In the coming season, when it gets hot, you will want to have clean short hair. For such people, we...