The Top 10 Safest City in the World 2020

What’s better than traveling doing it in a relatively worry-free way. Today we’re counting down our picks for the top ten safest cities in the world. We’re looking at the safest cities in the world. Please note these are the safest popular city destinations not taking into account all cities. In order to achieve this ranking, the Economist Intelligence Unit evaluated digital security health security infrastructure security and personal security.

10.Melbourne, Australia

Just cracking the top-10 we have Australia’s second-largest city. It’s got a booming international culinary scene, a heavy focus on arts and culture. It also just so happens to be Australia’s premier city for all things sports-related considering all these reasons to visit. It’s great to hear that it’s also incredibly safe. The city tied for 11th place in terms of digital security 13th for health and 16th for personal security. What really earned Melbourne a spot in the top 10 is its infrastructure security for which it ranked seventh. What does that translate to essentially good city planning well-thought-out policies and systems? That keep citizens and visitors alike safe when navigating the city.

9.Seoul, South Korea

Seoul is the capital of South Korea and has become one of the world’s hottest travel destinations in recent years. A forward-looking city that still has great respect for tradition and its nation’s history. Seoul has become a trendsetter in various facets of popular culture from fashion and art to business and tech. Apparently in Seoul security is equally on-trend. It ranks 14th, 15th, and 17th for infrastructure personal and digital security all respectable scores. It’s health security that really puts it ahead. Overall coming in third place efficient emergency, services, food, standards, a commitment to clean air and water. All of the above are clear priorities in Seoul.

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8.Copenhagen, Denmark

Tied with soul we have the capital of Denmark. The city continues to grow in popularity with travelers and safety could theoretically start to become a genuine concern. Thankfully residents and visitors alike have nothing to fear. As the powers that be in Copenhagen clearly know what they’re doing in terms of infrastructure security. It could do a little better than 20th place it’s current ranking. But digital and health security both sit at a respectable 15th and 11th place. Where Copenhagen really shines is in the category that many would argue matters most to travelers’ personal security. Essentially Copenhagen is among the top two destinations. Where people can feel safe from violent attacks and have faith in a reliable police force.

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7.Washington DC, USA

This one is a surprise the nation’s capital is the only American city to make the list in terms of its AI u rankings. Washington does extremely well in terms of digital security again no surprise. They’re essentially digital security translates to careful management and proper protocols for protecting personal information and avoiding viruses and cybercrimes. Washington also does quite well in terms of health security 7th and infrastructure 11th. It is big but it does lag behind in terms of personal security so be mindful as you move about the city.

6.Toronto, Canada

Canada similarly manages to get just one city in the top ten. What’s perhaps most impressive is that it’s the country’s most populated city by far with roughly five and a half million people. Toronto performs surprisingly well across the board ranking 10th, 17th and 12 for digital health and infrastructure security most impressive. However, is its ranking for personal security currently sitting at 8th place. Considering its population size they are clearly doing something right from the distillery district to Kensington Market. There are a lot of reasons to visit Toronto. So it’s nice to know that people can do so safely despite a sporadic uptick in crime incidents.

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5.Sydney, Australia

Australia is one of just two countries to have more than one entry in the top ten in terms of digital security. Sydney ranks 11th alongside Melbourne and gets the same score for health. It manages to get 10th place for personal security and seventh for infrastructure. So essentially while it’s by no means top of the heap in any one category. It is significantly above average across the board. Making it among the most well-rounded cities on our list today. With its many beaches, bustling nightlife and great weather. Sydney’s popularity shows no signs of slowing down. Clearly, the city is committed to keeping citizens and visitors alike, feeling secure while they enjoy all that Sydney has to offer.

4.Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Amsterdam boasts beautiful canals, historic architecture, the local rich history, and multiple world-class museums and attractions. It’s also a serious party destination. It’s very much a city of contradictions. And you’d think that those contradictions would make the city an inherently dangerous or at least risky place. But as Amsterdam proves you be a party city and make people feel safe. It ranks 11th for digital security, 4th for health, 16th for infrastructure and 9th for personal security. Which taken all together makes it the 4th safest city in the world not too shabby at all.

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3.Osaka, Japan

Osaka often gets overlooked by travelers visiting Japan but leaving it off your travel itinerary is a big mistake. It’s very modern and has so much to offer but everything moves at a slightly slower pace. Making the subtleties of Japanese culture all be easier to enjoy. As we crack the top 3 we get into the territory of super safe cities which tend to land in the top 10 in all categories. In Osaka’s case, the breakdown is 11th for digital security. Its lowest score 7th for personal security. First for health and second for infrastructure. Now those are the sort of figures that inspire confidence.

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Singapore is a city unlike any other. Many consider it to be a model of what a modern metropolis should be despite its small size. It manages to squeeze in an amazing amount of culture, enterprise and green space. It’s also easily one of the cleanest cities you’ll ever visit. Centering these virtues and many others that we simply don’t have the time to elaborate on. It’s perhaps not so surprising that Singapore is also incredibly safe. It ranks second in digital security. Eight in health and first in both infrastructure and personal security. Singapore isn’t a cheap destination but you can’t put a price on safety.

1.Tokyo, Japan

Australia has two countries in the top ten and that is seriously impressive. But Japan manages to claim two spots on the top three spots. Tokyo ranks first in digital security second in health and fourth for both infrastructure and personal security. This is a truly remarkable accomplishment. In case you were wondering this is the third year in a row that Tokyo is playing top spot. Which is actually every year that the EIU has been putting out its report. So it’s not a fluke or simply a good year for Japan’s capital Tokyo pose to the upcoming 2020 Olympics. It is one of the world’s most popular destinations right now. And considering how well it does in terms of safety don’t expect that to change anytime soon.

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