15 Examples Of Hair Colour Trend Summer 2022

15 Examples Of Hair Colour In The Summer Of 2022 Trend Hair Colour

I think many people are aiming for a makeover by changing their hair colour this summer. The warm season. Why don’t you take the plunge and try the hair colour you haven’t tried before? So this time, we will pick up the recommended summer hair colour for 2022! Introducing the trend’s colour, along with a sample of popular hair colours.

What Trendy Hair Colour Do You Want to Check in the Summer of 2022?


Familiar Greige color. Greige is a mixture of grey and beige and is a transparent hair colour that adds a soft impression to beige while suppressing the redness peculiar to Japanese people. It is said that a strong grey colour tends to cause dullness and makes the complexion look bad, but it is popular because beige can bring out “softness” and “transparency” without making the colour muddy.


“Orange” is one of the recommended hair colours in the summer of 2022. It is a 10th-level orange, beige colour. The perfect colouring to create a glossy look. A hairstyle that goes well with soft nuance curls. You can create a natural and feminine impression.


Pink-collar is also a hot hair colour this summer. The photo is “pink brown”. Since the brown contains gorgeous pink, it does not become too flashy and can produce femininity and cuteness. Use a glossy styling product to give an elegant impression.


The mint colour is also a recommended colour that is perfect for summer. It’s a hair colour with a calm colour that doesn’t insist too much but also has a strong sense of modernity. The photo is “Mint Greige”. Styling with a non-rinse type of treatment oil to give it a gloss gives it a natural nuance.

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Popular “ash” colour for both men and women. It is said that it is easy to get used to Japanese hair colour and covers redness and yellowness. It also can make your hair look beautiful even if it fades.

The photo is 10th-level ash brown. This hair colour is recommended for straight hair, which tends to look hard and heavy.

[with Bleach] Recommended Hair Colour for Bright Summer

Beige Brown

Add highlighting to the whole with a thin bleach to add a three-dimensional effect, and then turn on the colour with 10 levels of beige brown.

Matte Beige

It is a hair colour with 9 levels of matte beige on colour with a thin highlight on the whole. It is a cool colour and suppresses redness firmly. It is also transparent and creates a soft impression of a foreigner!

Foggy Beige

Hair colour with 10 levels of foggy beige on-colour with a few panels of bleached and thin highlights. Since the bleach is minimal, even if it is bright, it is less flashy and damaged. It also has the advantage of blurring the white hair!

[no Bleach] Recommended Hair Colour for Dark Summer

Mint beige

It is a transparent mint beige colour. A dull pastel colour that is both light and soft. This shade is perfect for adult women. The colour is not too bright without bleaching, so it should be easy for working women to try.

Purple Garnet

Hair colour is recommended for people who are tired of trying ash. The calm colour of beige and purple makes it easy for people who work for a company to try it. With a glossy and transparent finish, even those who are worried about hair damage!

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Violet Pink

Random highlighting is applied to the inner by bleaching, but the overall hair colour is calm. Non-alkaline violet pink and no damage. The subtle colour contrast gives it a fashionable look.

Coral Orange

Hair colour is recommended for those who want to attack a little. Coral orange is on-coloured in a fashionable nuanced earring colour. It’s a trendy orange colour with pink added, so it’s easy to get used to people’s skin colour, and the face’s complexion is also improved! Even a simple hairstyle will add play.

Pink Ash

“Pink Ash” is recommended for people who are too unique to take on the challenge of pink. Even though it is pink, it is mixed with the exquisite dullness of ash, so you can expect the effect of making your skin look bright and healthy.

Natural Ash

For those who like a natural impression, “Natural Ash” is recommended. The tone is 7 levels. The feature is that it is finished in a transparent colour while suppressing redness. Compatibility with nuance shorts with partial perms on the top and bangs!

Check Out How to Keep Your Hair Colour Clean and Long.

Dry your hair immediately after shampooing

Isn’t your hair naturally dried after shampooing, especially in the hot summer? In the summer, you want to avoid blowing warm air with a hair dryer as much as possible.

However, natural drying is NG! When you get out of the bath, dry your hair with a hair dryer as soon as possible.

We recommend using a highly absorbent towel and drying it gently to wrap your hair. After that, apply the dryer to the root part that is hard to dry. High-temperature air until just before the hair dries completely, and then dry firmly at low temperature. In the end, apply cold air to finish the hair with a glossy style that is easy to adjust.

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There Is Also a Habit of Protecting Hair From Uv Damage.

Ultraviolet rays are one of the causes that lead to cuticle peeling and hollowing inside the hair. Especially in summer, strong ultraviolet rays affect the scalp, and if care is not taken, it will cause serious damage.

Protect your hair by wearing a hat, a parasol, or a sunscreen spray when you go out.

Even if you take great care with your daily treatment, if you do not take such measures, hair damage and discolouration may accelerate. Please take thorough measures against UV rays in your hair.

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