Know The Shape Of Your Eyebrows That Suits You

Recommended Eyebrows Know The Shape Of Your Eyebrows That Suits You

Eyebrows greatly affect the impression of the face. Even though it’s an important part, you don’t know the shape suits you. This time, we will introduce the typical types of eyebrows, their images, and the points of eyebrows that suit each face type. Read this article to find the right eyebrows for you!

Eyebrows That Suit You!

There are times when you want to make an image change or want to be fashionable. In such a case, it is effective to change the shape of the eyebrows that affect the impression of the face. But many people don’t know what eyebrow shape suits them.

Typical Eyebrow Shape Types

Before looking for the ideal eyebrow, let’s start by knowing the typical eyebrow shape. Here, we will explain the four main types and their definitions. 

Parallel eyebrows

Parallel eyebrows are eyebrows whose upper and lower lines from the inside of the eyebrow to the ridge are parallel to the floor and are angled only at the end of the eyebrow.

Straight eyebrows

Straight eyebrows are eyebrows that have a straight horizontal line from the mountain to the end of the eyebrow, and unlike parallel eyebrows, there is no angle at the end of the eyebrow.

Arch eyebrows

Arched eyebrows are eyebrows that draw a gentle curve from the ridge of the eyebrow to the end of the eyebrow.

Raised eyebrows

Raised eyebrows are eyebrows that are angled upward from the inside of the eyebrow to the ridge of the eyebrow.

How to Choose the Ideal Eyebrow Shape Part 1: Choose by Image

How do I find the ideal eyebrows that suit me? First of all, choosing the shape that suits your image is recommended. Let’s look at each image based on the types of eyebrows introduced earlier!

Parallel eyebrows that look natural and gentle

The image of parallel eyebrows is a natural and modern atmosphere. The naturalness of the eyebrows makes them easy to match with any makeup and easy to incorporate. Since the distance between the eyes and eyebrows becomes closer, there is also a nice effect that the eyes are emphasized and look bigger.

Straight eyebrows and raising eyebrows that look cool and intelligent

Straight eyebrows and raised eyebrows with a dignified atmosphere. If you make it thinner, it will give you a crisp and cool impression, and if you make it thicker, it will give you more strength. Nowadays, the trend is to finish it naturally without making it too thin or angled.

Arched eyebrows that look feminine and gorgeous

Arched eyebrows with a soft roundness that makes you feel femininity. The impression changes depending on the angle of the curve. If it is gentle, it will be a mature and calm atmosphere, and if it is a large angle, it will be gorgeous.

If you are unsure about choosing an atmosphere, consult at the salon!

If you want to choose the one that suits your mood, talk with an eyebrow list (a person who will perform the treatment at the eyebrow salon) at the eyebrow salon. After receiving counseling, he will suggest eyebrows that suit the person.

How to Choose the Ideal Eyebrow Shape Part 2: Choose by Face Type

If you choose the ideal eyebrows, look at the “face shape.” Choose eyebrows that match the shape of your face for an overall balance. I will introduce the shape of the eyebrows that suit each face type!

Eyebrow-shaped points that look good on a round face

A round face with a soft and gentle atmosphere. Long arched eyebrows are recommended for such a round face. The gentle roundness of the arch suits the atmosphere of the round face. By drawing the end of the eyebrows longer, the margins on the face will be reduced, which will bring about a small face effect!

Eyebrow-shaped points that look good on long faces

Straight parallel eyebrows are recommended for adult-like face lengths. It goes perfectly with the handsome straight eyebrows that match the impression of the face. It is also a point to guide the line of sight sideways by finishing in parallel without making an angle. It looks like a well-balanced face without emphasizing the vertical feeling more than necessary!

Eyebrow-shaped points that look good on an inverted triangular face

Long arched eyebrows are recommended for the inverted triangular face, characterized by a slim face line. Rounding it softens the sharpness of the chin. The area around the bees is relatively stretched and easy to see, so cover the margins with long eyebrows.

Eyebrow shape points that look good on the base face

It is easy to match a base face with many straight lines on the contour to match the straight eyebrows. However, the angular impression will be emphasized if it is not too rounded. Let’s add softness by attaching an arch only to Mt. Bizan! The balance will be further adjusted if you correct the face width with a long outer corner of the eyes like a round face.

Know the Typical Shape of Eyebrows and Find the One That Suits You

Eyebrows have typical shapes, and each shape has a different image and a suitable face shape. Why don’t you learn the shape and characteristics of each and find the eyebrows that suit you? If you are uncertain about choosing the shape and how to arrange it, it is recommended to visit the salon once.

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