The Latest Style Of Long Hair Is Made With The Wolf!

The Latest Style Of Long Hair Is Made With The Wolf!

The long style is also nuanced with the latest style wolf. For a modern wolf, the loose, airy creates a feeling of omission, giving a feminine impression! Now, let’s introduce the sexy seasonal wolf style that brings out the charm of long!

Make Long Hair Even More Attractive With a Wolf.

Wolf is a style with a lightly finished neckline and hair tips. In recent years, the trend has been to finish the top with a rounded silhouette and give lightness to the ends of the hair. Even if it’s long, it doesn’t give a heavy impression, and it’s finished cutely!

Long X Wolf Points

Feminine with a roundness and airy feel

The wolf, which has a rounded silhouette and a fluffy style, adds a feminine impression with a mere long style.

Styling with fragility on your side

If you have a lot of hair, it will have too much presence, but if you have a wolf with a low volume, you’ll be happy to be a fluffy and ephemeral girl!

The data coordination is perfect.

Floral patterns, lace, dresses, etc. The light cuteness of the wolf fits well into the date outfits that you want to solidify with feminine items.

The impression that lightness is perfect

By suppressing the volume of the hair tips and styling around the outer wrapping, you can produce a feminine and sophisticated sex appeal.

The impression that changes depending on the bangs

To prevent the round silhouette, which is a characteristic of the wolf, from becoming too sweet, let’s also incorporate the cool “Kakiage Bang” well!

Incorporate your personality into the details

Even with the classic brown x wolf x long style, the impression will change greatly depending on applying your bangs and perm. It is also attractive that it is easy to incorporate “personality.”

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For a cool image

The airy feeling of the tips of the hair moderately suppresses the claim even in high-tone colors. It is useful to soften the impression of flashy hair color and strong perm.

Add Trend Color to Wolf X Long!

The high color fits gently.

The soft image that the wolf’s characteristic fluffy texture brings out is GOOD because it does not become too strong even in high colors!

Yellow gold is also airy.

Make good use of wolf even in yellow gold that seems too conspicuous! Depending on the arrangement, such as taking in air to the ends of the hair, it will give a good feeling of pulling out even if it is long.

Gradation x Wolf original style

The wolf, which flows from the soft top to the light tips, attracts charm with the gradation and synergistic effect of gradually changing colors.

Light color is added to the ends of the hair.

If there is a light color on the tip of the hair, the lightness of the wolf will be doubled! Every time the wind blows, my eyes will be taken away.

Wolf x Gray Ash

Gray ash, which can add a trendy feeling to a favorable impression, is also an iron plate color that you want to set with the wolf style!

Black Hair X Wolf X Long Is Neat and Cute.

Black hair x wolf is perfect for bringing out a more natural image. The feeling of omission of simple styling is good.

Completed with a natural image!

The long hairstyle is the strongest, with the styling agent squeezed into the entire hair to create a “natural atmosphere, but it’s calculated.”

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Innocent with natural blow

If you want to take advantage of black-haired wolves, try avoiding perms and textured styling. With a simple inward-winding blow, you can become an innocent girl who wants to protect!

You can also be a neat lady.

The conservative style and the wolf go well together. You can become a neat and beautiful young lady who walks with her light hair in the wind and flutters!

You Should Actively Utilize the Wolf, Which Has Long Hair but Is Not Heavy!

Long hair is a classic feminine and cute style. On the other hand, if you leave it stretched, and the volume is too high, you may get a heavy image at once. You don’t have to worry about that if you’re a wolf. Let’s make a makeover to the Airy Wolf that suits you best while consulting at the salon.

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