The Latest Outfit For Summer Fashion And Hair Arrangement

The Fashion Trend for the Summer

Essential items such as shirts, cut-sews, and flared skirts are the royal road of marine style. This summer, it’s relatively fresh to enjoy retro with colors, patterns, and accessories.

A Neo-marine Mood With a Boater and Ribbon

If you make the hair look nostalgic for the retro marine style, it will be much nicer. Arrangements made with braids and ribbons look elaborate at first glance, but it’s easy as long as I’m happy. Even if you take off your hat or put it on, it’s cute.

Ribbon Twin-Tail Method

1. Use a thick iron of 1 or 32 mm to wrap the ends of the hair in one curl loosely. After this, since it will be braided, it is enough to just the tips of the hair without wrapping the whole thing tightly.

2. Finished winding with an iron. The length is 25 cm below the clavicle. When you get a gentle curl, apply the balm all over.

3. Divide the whole into two parts on the left and right, and further divide the left side into the top and the collar. Loosely braid the left top, knit to the position below the ears, and tie with rubber.

4. Wrap the separated hair on the left side of the collar around the braid and tie it with rubber. The right side is tied with rubber under the ears without braiding.

5. Two twin tails are made. By adding the texture of braids on the left side, it is a point to make it look like it is now.

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6. Wrap the string and tie it with a ribbon at the middle position, and pull out the hair loosely from between the strings to complete. If you change the color of the string on the left and right, the finish will be rougher.

7. Put on a hat, and you’re done! Even if you don’t have a hat, the cuteness is outstanding.

The Texture of the Wave Makes the Plaid Even More Retro.

The absolute pleasure of marine coordination is that you can enjoy the relaxing mood of your holidays. Therefore, arrange it casually with a half-up of loose buns. The choppy wave of the bristles and the wet feeling of wit also play a role in the retro production!

Let’s Make It Stylish With a Wet Wave. How to Make an Uneven Bun

1. Medium style on the shoulders. Putting the balm firmly on the whole before arranging makes it easier to put the hair together.

2. Add a curl to the top with a 2,26 mm iron. The finished untune will be beautiful and cute if you curl it finely and firmly here.

3. Roughly collect the top hair with a hand, tie it with rubber, and roll it without passing through the tips to make a tiny bun.

4. Break the buns and make them fluffy. Hold the rubber with your left hand and finely pull out the hair bundle. The point of longevity is to make it small and loosely break it.

5. Pull out the hair bundle finely with your fingertips and break it for the top. This waste will have a nice texture by wrapping it tightly with an iron.

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6. Turn on the hair accessories made of glittering materials such as gold and silver next to the bun. It’s best to mix different shapes, such as barrettes and pins.

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