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The History Of Suzuki: Things You Need To Know About


Suzuki is a famous Japanese brand manufactured by Suzuki Motor Corporation. The latter is a multinational corporation. The headquarters is located in Hamamatsu (Japan). The main products list includes passenger cars, commercial vehicles, all-terrain vehicles, motorcycles, boat engines, wheelchairs, engines and components.

The Beginning of the History of a Large-scale Company – 1909

The history of Suzuki begins in 1909. It was then that the founder of the company, Michio Suzuki, decided to establish a family business for the manufacture of looms. The fact is that his family was engaged in the cultivation of cotton. As a result, the new enterprise made it possible to optimize costs and sell not raw materials but materials. The company’s name sounded like Suzuki Loom Works until 1920, after which it was reorganized and turned into Suzuki Loom Manufacturing Co.

Suzuki actively attracted skilled workers and engineers to work to develop the company. This made it possible to increase not only the number of products but also to improve the quality. As a result, looms became one of the best globally, displacing British and Dutch competitors from the pedestal. What’s more, Suzuki’s machines have been nominated for an award for their contribution to the development of the economy in Japan. The government awarded the inventions with the Blue Ribbon Medal.

The large-scale successes that turned the head of the creator forced him to develop production. Since the looms were no longer the primary concern, he conducted market research, after which the decision was made to go into cars, hanging the logo of a famous brand on them. In the “trunk” of the company, there were excellent engines, such as a boat, Suzuki, thus, was a little closer to the sphere than the rest of the competitors. The new project started in 1937. Specifications assumed a 4-cylinder hydro cooled engine with an aluminium crankcase and a displacement of 800 ccs. As a result, they developed a maximum of 13 hp.

The Second World War made its adjustments. The company had to stop developing passenger vehicles, as the government considered the civilian auto industry an “irrelevant commodity”, which, it would seem, put a bullet in the previous developments. After the end of hostilities, Suzuki returned to its roots – they began to sell agricultural implements, musical instruments, and heaters. But, the moment for building a business was not long. After five years, the cotton market collapsed.

On the other hand, the collapse played into the hands of the founder of the company, and he had the opportunity to return to the design of cars accessible to all citizens. So, the first product released by Suzuki was a bicycle on which a Suzuki engine was installed. It was called PowerFree and soon became famous for its 36 ccs one hp engine. The system’s features made it possible not only to count on the power of the motor but also to strengthen it with the help of conventional pedals. Moreover, the cyclist could choose one of the ways – to rely on the motor wholly or pedal. The model’s success inspired the engineers and brought a subsidy from the Japanese government, or instead, from the patent office. This grant allowed further development of the direction.

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In 1954, a record was set: a Suzuki motorcycle sold 6,000 in one month. Meanwhile, the company changes its name to Suzuki Motor Co., Ltd. The brand’s first car appeared on the market in the same year – the front-wheel-drive Suzulight. Despite the title of “first-born”, independent suspensions are installed on all wheels. In addition, there is a gear steering rack. A “donor” can be called a similar car – Lloyd LP400, from which the “Japanese” got the engine and two-stroke engine. This model became a contender for the “people’s car”, a program run by the local government. Suzuki met the main requirements:

  • The speed reached 100 km / h.
  • The number of passenger seats was equal to four.

In 1956, an updated version of the Suzulight was released with increased engine power to 180 horsepower. The suspension has changed since, in the initial version, it could not cope with low-quality roads. As a result, the springs and levers were replaced by springs. Toward the end of the year, 14-inch tires appeared, making this Suzuki model organic. The photos are confirmed by the improvement in the appearance of the first car.

Development of the Company and Expansion of the Model Range – 1960-1990s

Starting in 1962, the company began to develop cars under the name Front. The manufacturer relied on this name as a symbol of the company’s leading position in the development of critical cars. A prepared two-door sedan was shown in early 1967. Then the Fronte 360 ​​was equipped with an air-cooled engine located at the rear. The volume was 356 “cubes”, and they put a 4-speed “mechanics” with it.

Japanese companies often used high-profile advertisements to promote their products. Suzuki was no exception: lush advertising instantly affected demand. The manufacturer’s plans included the release of 3 thousand copies per month. As a result, the hype made it possible to increase the production capacity to 9,000 copies per month. A year later, the Fronte SS appeared on the market with 36 hp and in the 70th sports modification with the SSS index. In 1969, the company exported this model, having previously turned it into a Fronte 500 with a powerful engine of 475 “cubes” and 29 hp. This model made it possible to bring Suzuki to a higher level of recognition of positive reviews, both from critics and buyers.

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Since then, Suzuki’s automotive industry has been developing. The lineup was expanded with the introduction of the Carry-in 1961. The Kei truck was produced under this name until 1982, after which it was renamed, Suzuki Every. The choice of the buyer was provided with Front- and all-wheel-drive versions. The company entered into numerous agreements with different countries, so the light truck visited some countries under different names, such as Chevrolet or Ford.

In 1970, the future “legend” entered Suzuki Jimny’s market. Even then, the model showed excellent demand. It was popular in all countries, which allowed the company to strengthen its position in the world market. Starting with this model, the path of all-wheel-drive vehicles opens. You can buy Suzuki with a 359-797 “cc” engine, aggregated with a 4-speed manual gearbox.

Fans of the brand associate 1979 with the advent of the Alto Kei car. The main qualities of the latter are efficiency and low price. At the moment, the company has already released the eighth generation. At first, it was produced as a three-door version of the Fonte with a reinforced platform for transporting goods.

In 1981, there were changes in the company’s management: we bought out 5.3% of the shares of General Motors as a result of an agreement on cooperation in the development of compact cars. The agreement also provides for the participation of Isuzu Motors. At the same time, the 25th Tokyo Motor Show took place, where the company introduced the first successful car – Cultus, later renamed Suzuki Swift. At first, it was equipped with a three-cylinder litre engine. In 1986, a new flagship, the Gti, was introduced. The three-door hatchback received innovative equipment – electronic fuel injection.

Six years after signing an agreement with Isuzu and General Motors, management signed a contract with Mazda Motor Corp. Based on the agreement, joint production is opened, the total output reaching 10 million cars in 1989. In the same year, the manufacturer decides to experiment and introduce the Suzuki Bandit motorcycle line to the market, a series consisting of 8 models.

In 1990, the company was again renamed Suzuki Motor Corporation. In 1996, the company imported to Russia a light scooter Suzuki Leta or AC50.

Modern Suzuki and the Brightest Models of 1990-present.

Suzuki agrees with General Motors Corporation to cooperate during the development of compact cars. In 1998, all these were formulated, among which was the deepening of cooperation and the creation of a basis for the subsequent formation of a strategic alliance. The Aerio compact car appeared a year later, presented at the Geneva Motor Show. The car comes in the back of a 5-door hatchback and 4-door sedan. The name of the European model was shortened, so it was presented as the Suzuki M. The older engine available made it possible to install not only front-wheel drive but also all-wheel drive.

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In the same year, Suzuki Escudo appears, which will come to the market under the name Grand Vitara. In 2000, Suzuki Ignis was presented, representing the B-class in the model range of the Japanese company. It incorporates the best features of a hatchback, SUV and minivan, and the previously popular model, the Suzuki Wagon R Plus, is used as a platform. As a result, a mini-SUV with a high ground clearance of 17 centimetres appears on the market.

In 2001, Suzuki Liana entered the market. The sedan becomes a modern replacement for the outdated Baleno or Aerio. In 2003, the company received another title. They get a reward as the leader in producing key cars for over 30 years. By this time, Suzuki was actively developing an alternative-powered engine. In 2003, the Suzuki Twin hybrid Kei car was introduced. The car reaches a record low fuel consumption – only 2.93 litres per 100 kilometres. There is Smart Fortwo in the lineup, which, due to its compact size and economy, is considered exclusively “female”. It provided special “chips”, for example, the front seat could be folded, which turned it into a small table or horizontal stand.

2003 was also the beginning of the collaboration between the designated brand and the French Fiat. This year, the leadership openly announced joint development to create a compact SUV – Suzuki Magyar.

The second half of the 2000s will be remembered as the time of development of the SUV segment. Crossover sales are reaching a new level, so all manufacturers strive to match the trends. As a result, the “star” of the brand arrives in Geneva – Suzuki CX4. Its development was also entrusted to French engineers. An all-wheel-drive cross – HL7 – will arrive in New York a little later.

In Russia, this company appeared only in 1999 with the opening of Suzuki Motor RUS LLC. Only in 2010 did the Japanese car manufacturer buy out 50% of the shares from the official Russian importer. By this time, there is high popularity among the Suzuki Vitara Grand and CX4. In 2015, another model came to Russia – Suzuki Balena, which has already found popularity in Japan, India and North America.

In 2007, there was a discussion of opening a Japanese plant in Shushary (St. Petersburg), but the 2008 crisis disrupted the automaker’s plans, so the project was postponed indefinitely.


BMW G21 320i Touring M Sport: Features Engine And Photos

BMW G21 320i Touring M Sport: Features Engine And Photos

The protagonist to be shared this time is the BMW G21 320i Touring M Sport. I dare not say it is a big fan of station wagons. More precisely, I feel that I have no Wagonist atmosphere of hedonic life. From the point of view of car purchase, the same car model will give priority to Sedan, or In the form of 4 door coupe, if you only appreciate it, the whole situation is reversed.

After all, the station wagon can especially show the attitude and style of the owner. Practical storage space, undiscounted driving experience, and a sporty yuppie atmosphere. It is not difficult to understand why the station wagon continues to dominate When it comes to station wagons, Audi is a recognized expert, and it is difficult to find an Audi Avant BMW G21 that is not well-shaped without controversy. It is a model that perfectly integrates sports aesthetics in my heart.

After buying the G21, I want to make an appointment to appreciate the car. You may want to watch the G21 and go to the showroom to watch it. A special person is also explaining it, but it is just like watching a movie. It’s more interesting to have three or five friends together. Unfortunately, the day of delivery was missed due to personal factors.

Later, the junior seems to have made some “bad friends” ( the car was mistakenly connected to the modified product, then wait for him to change to a stage and wait for God. It’s been a good day. Let’s have a little fun with cars. Sharing From the G generation, we can see significant differences between BMW’s ambitions and evolutionary models.

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The three series maintain the horizontal proportion of the nostrils, and the features on the lower edge of the headlights are completely separated from the four series. The overall layout still retains the BMW style and texture. It feels improved, and the lines are more heroic. The lines are firm and soft, thick yet light. Speaking of which, BMW regained the global sales champion of luxury brands from Benz last year.

I saw G21 and couldn’t help but think of my old friend’s F31 AA number. Time flies. From my taste, everyone is quite familiar with the G21 car series. Here is an introduction to the non-original part of the long-lasting unbeaten formula: white car, dark frame, bright calipers, yellow nose hair. Front The chin, rear spoiler, and forged carbon texture are more layered. I think that the modification has reached the right balance to complete the so-called handsome but not tight task, and then more advanced such as air suspension, cutting explosion Turtle, move to the power chassis, etc.,

I haven’t touched the BMW 3 series for a long time and drove around for a while, and the tightness makes people miss the M steering wheel, which is still thick and reluctant to let go of the

BMW G21 320i Touring M Sport – exterior

BMW G21 320i Touring M Sport – interior

In this transitional period from oil to electricity, if you have a favorite pure fuel car model, don’t miss this sharing and come to an end here. Thanks for the patience in reading this, friend. It’s been a long time since I’ve driven a BMW, and even the last station wagon has been sold for a long time, but I can’t help but admire the G21 on the road if there is a pure electric version.

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Porsche 718 Boxster T: 6 Cylinder Naturally Aspirated Classic Engine

Porsche 718 Boxster T Test Drive Pure Driving Joy

The current generation of the Porsche 718 Boxster has always won my heart in terms of handling performance since its launch in 2016, including the passion for test driving the 718 Boxster Spyder more than a year ago is still unforgettable, sharp corners. The machine is paired with a six-cylinder naturally aspirated classic engine.

This combination will make people want to buy one for collection anyway. Compared with the Boxster Spyder, the protagonist of this time, the 718 Boxster T, although the power configuration is at the entry-level, the overall combination brings I don’t think it will lose the driving pleasure to the Boxster Spyder at all, especially the Boxster T includes the PASM Porsche Active Suspension Adjustment System, the PTV Porsche Torque Distribution System and the mechanical rear axle differential as standard equipment. The six-speed manual transmission configuration, focusing on the setting of driving pleasure, is precisely the product appeal of the 718 Boxster T!

In the past, Porsche 911 has launched the Carrera T model, and this time the 718 Boxster T also uses “Touring” to represent the T in the car name, emphasizing the meaning of travel. Many people, including me, are immensely Enjoying the process of driving a long-distance trip, whether it is purely to experience the driving pleasure brought by the vehicle or to explore the beautiful scenery. This kind of free feeling requires actual participation to undergo.

The Boxster T I tested this time is a car that allows you to participate in the fun of driving entirely. It does not have particularly luxurious or high-tech equipment. The manual transmission configuration makes you feel significantly “involved” when going. The limited space in the car and luggage compartment will not allow you to take camping equipment on the road. If you look closely, you will find that the air conditioning system is a rare heating and cooling air conditioning specification. If you want to buy this Boxster T in some areas, it may be Even the multimedia host of the centre console will not be attached (it is standard for models sold in Taiwan); but after all, convertible enthusiasts have a “magnetic field” division, which means that those who like them will be inextricable. I always pick and choose what I want; for me, it belongs to the former. Unlessa it is raining, I will drive in an open-top state, not afraid of the sun!

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The headlights are equipped with standard xenon lamps and blackened LED headlight auxiliary lighting. With the configuration of the test drive in all black, it can be said to be a very eye-catching matching method; if you have further functional requirements for the lighting system, you can still choose to equip it with an upgraded PDLS dynamic or LED headlights with PDLS Plus lighting system.

There is a sticker with the words “718 Boxster T” on the side of the car. The original standard 20-inch Carrera S black aluminium ring has a perfect shape. The braking system has four front and four rear four-piston black brake callipers. The dimensions of the front and rear discs are 330mm and 299mm.

The canopy mechanism is an electric opening and closing type, which can be operated through the button behind the rear seat. The canopy can be opened or closed in about 9 seconds, and the top can also be opened and closed during travel (within 50km/h).

The ten-spoke Carrera S aluminium rim is very pleasing to the eye, and the 20-inch specification also makes the whole car look more imposing. The original tires use the front and rear formulas, respectively, the front 235/35ZR20, the back 265/30ZR20, the width is wider than the previous test drive. The 718 Boxster Spyder is slightly narrower.

The 718 series is one of the few Porsche models that has not yet used the design of through-type taillights, but the beautiful rear line shape, which has been launched for a long time in this generation of models, still looks very attractive.

The rear wing has an electric lift function, and the lift can also be controlled manually through the buttons in the car.

The front luggage compartment has a volume of 150 litres, and it is not a problem to put it directly into a set of boarding boxes.

The original factory has not announced the space volume of the rear luggage compartment, but it is not a problem to store luggage for two days of travel. However, due to the mid-engine configuration, the rear luggage compartment will still feel the temperature from the engine room, which is not suitable. Place items that are not resistant to high temperatures.

Boxster T does not have many apparent differences compared with other Boxster models. The door handle is changed to Sport-Tex material pull ring design and the standard manual transmission; the steering wheel and gearshift position is a peaceful setting for driving.

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The red font above the gear lever improves the recognition, the gear stroke is short, the gear position is clear, and the clutch feedback is slightly heavy. Still, the overall operation feeling is very “comfortable”—the bloody shifting process.

The steering wheel adopts a three-spoke shape with a slightly smaller diameter, and the operation feels excellent. And the lower right corner is the driving mode switch dial.

Emphasizing the Sport-Tex pull tab for light effect, the same design can also be seen on the Boxster Spyder model.

The Boxster T comes standard with the Sports Timing Package, but since the car is not equipped with a PDK transmission, there is no Sport Response function on the steering wheel driving mode dial.

The constant temperature air conditioner is an electronic heating and cooling air conditioner, but it is not a problem for car owners who like to open the roof.

The multimedia console of the centre console has many built-in functions, including multimedia playback, satellite navigation, and Bluetooth communication.

The open-top switch for the convertible is located behind the rear seat, and the image-style buttons are easy to operate. There are also function buttons for suspension damping, tail lift, and exhaust pipe noise on both sides.

The instrument adopts a three-ring configuration. The tachometer in the centre, the speedometer on the left, and the LCD screen on the right can switch and display information according to the driver’s needs.

The driving mode switch dial is located at the bottom right of the steering wheel, and there are Standard, Sport, Sport+ and Custom modes.

The paddle on the lower left of the steering wheel is a fixed-speed operation function. If necessary, the ACC function can be upgraded through the option.

After the front trim panel of the passenger seat is opened, you can see the configuration of double cup holders. Although the drinks can be fixed firmly, if you place cold beverages, you will inevitably have concerns about water droplets on your body.

The standard seat adopts the electric two-way sports car upgrade seat. The seatback is electrically adjusted, the rest are manually adjusted, and the seat surface is made of Sport-Tex material.

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The most significant difference between the 718 Boxster T and the Boxster Spyder that I have tested before is that the power output level is just at the two ends of the story.

The Boxster Spyder uses a 4.0-litre horizontal six-cylinder natural intake setting, with a maximum power of 420ps, 43.8 km, while the Boxster T is a 2.0-litre flat four-cylinder setting with half the displacement, but with the blessing of turbocharging, the maximum power is still 300ps and 38.7kgm; just in terms of the sound of the engine, the Boxster T with four-cylinder configuration is difficult to compare with the six-cylinder model, but when you drive on the road, you will find that the low-speed power output of the Boxster T is a relatively smooth setting. It will have a rather violent thrust after the speed exceeds 4000rpm. Still, I must say, this is viewed with a relatively high standard.

After all, the car only needs 5.1 seconds to accelerate from 0 to 100km/h. If you have good driving skills, you can further develop the performance level that the Boxster T should have.

A convertible car that emphasizes driving fun, many people will directly think of Mazda’s MX-5. I had the opportunity to get along with the MX-5 for a long time, which proved that what the fans said was accurate, light, neat, and cornering. Until recently, the 718 Boxster T was tested, and the feeling of doing whatever you want to come back.

Manual, low centre of gravity are the standard features of Boxster T and MX-5 but don’t forget that Boxster T uses a mid-engine configuration, the change of centre of gravity when cornering is handier than MX-5, plus this car logo is Equipped with the PASM active suspension system, the handling of various corners and road conditions is very delicate. Even if the ceramic composite brake system is not equipped, the braking performance of the Boxster T can still find a more extreme corner entry in the corner. The best interpretation of this car is timing, pure and intuitive driving pleasure.

Porsche 718 Boxster T Specifications

Engine Type: Horizontal 4-cylinder turbocharged DOHC 16V

Maximum horsepower: 300ps/6500rpm Maximum torque : 38.7kgm / 1950~4500rpm

Connecting rod tire specifications: front 235/35ZR20, rear 265/ 30ZR20

Body size: 4379mm x 1801mm x 1281mm

Wheelbase: 2475mm

Vehicle weight: 1335kg

Fuel tank capacity: 54 liters

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Charged BMW M4 Csl 2022 – Specifications, Features, Engine

Charged Bmw M4 Csl 2022 – Specifications, Features, Engine

A charged BMW M4 CSL 2022 is presented. Features of the update, technical characteristics, parameters, equipment, and photos are revealed. The article’s end is a video review of the BMW M4 CSL 2022.

Charged and sported versions of cars always attract a lot of attention. One such example was the BMW M4 CSL 2022 coupe. Until recently, or rather, before the official premiere, BMW did its best to avoid talking about the new M4 CSL coupe and how fast it was according to Nurburgring tests. Today’s most record-breaking lap times belong to Porsche, Audi, and Mercedes-Benz.

Still, BMW will likely appear on the list. According to the press release, the lap at the Nordschleife, which is a distance of 20.832 kilometers, close to the Nürburgring, showed a time of 7 minutes and 20.207 seconds. This is a direct indicator that the new BMW M4 CSL can become a serious competitor for other companies.

According to the manufacturer, only 1,000 copies of the charged BMW M4 CSL 2022 will be produced. The starting price in Germany will be 165,200 euros. As for the measurements on the Nordschleife, it is still difficult to say whether this is a little or a lot. The classification of Nurburgring records forbids making direct comparisons, which of course, BMW took advantage of. The new charged BMW M4 CSL is more a sports car than a leader in the race. The record for today belongs to the Porsche 991 GT2 RS, the figure of which was 6 minutes and 43.3 seconds.

If we consider the fact that the new BMW M4 CSL is a stretched three-ruble note, then it can be attributed to mid-size sports cars. Then yes, the record will occur because today in this class, the best indicator was assigned to the Jaguar XE SV Project 8 – 7 minutes and 23.164 seconds. As for the CSL prefix in the title, it stands for Competition, Sport, Lightweight. Engineers say that this is a continuation of the previously known model BMW 3.0 CSL E9, released in the 70s.

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The modern new model BMW M4 CSL largely repeats its predecessor three. The car received a rough aerodynamic body kit, although not as pronounced as that of a three-ruble note. The trunk got a famous ducktail, and the front optics received yellow LED daytime running lights. To reduce the weight of the new M4 CSL, the manufacturer made many parts from carbon fiber.

For example, a roof, a front splitter, a body of side rear-view mirrors, and a central body tunnel were made from such material. In total, this reduced the total weight by 11 kilograms. In addition, the manufacturer removed the excess noise insulation and installed a lightweight titanium exhaust. This also reduced the overall weight by 19 kg. You can list those details that reduce the car’s weight and improve dynamic performance for a very long time. The weight of the new BMW M4 CSL was reduced from 1725 to 1625 kg.

Under the hood of the new BMW M4 CSL, 2022 will offer in-line 6-cylinder petrol, turbocharged engine with a volume of 3.0 liters. A series of the S58 unit, which received increased boost pressure, 2.1 bar instead of 1.7. Reliability adds a lightweight forged crankshaft and engine mounts with increased rigidity. All this in total made it possible to increase the unit’s power from 510 to 55 horses, while the maximum torque remained the same – 650 Nm.

In tandem with the engine, the manufacturer will install an 8-speed automatic. For the BMW M4 CSL, the transmission will receive reinforced bearings and an improved gearshift system. Only the rear wheels will drive. According to the company, the BMW M4 CSL will be able to overcome the first hundred on the speedometer in 3.7 seconds and accelerate to 200 km / h in 10.7 seconds. The maximum speed will be limited to 307 km / h, but most likely, this is not the limit for such characteristics.

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European dealerships have already started accepting pre-orders for the new BMW M4 CSL 2022. Deliveries of the first live copies are expected in July 2022.

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