What To Know Before Coloring Your Hair For The First Time

The First Hair Color That You Can Understand Latest Hair Color Collection

“Tell me what the right answer is for fashion!” The (First Beauty) series helps you who worry about things like this. I’m waiting for you to say, “My first hair color,” this time. Hair color is the best way to make your hair look easy. We’ll talk about how to choose a hair color and how to arrange at a beauty salon so you can get closer to your ideal hair color.

It’s Time to Change Your Hair Color

Its time to change your hair color in the new semester

When do you want a makeover, like “I want to change the mood from my current style” or “I want to tell my friends that they are cute and clean?”

I’m Worried About My First Hair Color

Im worried about my first hair color.

But if this is your first time dying your hair, it goes like this. How should I ask for hair color by name? I hear the word bleach a lot, but what do I do? So, “First Hair Color,” which is a must-see by Girl. I’m going to talk about the basics of hair color, like how to choose and arrange colors and what colors are in style right now.

You Should Know The Basics About Hair Color and Design

Hair color basic knowledge you should know Hair color design.

First of all, study how to choose a hair color! Hair coloring cannot be done simply by choosing the color and brightness. You also need to choose a design and type. This makes it difficult to order colors. Design is a dyeing method that determines the appearance and impression of color. Even if the colors are the same, different designs will have different colors and impressions! Here, we will introduce typical hair color designs together with the catalog.

Design 1: Basic Coloring

The most common way to color your hair. Use the same color to dye the hair from the root to the tip. It has a beautiful finish and a sense of unity, but when the roots grow, it tends to get like pudding.

Design 2: Gradation Color

A color that changes from one color to another in a smooth way. When it comes to hair color, the style where the color gets lighter as it gets closer to the ends is also popular. Since the color of the root is close to that of your natural hair, it won’t bother you if it grows out. It doesn’t have to be dyed over and over, so it’s also a good choice.

Design 3: Bleach (double color)

Bleach is a design that uses a special chemical to remove pigment from the hair. It has a strong bleaching effect, so it is recommended for those who want bright hair color and those who want to get a good shade of pink or blue! The degree of dyeing changes depending on the number of bleaches, and adding a new color after bleaching is called double color.

Design 4: Highlight Color

The highlight is a design that uses bleach or a coloring agent for the base color to make a part of the design partly bright. It gives the hair a bright color and a three-dimensional look. Even if your hair is dark, you can make it look lighter by adding highlights.

Design 5: Low Light

The low light is the opposite of the high light. It is a design that looks like it has depth by adding a darker color on top of the base color. Lighter hair colors like beige work better, but if you have dark hair, you can use beige to make your hair look tighter instead of less noticeable.

Design 6: Inner Color

Inner color is a style in which the inside of the hair is dyed a different color. You can not only add regular colors, but you can also bleach and add colors that are not the same. Earrings that only add color to the ears are popular right now. It depends on the style, but it is becoming more popular because it looks trendy.

Basic Knowledge of Hair Color That You Should Know: Types of Colors

Basic Knowledge of Hair Color That You Should Know Types of Colors scaled

I often hear the name “color” when I go to a beauty salon. These refer to the type of colorant used. Each has different characteristics and colors that you are good at, so checking if you can get the color you want is recommended. Here are three typical colors.

Part 1: Illumina Color

The redness of hair is taken away by Illumina color, which also makes it clear. It is a color that keeps your hair smooth and shiny even after you dye it. This is because it has a special way of preventing damage to your hair. From the point of view of getting rid of redness, we focus on cool colors.

Part 2: Organic Color

Hair coloring uses chemicals that contain “organic ingredients.” It is a general term for various brands. It also has the effect of repairing hair damage and, in the case of non-silicone, giving a soft finish! Since it does not put a load on the hair, it is a color that is easy to incorporate, even for those who are worried about thinness. Unlike Illumina and Adixie, we are good at colors, including redness and yellowness.

How to Choose

If you want to get a clean finish immediately, it will be quick to dye it in a trend color. The atmosphere should be upgraded by changing the hair color to “now.” Trend colors will be introduced in this article! If you want to get a clean look immediately, it’s easy to dye it in a trendy color! The atmosphere should be upgraded by making the hair color “immediate.” In the latter half of the article, we will also introduce this season’s trend colors, so be sure to check it out.

I want to avoid failure, and I want to get “suitable”! Then, check the color that suits your color diagnosis. If you choose a hair color that matches your base color, you won’t feel discomfort even with your first color.

Recommended Colors for Your Hair

Recommended for Color for the First Time Latest Hair Color Sample Collection

  • When making an image change with hair color, it is important to choose a color close to the image you want to be!
  • I’m sure readers of the magazine are looking for various images such as “I want to have a hair color that looks like it is now!”.
  • Here are three types of hair colors trending this season for those of you.
  • Let’s look at the recommended hair colors that will make you look like you are now!

Beige Color

Beige Color

Brown Beige

Wavy long hair softly finished with semi-dry wax. It is a style that combines gloss and transparent brown beige. If you raise the tone, you can make it look like a foreigner, and if you lower the tone, you can make it look like a nudie hairstyle, both of which give an adult-like impression.

Khaki Beige 

Feather bob style with a small face gives a more transparent impression by incorporating khaki beige. If you add highlighting, your hair will move more, and the color will be more vivid.

Light Gray

Light greige is recommended if you want to make your hair transparent for the fall and winter when fashion colors become heavier. It is a sheer greige made with Illumina color, which is easy to match with autumn/winter fashion while giving a sense of transparency.

A Style With a Sense of Ash Color

A Style With a Sense of Omission Ash Color

Gray ash

If you want a hair color that anticipates winter, we recommend gray ash with a mysterious atmosphere. It is bright even in ash and makes your face clear, so it is perfect for you who want to get a cool and mature impression.

Blue ash

Long hair with a large amount of hair is covered with blue ash, which has a great sheer feel so that it does not look heavy. Because it is cute and colorful until the color fades, it is an excellent color that you can stay close to for a long time.

Lavender ash

Lavender ash shade is recommended for those who are too cool and have resistance to an ash color. Femininity is added to the coolness of ash, giving an elegant and refined impression. It is exquisitely cute that the color lavender appears when exposed to light.

Olive ash

You can get a cool and sophisticated impression. If you repeat bleaching and remove the color, you can create a foreigner-like atmosphere!

Silver ash

Silver ash with bleach is a color that can be one step ahead of the surroundings. Perfect for those who want to make a cool impression by incorporating coolness and casualness.

A Different Color That Stands Out

A Distinctive Color That Stands Out With a Difference Around It

Pink beige

The attractive color seems to be aimed at women’s popularity. Please challenge the soft feminine color!

Pink brown

The warm pink-brown color matches the long hair of the loose wave. It’s a conspicuous color, but it’s a warm hair color that gives off femininity.

How to Pick the Right Hair Color for Your Skin

You want to stand out and look cool. And highlights are the best way to get rid of your natural hair color. But don’t pick any color for your hair. You should pick a hair color that looks good with the color of your skin. We all have a pigment called melanin in our bodies. Melanin is what gives our hair, eyes, and skin their color. It also affects how your skin will change color when the weather changes. We all have different skin tones because of the different amounts of melanin in our bodies and how it is spread out, shaped, and sized.

Before you dye your hair, the most important thing to think about is the color of your skin. Choosing the right hair color can make you look better, but if it doesn’t match your skin tone, it can ruin your whole look and make you look fake. So, it’s important to choose the right color, because what looks good on white women might not look good on us.

What Skin Tone Do You Have When Choosing Your Hair Color?

First, you need to know if your skin tone is warm or cool so you can choose the right hair color. A simple way to match your skin tone is to see if you blush or tan in the sun. If you blush, your skin tone is cool, and if you tan, your skin tone is warm.

You can also look closely at your wrist in normal sunlight to see what color your skin is. If your wrist veins look green, your skin tone is warm. If your eyes look blue, your tone is cool. But sometimes it’s hard to tell if the veins are blue or green. In this case, you might have an olive complexion because your skin tone is neutral. Don’t forget Jennifer Lopez.

Ideas for Hair Color

You can follow hairstyle trends, but make sure they look good on your skin. Some colors look good in warm tones, and others look good in cool tones.

  • Choose a color that is one or two shades lighter or darker than your natural hair color.
  • You could also pick a color that goes with the color of your eyes.
  • Warm colors like copper should be used for warm tones. Cool colors, like hazel brown, should be chosen.

Change Yourself With Hair Color

Change Your Impression With Hair Color and Become a New Self

The first hair color is anxious. If you place an order after putting in enough knowledge, there will be few mistakes, and a bold image change will come true!

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