The Best Tricycles for Kids For 2 Year Olds

The tricycle is probably one of the most popular and best-selling toys at Christmas. Over the years, they have adapted to early ages, although all of them are, deep down, the prelude to the long-awaited bicycle.

What is a tricycle?

It is a three-wheeled toy that is powered by pedals. Its popularity is due to the stability it offers and the freedom of movement. Although it is associated with children, the tricycle began as a vehicle for adults and behind it it has a curious history. Apparently, it was a German paraplegic who built the first tricycle in the second half of the 17th century.

Be that as it may, the fact is that today tricycles take over the pages of any Christmas toy catalog.

Types of tricycle

These toys could be grouped into two large groups:

  • Evolutionary tricycles: they are those that, as their name suggests, adapt to the growth of babies from six months. They tend to be safer vehicles, with harnesses and comfortable footrests for the little ones, as well as push handles and adjustable sunshades.
  • Classic tricycles: these are toys for children around two years of age, an age at which they begin to have enough autonomy to propel themselves with the pedals and direct them.

Tricycle benefits

The tricycle is the best toy to make the big jump to the bicycle with wheels. In addition to giving children great freedom and endless hours of fun, it helps them gain autonomy and coordination. The difference with evolutionary tricycles is that the little ones are already beginning to propel themselves, so it will help children to exercise and begin to gain strength in their legs.

The sooner you get used to these vehicles, the better, taking into account that the mobility of the future will go through two wheels. There is a tendency in all cities to encourage the use of the bicycle, so the tricycle is a golden opportunity to become familiar with good habits.

To consider

  • Age. The two years are the reference since it is when most of the boys and girls walk and develop balance and gross motor skills. However, there are vehicles that, from a year and a half, can already be driven and others that, on the other hand, are recommended from 3 years. In this section, we could also talk about adaptability. In some models both the seat and the handlebars can be adjusted, but not in others.
  • The materials. Quality tricycles are often made of complex compounds, such as carbon steel alloys, used in the manufacture of structures. This translates into greater robustness and greater resistance to the dreaded blows. You will also find plastic tricycles, but they are flimsy and therefore less recommended.
  • Security. Tricycles usually have a low center of gravity, like cars, to prevent tipping. So it is better to opt for a low tricycle than one with greater height. Also, the handlebar typically only allows a 60 degree turn to avoid jerky movements.


The tricycles that you will see below have prices that range between 50 and 100 euros. The most expensive are those that are made of robust materials such as steel. However, you will find common models with very good performance in terms of durability and solidity.

Besrey 5 in 1 Toddler Bike

Bersey’s trike is all the rage among kids and is therefore the best-selling model with the highest number of positive ratings.

It is designed for use by children from one and a half years to 36 months. Although it supports a maximum weight of up to 25 kilos which, normally, corresponds to older boys and girls.

The outstanding aspects, apart from its modern and minimalist design with five colors to choose from, is its triangle structure and the handlebar with limited steering at 60º that provide it with great anti-tip stability.

Also, toy experts highlight the option of transforming it into their first two- or three-wheel balance bike when the little one already acquires some skill. Separate rear wheels snap together at the push of a button and pedals are easily removed and attached to a built-in bracket at the front of the frame.

Since it covers such a wide age range where children grow more than 20 cm, the non-slip handlebar adjusts in five positions and the seat rises up to 10 cm in height.

Users point out that it is a robust, resistant, and light tricycle weighing only 2.8 kg. The wheels absorb shocks thanks to the non-slip EVA foam material and the body of the trike is made of a carbon steel alloy.

HOMCOM Tricycle

If anything defines the HOMCOM tricycle, it is its stability and safety. It is an easy-to-drive model, suitable for children over 18 months and that offers durability up to 25 kilos.

This safety is observed in its large dimensions, 74 x 49 x 55 cm, and its weight above 5 kilos. Unlike other models, it may seem heavy, but this guarantees great balance without the danger of tipping over.

The frame is made of solid metal and the finishes are made of resistant plastic. The seat adjusts in two levels and includes a comfortable backrest that provides ergonomics and comfort in maneuvers.

This trike incorporates a fender and a bell on the handlebar. These accessories are ideal for the most intrepid drivers.

Chicco U-Go Tricycle

Chicco has a great weight in the industry thanks to its educational and functional toys. The U-GO tricycle is an evolutionary model designed for children from 18 months and with a long useful life up to five years of age.

Parents who share their opinions love it for its versatility of use. Until the child acquires pedaling skills, they can be guided by pushing him with a removable handle adjustable in two height positions. Also, for added security, they can lock both the steering and the pedals.

But when the little one wants to be independent, just remove the handle so that he can pedal freely.

An accessory that other models do not include is its three-point crotch harness that keeps the child safe in all circumstances. However, it is recommended to release it when they can ride the trike themselves so that they are not trapped underneath if they are in an accident.

It also includes a practical front basket and can be purchased in three different colors.

Classic Red Dual Deck Metal Tricycle

The classic tricycle cut comes from the Radio Flyer brand and surely someone will feel identified with their childhood. This vintage feature is surely related to its hundreds of positive evaluations, but the truth is that this toy has great features that make it a worthy competitor to modern cut tricycles.

Made of steel, this material supports the weight of small ones and possibly blows better than others. Also, the seat slides to adjust to the height of children and its low center of gravity makes it very safe. Also, in this respect, customers value their non-slip wheels.

Finally, it should be noted that it arrives assembled, folds easily for storage, and has a tipper to store, for example, other toys. Of course, compared to other tricycles, the Radio Flyer is somewhat more expensive.

Kids 3 Wheel Pedal Trike

A beautiful and striking model comes from the hand of All Road Trikes. Although a little heavier than other metal tricycles, this vehicle is designed for children up to five years old. In addition, it is very easy to assemble.

Its design has a modern line and incorporates a basket and a tipper. If your child loves to carry his favorite toys everywhere, this is his model.

The downside is that the seat cannot be adjusted. On the other hand, it has one of the most competitive prices in this comparison and offers great benefits.


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