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The Best Pet for You According to Your Horoscope

Knowing our zodiac sign helps us to know ourselves in depth, to be aware of our strengths, weaknesses, and discover how we are. Each of the 12 signs of the zodiac is special and based on this we can have a personality or be in one way or another. In addition, the astral or zodiac sign can also tell us what type of animal best suits our main features. Not all of us have the same character nor do we all like the same pets, for this reason, if you want to know which is your ideal pet according to your horoscope, keep reading and pay attention.

Having an animal at home is a great responsibility and knowing what type of animal you should have according to your zodiac sign implies that you have a perfect pet to share special moments with. And it is that if you have ever had a pet, you will know that they are one of the family. If you are thinking of including one more member in yours, below we will show you which is your perfect pet according to your horoscope and the reasons why you are compatible.


To channel all your Aries energy it is a good idea to adopt a dog, this type of animal fits your personality. Any breed can adapt to your routine, however, large, active, and playful breeds that need more activity may be more suitable for you.


Finding your perfect pet according to your astral sign is not easy, therefore, if you are looking for a quiet life and a pet that does not give much work, you can opt for a bird with a colored plumage, it does not need an excessively large space, its care does not they will take a lot of time. They are very beautiful animals that usually live for quite a few years.

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If you are Gemini, bet on a feline, cats have personality, they like to go their own way and they are not as dependent as dogs. For this reason, it is a perfect pet for you. Its purr will make you feel at home, whether it is a Persian, a Siamese, or a common cat, we assure you that this type of animal is ideal for you.


Your personality traits draw you as an intuitive, jealous, nervous, and individualistic person, so the tranquility of observing a fish swimming in its aquarium and contemplating its adventures can be very positive for your day to day.


Are you looking for a new member of the house? According to the horoscope in your case, the best thing to do is to opt for a loving breed of dog that gives you activity, dynamism, and energy. A boxer, a German shepherd, or an adopted dog full of vitality can be your great ally.


A dog, a cat, or a ferret? In your case, choosing an affectionate and calm small breed dog can bring many positive things, so from the first day teach him certain rules and you will see how he is your perfect companion.


If you are a Libra, your courage and your daring character make you the perfect person to have a Siberian dog or a domestic cat, surely either of the two options fits very well in your day to day life.


You are not an ordinary person, you are attracted to the exotic and the dangerous, so in your case, you can opt for a different pet, a reptile or a snake are two alternatives that you should consider. Of course, before getting any of them, find out about all the care and what each of these animals requires to be maintained.

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If you are looking for an ally and companion for all your adventures, we recommend that you opt for a Labrador Retriever, they are faithful, active, sociable, and can spend hours and hours playing.


If you want to bring a little calm to your life, do not hesitate to get a turtle, this type of pet does not require much care or maintenance and you do not need to take it for a walk, so it is the perfect animal according to your zodiac sign.


If you are an Aquarius, do not hesitate to get a cat, this type of feline is ideal to enjoy moments together and also to go one way independently. So remember any breed of cat is compatible with you and your lifestyle.


If you think that the time has come to have a pet at home, enjoy a fresh or saltwater fish that is calm, that swims through your aquarium in which no detail should be missing. With this type of animal, you can put aside the nerves and stress of work and daily life.


Cozy Outdoor Fireplace Tips And Decorating Ideas

Since the cavemen, we always look-alike around the fire to warm up, to have light and company. Fires and people have of course changed since that time. The majority of homeowners who opt for a backyard fireplace do not use it to prepare food unless they are cooking marshmallows. And many contemporary garden fireplaces are gas, not natural wood.

How to arrange a garden fireplace? Here are our tips and decorating ideas

What is the right fireplace for your outdoor space? To find the answer to this question, we invite you to discover our article with lots of useful tips about the outdoor fireplace and lots of decorating ideas to inspire you. Come on, it’s time to finally have your own backyard fireplace!

The garden fireplace can be gas or wood, as well as different designs and shapes

Where in the garden can you add a garden fireplace?

There are no quick and easy rules for where to put your fireplace in the garden. Obviously, it all depends on the size of your garden and how you plan to use your fireplace. Some like to hide their fireplace somewhere in the garden, while others prefer to make it the focal point of garden decoration that is visible from the house. Many people use the foyer area as an outdoor room, a corner to feast on, eat and have fun. If the fireplace is properly located, it may very well become part of the end-of-day ritual – enjoying a glass of wine at sunset.

The fireplace in the garden can be the focal point of the outdoor decoration or be placed in a more isolated place in the garden

Gas fireplace and wood-burning garden fireplace: why the gas fireplace is the best option?

The gas fireplace is actually much more suitable. Unlike wood, the gas fireplace does not produce smoke when lit. This means that when you are sitting around your fireplace, you won’t have to worry about getting smoke in your eyes or ending up with clothes that smell like burnt. And without sparks, gas combustion is also less dangerous.

How does a fireplace in the garden actually work?

A pipe is installed on the main gas line from the house to the fireplace. You need a plumber to install the line to the specified point and then connect it to the fireplace. Depending on where you live, a permit may be required; always check with local authorities. And since you will be using a gas line, choose the location wisely. If you change your mind after installing the fireplace, it won’t be so easy to move it to another location.

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How far should the outdoor fireplace be from the house?

Local authorities may have restrictions that specify how far the fireplace must be from the house or other structures in the garden. You should check with your local building department before continuing. You can also get directions from a landscaper, general contractor, or town planner. How much space you need to leave for the fireplace area will depend on how you plan to use it. If you are going to be just like your family or small groups of friends, 2-3m should be enough. But in case you like to have big parties and parties around the fire, you need to allow a little more space.

What are outdoor fireplaces made of?

These are generally prefabricated parts. But you can also build concrete bowls on site. In this case, we can customize the size and design. Some people ask for fireplaces with a wide shelf where casual dinner guests can put their plates.

What is the best surface for fireplaces in the garden?

The material can vary – from decomposed granite to gravel or concrete, tile or stone. The choice depends on the aesthetics of the project and the type of seating that is desired. Obviously you need a fire retardant pad under the fireplace, but if you are installing a gas fireplace there is less of a safety issue (i.e. no sparks).

How high is an outdoor fireplace?

Although they are referred to as fireplaces, the term ‘bowl’ is certainly more appropriate as it is usually fireplaces raised above the ground. The fireplace, which is between 25cm and 30cm, about the height of a coffee table, is perfect if you want to warm your feet on it. Sometimes a custom fireplace can be designed to have a sitting area on it if desired.

Both options are great: fireplaces with built-in benches and fireplaces with chairs that can be moved around. You can also combine the two options. Built-in benches provide plenty of seating space especially when it comes to a small space, while chairs provide flexibility and add an informal feel. Choose the design and colors according to the style of your garden.

How do you turn the area around the fireplace into an outdoor room?

The garden fireplace with integrated seating gives the space a feeling of permanence. It also helps to have a space surrounded by plants, and especially when they are layered at different heights. The garden fireplace will significantly help you spend more time outdoors. Even on cooler summer evenings and even in autumn, with an outdoor fireplace, you will be able to stay outside without getting so cold.

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Some decor and design ideas with an outdoor fireplace:

There really are few things more welcoming and pleasant than an outdoor space decorated with a garden fireplace. Fortunately, these accessories can be found in plenty of different shapes and sizes so that they can fit perfectly into every budget and style of garden. Here are some garden fire pit ideas that may inspire you:


-Multi-Level Garden Fireplace: Unique designs are a hallmark of 21st century home style. And this is also true for homes. For your garden fireplace, you can opt for a tiered model that has two separate fireplace zones, one lower than the first. It is an unusual arrangement but will give a very original look to your garden, as well as a very elegant appearance.

– Unusually Shaped Garden Fire Pit: For very small outdoor spaces, the full circle shaped fire pit may not be the best idea. And that is no problem. Because like everything else in our homes, fireplaces and fireplaces can also be adapted and personalized according to the restrictions of the available space. So you can for example opt for a fireplace in the shape of a semicircle that fits perfectly even in a sloping garden that is not wide enough to accommodate a fireplace in the shape of a full circle.

-Proportional Garden Fireplace: Scale and shape are also important in the design of an outdoor fireplace. The angles and straight lines of a house or garden should be equal to those in the installed fireplace. If you plan to put a fireplace in a garden with rounded shapes, you should probably opt for a fireplace that is also rounded. The same goes for the decorative elements which must correspond to those in the garden or in the house.

-Outdoor fireplace inspired by the surrounding landscape: The choice of materials for the fireplace can make the fireplace look like a natural extension of the design already existing in your garden. If, for example, you plan to install a fireplace next to your rock garden, you should probably choose a natural stone fireplace. Opt for a wooden hearth for a rustic style garden, or a metal hearth for a contemporary design garden.

-Contemporary Design Outdoor Fireplace: While garden fireplaces can often be seen in more traditional gardens, with the right details they can fit in just as well in more modern and contemporary outdoor spaces. This is the reason why the choice of materials is particularly important if you are setting up an outdoor fireplace after having already finished the design of the space.

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-Outdoor fireplace with contrasting materials: We naturally want to be closer to each other when we are sitting around the fire. You can then opt for a foyer with more built-in sitting space and a built-in shelving unit to eliminate the need for a lot of side tables. Choose for a model that combines several materials and textures to create a beautiful contrast and make the decor of your outdoor space more interesting.

-Fireplaces with integrated seating: All permanent fireplaces have some kind of non-flammable material around. This material acts as a barrier to keep people from getting very close to the fire and as a buffer to any loose, hot material that may escape from the structure. If you have space, a larger-than-normal platform can be easily integrated into the permanent seating in the fireplace, for a setup that allows for multiple people around the fire.

-Outdoor Fireplace for a Quiet, Quiet Space:

While garden fireplaces usually take center stage in gardens, their portable versions are great options for encouraging more secluded rest and relaxation areas. You can accentuate your relaxation space in the garden with a simple change of paving underfoot. Leave a space that is just large enough for a cozy sofa and two chairs around the central fireplace. And you, have you already chosen your fireplace in the garden? You can choose the design, shape, materials, and color of your outdoor fireplace according to the style of your outdoor area.

The fireplace in the garden is most often placed in the center of a furnished garden furniture

If your exterior is of a modern or contemporary style, opt for an outdoor fireplace with an unusual shape to make it even more interesting

This fireplace is located in the center of a large sitting area in the shape of a circle

The creation of a remote relaxation space in the garden is also often accompanied by a fireplace

If you are lucky enough to have an outdoor area with a swimming pool, why not combine it with an outdoor fireplace as well?

Here is another design idea of ​​a sitting area in the garden with a fireplace in the center as a focal point.

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Wedding Decorations to Make Your Wedding Theme a Success

The decoration of a wedding is an essential element for the success of the event. It is chosen and prepared weeks or even months in advance. Choosing a theme to celebrate your union is a great idea to succeed in this essential step. This will greatly help you refine your ideas and avoid wasting time and money. Here are some useful tips to make your wedding theme a success.

The first thing you need to do for your wedding decoration is to define a specific theme. All desires are possible: cinema, vintage, sailor, video games, manga, comics, bohemian, glitter, etc. You can also draw inspiration from different eras: medieval, the 1920s, 1930s… The choice is wide. It is according to this that you will determine the material to buy to constitute the decoration. To avoid getting lost, remember to take notes on the different highlights to illustrate the chosen theme. Here are some examples of wedding themes with their specific decoration accessories.

A cinema-themed wedding


For a cinema-themed wedding, you can, for example, place a beautiful red carpet on the aisle leading to the church altar. At the entrance to your reception hall, set up a large wooden cinema clapperboard to offer a preview of the decoration to your guests. Regarding the decoration of the tables, place a cinema pocket ballotin with a sticker to serve as a menu and a black and gold Star Hollywood cinema table runner. Don’t forget to finish it off with candles and a pretty bouquet of red roses to accentuate the glamorous and chic side of the decoration.

A marine-themed wedding


To create a marine universe in your reception room, opt for a Bateau-Phare centerpiece, a white tablecloth, and a braided cord macrame table runner on each table. Also, consider placing a lantern to light up your tables and decorate it all with some seashells. You can also put your paper invitations in a bottle following the concept of the bottle in the sea. In addition, it is interesting to offer a small compass neatly packed in a burlap duffel bag to your guests.

A vintage themed wedding


For a vintage-themed wedding, recovery will be the watchword of the decoration. You can, for example, hang a label with the first name of each guest on an old key tied with a beautiful ribbon. You can also use a miniature typewriter to decorate each table. Doilies, beautiful bouquets of white roses, and candle holders are also welcome.

Countless other themes are possible for wedding decoration. To avoid going all over the place, you can take inspiration from the different themed decoration ideas found on the net or magazines. You can also hire a wedding decoration expert to help and advise you. From centerpieces to wedding rings, including candles, candy boxes, place cards, paper lanterns, hangings, garlands, urns, and figurines, will spoil you for choice for your wedding decoration, whatever the chosen theme.

Focus on the essentials


To succeed in your theme, you must absolutely focus on the essentials. Even if it is good to have a lot of imagination to enhance the decoration, you must avoid getting lost in your ideas, because this often leads to doing too much and ultimately to nothing. It is best to follow a specific guideline. If your wedding theme is about a specific movie, for example, determine the most important elements that characterize that movie and decorate your ceremony and reception venue with them. Only once the outline of your wedding decoration has been defined will you be fine-tuning the details.

Define the colors of the wedding


Even if your wedding is on a specific theme, you must define two or three colors in advance to decorate the room well. You can adapt any color to your wedding decor as long as you use it sparingly. Class, elegant, and a symbol of purity, white is always trendy. It is often associated with other colors like red, black, burgundy, lavender, etc. However, we must avoid errors of taste and not overload the decoration by using too many shades of color. Also, it is important to know that black is to be used in moderation. The best is to associate it with more vivid and cheerful colors.

Avoid buying too early


As D-Day approaches and all the preparations that go with it, we are often tempted to buy the first decorative items we see to avoid rushing when the time comes. However, changes of mind are not uncommon. Buying your decorative items too early can mislead you and increase your expenses considerably. It is, indeed, a shame to buy many purple candle holders only to realize that we prefer a red or blue decoration.

Do not neglect the light in your wedding decoration


Light is a detail that should not be overlooked for the success of a wedding theme. In addition to embellishing your reception area, a well-crafted light will allow you to take beautiful photos. Bet on a multitude of sources such as candles or their imitations. Remember to put colored gelatins on the spots to sift the atmosphere. If the reception room has an exposed wooden frame, do not hesitate to adorn it with golden light garlands. Also, consider installing a few candles on the tables to accentuate the romantic side of the event.

Mark the festive spirit


Of course, it goes without saying that you do not decorate a wedding reception hall like a living room. It is essential to mark the festive spirit. To do this, you have to think big and bet on accumulation to wow your guests from the first seconds. For example, do not hesitate to hang a hundred balloons or paper lanterns from the ceiling to create a unique, festive, and magical universe.

Organize the space well


To make your theme successful, it is important to consider the size of the room. This will allow you to determine what items to buy to best match and enhance the place. If the reception room is too large, do not hesitate to delimit the space by installing a photo booth corner, a table for the guestbook, cozy lounges, etc. It is also interesting to favor round tables because they take up space. On the other hand, if the space is quite limited, it is necessary to avoid overloading the decoration and placing rectangular herringbone tables to give an illusion of depth to the room.

DIY to personalize your wedding decor


It is quite possible to turn to Do It Yourself to personalize your wedding decoration. In addition to being original, it is particularly economical. However, it should note that making your wedding invitations and decorative accessories yourself is a tedious task that requires a lot of time, concentration, and energy. Indeed, making ten invitations seems easy, but when there are 200 or 300 to make, you risk getting bored quickly. Doing DIY is, therefore, an interesting idea, provided you have the necessary time and motivation.

Always take your tastes into account


It is unnecessary to be inspired by all the trends to choose your wedding theme and successfully decorates. Note that this day will be one of your fondest memories. It is, therefore, necessary to make something that looks like you and off the beaten track. Therefore, do not forget always to consider your personal tastes, memories of a couple, and others when decorating your wedding. If you decide to hire a wedding planner, don’t forget to brief them well on the style of decoration you are looking for and the things you do not want to see.

Surround yourself well


To avoid getting lost in the wedding preparations, it is recommended that you delegate tasks. This will allow you to make the most of your last single days and prepare yourself stress-free and worry-free for the big day. So do not hesitate to ask a professional to accompany you to each stage of the wedding organization. Attentive to your requests, he will help you refine your ideas and suggest solutions to enhance, personalize and harmonize your decoration. He can also take care of the organization of the entire event: planning, meal service, flower arrangement, etc. In addition, you can call on your loved ones to help you at each step of the complete organization of the wedding.

Anticipate the unexpected


It is always useful to be prepared for the unexpected. Usually occurring at the last moment, they risk spoiling the decoration and thus the party. It is essential to plan everything and equip yourself with the necessary equipment to make your wedding theme a success without a hitch. For example, if you have garlands to hang on a tree or a ceiling, plan a ladder high enough to facilitate installation. Likewise, don’t forget to take a tool kit with you with scissors, double-sided tape, and the like on the day you will decorate the reception hall to avoid any inconvenience and waste of time.

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The Best Tricycles for Kids For 2 Year Olds

The tricycle is probably one of the most popular and best-selling toys at Christmas. Over the years, they have adapted to early ages, although all of them are, deep down, the prelude to the long-awaited bicycle.

What is a tricycle?

It is a three-wheeled toy that is powered by pedals. Its popularity is due to the stability it offers and the freedom of movement. Although it is associated with children, the tricycle began as a vehicle for adults and behind it it has a curious history. Apparently, it was a German paraplegic who built the first tricycle in the second half of the 17th century.

Be that as it may, the fact is that today tricycles take over the pages of any Christmas toy catalog.

Types of tricycle

These toys could be grouped into two large groups:

  • Evolutionary tricycles: they are those that, as their name suggests, adapt to the growth of babies from six months. They tend to be safer vehicles, with harnesses and comfortable footrests for the little ones, as well as push handles and adjustable sunshades.
  • Classic tricycles: these are toys for children around two years of age, an age at which they begin to have enough autonomy to propel themselves with the pedals and direct them.

Tricycle benefits

The tricycle is the best toy to make the big jump to the bicycle with wheels. In addition to giving children great freedom and endless hours of fun, it helps them gain autonomy and coordination. The difference with evolutionary tricycles is that the little ones are already beginning to propel themselves, so it will help children to exercise and begin to gain strength in their legs.

The sooner you get used to these vehicles, the better, taking into account that the mobility of the future will go through two wheels. There is a tendency in all cities to encourage the use of the bicycle, so the tricycle is a golden opportunity to become familiar with good habits.

To consider

  • Age. The two years are the reference since it is when most of the boys and girls walk and develop balance and gross motor skills. However, there are vehicles that, from a year and a half, can already be driven and others that, on the other hand, are recommended from 3 years. In this section, we could also talk about adaptability. In some models both the seat and the handlebars can be adjusted, but not in others.
  • The materials. Quality tricycles are often made of complex compounds, such as carbon steel alloys, used in the manufacture of structures. This translates into greater robustness and greater resistance to the dreaded blows. You will also find plastic tricycles, but they are flimsy and therefore less recommended.
  • Security. Tricycles usually have a low center of gravity, like cars, to prevent tipping. So it is better to opt for a low tricycle than one with greater height. Also, the handlebar typically only allows a 60 degree turn to avoid jerky movements.


The tricycles that you will see below have prices that range between 50 and 100 euros. The most expensive are those that are made of robust materials such as steel. However, you will find common models with very good performance in terms of durability and solidity.

Besrey 5 in 1 Toddler Bike

Bersey’s trike is all the rage among kids and is therefore the best-selling model with the highest number of positive ratings.

It is designed for use by children from one and a half years to 36 months. Although it supports a maximum weight of up to 25 kilos which, normally, corresponds to older boys and girls.

The outstanding aspects, apart from its modern and minimalist design with five colors to choose from, is its triangle structure and the handlebar with limited steering at 60º that provide it with great anti-tip stability.

Also, toy experts highlight the option of transforming it into their first two- or three-wheel balance bike when the little one already acquires some skill. Separate rear wheels snap together at the push of a button and pedals are easily removed and attached to a built-in bracket at the front of the frame.

Since it covers such a wide age range where children grow more than 20 cm, the non-slip handlebar adjusts in five positions and the seat rises up to 10 cm in height.

Users point out that it is a robust, resistant, and light tricycle weighing only 2.8 kg. The wheels absorb shocks thanks to the non-slip EVA foam material and the body of the trike is made of a carbon steel alloy.

HOMCOM Tricycle

If anything defines the HOMCOM tricycle, it is its stability and safety. It is an easy-to-drive model, suitable for children over 18 months and that offers durability up to 25 kilos.

This safety is observed in its large dimensions, 74 x 49 x 55 cm, and its weight above 5 kilos. Unlike other models, it may seem heavy, but this guarantees great balance without the danger of tipping over.

The frame is made of solid metal and the finishes are made of resistant plastic. The seat adjusts in two levels and includes a comfortable backrest that provides ergonomics and comfort in maneuvers.

This trike incorporates a fender and a bell on the handlebar. These accessories are ideal for the most intrepid drivers.

Chicco U-Go Tricycle

Chicco has a great weight in the industry thanks to its educational and functional toys. The U-GO tricycle is an evolutionary model designed for children from 18 months and with a long useful life up to five years of age.

Parents who share their opinions love it for its versatility of use. Until the child acquires pedaling skills, they can be guided by pushing him with a removable handle adjustable in two height positions. Also, for added security, they can lock both the steering and the pedals.

But when the little one wants to be independent, just remove the handle so that he can pedal freely.

An accessory that other models do not include is its three-point crotch harness that keeps the child safe in all circumstances. However, it is recommended to release it when they can ride the trike themselves so that they are not trapped underneath if they are in an accident.

It also includes a practical front basket and can be purchased in three different colors.

Classic Red Dual Deck Metal Tricycle

The classic tricycle cut comes from the Radio Flyer brand and surely someone will feel identified with their childhood. This vintage feature is surely related to its hundreds of positive evaluations, but the truth is that this toy has great features that make it a worthy competitor to modern cut tricycles.

Made of steel, this material supports the weight of small ones and possibly blows better than others. Also, the seat slides to adjust to the height of children and its low center of gravity makes it very safe. Also, in this respect, customers value their non-slip wheels.

Finally, it should be noted that it arrives assembled, folds easily for storage, and has a tipper to store, for example, other toys. Of course, compared to other tricycles, the Radio Flyer is somewhat more expensive.

Kids 3 Wheel Pedal Trike

A beautiful and striking model comes from the hand of All Road Trikes. Although a little heavier than other metal tricycles, this vehicle is designed for children up to five years old. In addition, it is very easy to assemble.

Its design has a modern line and incorporates a basket and a tipper. If your child loves to carry his favorite toys everywhere, this is his model.

The downside is that the seat cannot be adjusted. On the other hand, it has one of the most competitive prices in this comparison and offers great benefits.


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