The All New Nissan Z 2022-2023 Review – Specifications And Photos

The All New Nissan Z 2022-2023 Review - Specifications And Photos

Overview of the new Nissan Z 2022-2023: appearance, interior, specifications, equipment, parameters, security systems.

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New generations of cars always attract a lot of attention, and if they are also legendary models, there will be a widow or three times more engagement. An example of this is the new Nissan Z, which replaced the previously known 350Z and 370Z. The first was discontinued in 2007, and the second 370th in 2020.

By the company’s standards, this was the primary sign that either a new model or a new generation of one of these models was being prepared. The prototype Z Proto was recently introduced, and many have already said that this is the successor to the famous 370Z. As for the serial Nissan Z, it has not changed from the prototype in any way, except for subtle point elements.

Like its predecessors, the new Nissan Z 2021 is also made in the coupe body. Under the hood, a 3.0-liter V6 bi-turbo petrol will be offered. As standard, 6-speed manual transmission will work in pairs. A 9-speed automatic will be offered as an option. The designers made the car as sporty and practical as possible, both externally and internally. The interior of the novelty is designed for two seats. It is worth noting that all modifications will be rear-wheel drive only.


  • Toyota Supra
  • BMW Z4
  • Audi TT
  • Porsche Cayman

The Exterior of the New Coupe

The appearance of the new Nissan Z was predictable, as the last 370Z was discontinued, and there was nothing to replace the legendary sports car. The prototype Nissan Z Proto was presented to the public shortly ago. Many said that the design is not the best, criticizing specific points, notably the grille and the “bald” rear of the car. All this was not in vain. The manufacturer, in principle, expected such moments to complete the serial version.

The very appearance of the Nissan Z is made in the style of the Nissan 240ZG of the 1970s. A long hood, massive side doors, and smooth rear pillars. The back end is fitted with a minor spoiler to highlight the new 2021 Nissan Z to add a sophisticated touch.

If we consider the appearance of the new Nissan Z, it turns out that although it is unique, it combines certain features of different generations of the Z-series. The front end looks simple and without unnecessary details. Designers stretched the radiator grille to the entire width of the front end, adding rectangular holes instead of a mesh insert. Depending on the buyer’s wishes, the grille will be completely black or silver trim.

A little lower is another different grille with gauges and sensors. This is the first indication that the new Nissan Z will have state-of-the-art safety and comfort systems on board. Due to the large grille, a good engine airflow turned out. An additional plus to the aerodynamics of the new coupe was added by the streamlined bumper and sharp nose of the Nissan Z 2021.

At first glance, the optics of the novelty look simple, small, and convex. Some car enthusiasts have leveled the optics with Ford’s, but it is unique. Above and below, the optics received two crescents that act as LED daytime running lights. If you believe the company’s representatives, the optics will be entirely LED, with an adaptive function starting from the basic configuration.

It is worth noting the Nissan brand nameplate from the front details, which has not changed in design. The coupe’s hood turned out to be a little humpbacked, with a raised part closer to the cab and a sharp stripe in the center from the side of the radiator. Otherwise, the front of the new Nissan Z is nothing special.

On the side, the new Nissan turned out to be typical of the Z series, but with a twist. There is nothing special from the design lines, except perhaps one line from the optics to the rear arches. They decided to hide the Nissan Z door handle by making it a round shape. The rear wheel arches look very stylish and sporty. Unlike the front ones, they have received a convex shape and thus hint at the car’s sporty character.

An essential thing in the new coupe from Nissan will be the nameplate with the letter Z. It can be found on many car elements. In this case, the side of such a nameplate is located on the rear pillar. As for the shades of the Nissan Z, for now, there will be only three solid color options: metallic black, dark gray, and burgundy brown, similar to that used on older Z-series models in the 1970s and 80s.

The buyer will also be offered a two-tone body color with six different combinations. The roof will be only black, along with the pillars, but the body, in this case, will be offered in silver, gray, rich blue, yellow, red, or white shades. The basis for the new Nissan Z will be 18″ or 19″ alloy wheels with a unique design. They emphasize the side part of the rear-view mirror, a small body, a classic location in the corner of the front windows, and good functionality (electric adjustment, memory, heating).

Although it received modern technology, the rear of the Nissan Z 2022 is reminiscent of the old Z series in its design. What stands out the most are the LED feet with the same oval inserts as on the grille. The background will be only black, and to give additional design, the feet are connected with a black glossy insert. It also placed the company logo and the Z nameplate.

The rear bumper turned out to be more interesting than the front. The central part was taken under a large black plastic insert. The downside, of course, is that it is glossy and very quickly covered with micro-scratches. You can see a pair of exhaust system nozzles at the bottom while tips with small holes.

The finishing chord on the back of the Nissan Z played a minor spoiler. Unlike the concept, where the original did not have it, this detail well emphasized the sporty nature of the novelty. This was the shape of the spoiler in the first models of the Z-series, and it was about him that motorists spoke when they presented the Z Proto concept.

The final detail of the Nissan Z exterior is the roof. Everything here is dull and sad, and there will be no diversity. It is not necessary, because this is a sports coupe. Behind is a large rear window, the roof itself received a depression in the middle, thereby increasing the rigidity of the top, and an antenna in the form of a shark fin was placed on the back.

Although it looks simple, the appearance of the new Nissan Z, without too much pathos, retained the recognizable features of its predecessors. In particular, the focus was on the design of Nissan Z-series models from the 70s and 80s. According to reports, there are already those who want to purchase the first copies of the new legendary coupe.

The Interior of the New Coupe

In contrast to the appearance, the interior of the Nissan Z turned out to be unique and modern. This is a combination of a classic sports car and modern technology. Looking ahead, I would like to note that the cabin is designed for two seats, driver and front passenger. The front panel of the Nissan Z turned out to be the most interesting. Its designers completed it on several levels.

Although the panel looks a bit rough, the arrangement of parts is the most convenient. At the very top, the designers placed three round sensors. The first one shows the pressure of the turbine, the second one shows the turbine speed, and the third one offers the charging and amperage of the onboard network. All three sensors are deployed towards the driver. On top of that, each sensor has got a sun visor.

Below the central tunnel, the Nissan Z 2022 has a pair of small air ducts with a rectangular emergency parking button in the center. The design is quite reminiscent of the Z-series of the 80s. Even lower on the console is an 8″ display of the multimedia system. As it should be for modern cars, multimedia is based on Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. You can synchronize with gadgets via Bluetooth.

As an option, the buyer can be offered a 9″ multimedia display. In this case, a Wi-Fi hotspot will appear onboard the new Nissan Z. The audio system will be from Bose, with eight speakers (in the case of an 8″ multimedia display, there will be six speakers of the audio system onboard).

A nice plus is that the new Nissan Z 2022 has not abandoned mechanical control. There are two knobs on the sides of the display. Under the collection, there are several mechanical buttons for controlling car systems, and the air conditioner panel with three washers for control ends it all. The conference itself received a leather sheathing with dedicated stitching. In addition, there is a friendly soft plastic and LED backlight.

The central tunnel of the Nissan Z between the front seats was made in a semicircular shape. At the very beginning, there was a USB port for recharging and wireless charging in a small recess. The Start / Stop button of the engine is also located here. A nice bonus is the manual transmission lever, a classic round shape with a leather case.

Now about the interior of the Nissan Z 2022. As already mentioned, the interior will be designed for only two passengers. The seats will only be sports designed according to the design of the GT-R. Improved lateral support and fit. This made it possible not only to make the trip more comfortable but also, thanks to the suede on the backs, to reduce body tremors and fix the body during sharp turns of the car.

Depending on the buyer’s wishes, the interior can be either wholly black or in one of three shades (red, blue, or yellow from Z Proto). As standard, the driver’s seat will receive a mechanical adjustment in 8 directions, the passenger seat in 4 tips, and automatic adjustment.

If that’s not enough, then the Nissan Z Performance will offer the same seats but with leather upholstery instead of fabric, and the adjustment will be electric instead of mechanical. In addition, the model logo in the form of a Z symbol will be on the backs of the seats. Another minor feature is the door lining, or rather the door trim from the passenger compartment. The manufacturer installed side air ducts in them and made the handles round.

For a snack, it remains to consider the driver’s seat of the Nissan Z 2022-2023. This is probably the most exciting thing about the new coupe. A minimum of experiments fell on the instrument panel. Although it was made entirely digital, based on a 12.3″ color display, the shape and sun visor remained classic.

Graphics tidy Nissan Z will please even the most demanding. You can choose from both existing setting modes and the possibility of individual settings with the location of the necessary devices. The Nissan Z steering wheel has a classic, round design with a comfortable fit and quality leather upholstery. Standard three spokes, two of which are reserved for function buttons, and the company’s Z logo in the center of the steering wheel.

For complete sets of Nissan Z 2022 with an automatic transmission, gearshift paddles made of aluminum will be located behind the wheel. The steering wheel itself can be adjusted in height and depth of landing using an electric drive. Well, the interior is not to say that the most spacious. However, there is enough free space for the driver and passenger. The nice thing is that when you sit in the cabin of the new Nissan Z, you understand that it was designed for comfortable movement but does not follow modern fashion trends. We can firmly say that such an interior will be desirable for more than one year and fully delight the buyer.

Specifications Nissan Zet 2022

Probably the main disadvantage in the new Nissan Zet will be the almost lack of diversity in terms of technical characteristics. Under the hood of the new coupe, only one 3.0-liter V6 bi-turbo petrol engine will be offered. Compared to the same Nissan 370Z, the recent Z 2021 has become much more powerful. According to the manufacturer, the power of such an engine was 405 horses and 475 Nm of torque. In the list of the company, the engine was marked VR30DDTT. Such characteristics show that the Nissan Z has not become more powerful than 70 horses than the 370Z, but the torque has increased by 108 Nm.

Dimensions of the new Nissan Z 2022-2023

Length, mm4379
Width, mm1844
Height, mm1316
Wheel base, mm2550
Front wheel track, mm1550
Rear wheel track, mm1595
Ground clearance, mm126
Weight, kg1600

The manufacturer has not yet disclosed what will be the dynamic characteristics of the new Nissan Z. It can only be argued that the new coupe will be faster by 15% compared to the same Nissan 370Z. According to motorists, acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h should be about 4 seconds.

In tandem with the Nissan Z engine, a 6-speed manual gearbox will be offered as standard. Few? Then, as an option, it will be possible to order a 9-speed automatic transmission. All modifications of the new coupe without options will be rear-wheel drive.

Many systems and technical elements of the new Nissan Z have been finalized in the company. So a system of smooth acceleration of the car will be installed onboard the compartment. Manual transmission trims will get a propeller shaft made of carbon fiber. The shock absorbers have been improved using a large-diameter single-tube design.

Due to this, it was possible to reduce the damping force by 20%. In simple terms, this made it possible to minimize the load during suspension shocks on rough roads, improve data when driving a car, and controllability. The front suspension of the Nissan Z is now made of aluminum and double wishbones.

The manufacturer also used a new geometry, up to an increased steering angle, which increases the car’s stability when driving in a straight line. The rear suspension of the Nissan Z is multi-link independent and also made of aluminum. Like the front, the rear suspension mechanism has been completely reconfigured.

For complete sets with automatic transmission, the buyer will be offered a choice of two drive modes, standard, and sport. Standard is best suited for long or quiet trips. The sports drive will fully reveal the potential of the new Nissan Z. By the way, regardless of the gearbox chosen, the new coupes received a limited-slip differential and a mechanical clutch. Stop all this power can ventilate disc brakes on all four wheels.

Security and comfort systems

An excellent list of safety and comfort systems turned out in the standard set of the new Nissan Z 2021. So the new coupe was equipped with:

  • Keyless access
  • Start the engine with a button
  • Adaptive cruise control
  • Climate control
  • Wireless charger
  • Sockets for 12V
  • USB connectors
  • Front and rear parking sensors
  • Full package of airbags
  • Multimedia system with an 8″ or 9″ display
  • Bose audio system with 6 or 8 speakers
  • Bluetooth
  • Wi-Fi hotspot
  • Navigation
  • Traction control system
  • Travel mode selector
  • Tire pressure monitoring
  • Digital instrument panel
  • Fabric or leather upholstery
  • Manual Transmission.

Coupe equipment

The essential equipment of the Nissan Z 2022 received a perfect set of features. At a minimum, the standard list includes:

  • Digital instrument panel
  • Multimedia system with 8″ display
  • Air conditioner
  • Airbag package
  • Manual transmission
  • Front and rear parking sensors
  • Seat upholstery
  • Bluetooth
  • USB connectors.

It should be understood that this is just an essential list. Officially, the new Nissan Z is not yet for sale, so there is no complete list of what the buyer will offer. It can be assumed that active auxiliary systems will also be on the coupe list. Recognition of road signs and pedestrians, adaptive front optics, stabilization systems, and more. It remains to wait for the official start of sales of Nissan Z. It is then that the manufacturer will reveal a complete list of technical characteristics, dynamic capabilities, as well as a complete set of new items.

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