The All-New Hyundai Ioniq 5 – Electric Suv – Specifications And Images

The All-New Hyundai Ioniq 5 - Electric Suv - Specifications And Images


Hyundai has launched a new line of electric vehiclesIoniq, and the Hyundai Ioniq 5 mid-size crossover became it is firstborn. In the strict appearance of the crossover, you can find references to the company’s first self-designed and produced car – the Pony hatchback, which is already forty-five years old. The new electric car looks relevant and conceptual. Original LED lighting front and rear, precise lines. The design of the wheel arches, the lower perimeter of the body, and the sidewalls are attractive. The car’s hood covers the entire width – so there are fewer gaps, and drag losses are minimized. 20-inch rims of the original design look attractive.


  • Nissan Almera Classic
  • Volkswagen Bora


The Ioniq 5 is comparable in size to mid-size crossovers like the Toyota RAV4 or the Nissan X-Trail. The length of the electric car is 4635 mm, and the width is 1890, the height is 1605 mm. The Ioniq 5 features an impressive wheelbase of 3000mm from crossovers of similar size!

Therefore, there is a lot of space inside. Moreover, thanks to the new platform, where the traction battery is located underground, the car has an entirely flat floor in the cabin and ample opportunities for its transformation. Trunk volume from 531 to 1591 liters.


The car’s interior is attractive not only for its spaciousness and transformation (for example, the front seats can be laid out in a lying position, and even the driver’s seat has leg support). The car does not have a center console in the usual sense of the word, but there is only a kind of “island” with cup holders, which can be moved longitudinally by 140 mm.

The relaxation posture can come in handy when the driver decides to use the “second-level” autopilot – this is active cruise control with a lane-keeping function. The minimalist interior offers two 12-inch monitors in the center console. The car is equipped with the ARHUD projection system, which turns the windshield into a display. The thin seatbacks also add space. For interior decoration, materials from recycled plastic bottles, eco-leather.


The Ioniq subbrand, according to Hyundai, promotes connected living, and the Ioniq 5 includes a slew of cutting-edge infotainment and networking capabilities. A 12.0-inch touchscreen and a 12.0-inch digital gauge cluster share a dash panel, while the former focuses on all things entertainment.


The main electric motor is on the rear axle, and the base car is rear-wheel drive, but for a surcharge, an additional front engine appears, and the Ioniq 5 acquires all-wheel drive. In total, there are four versions of Ioniq 5. The standard one is equipped with a 58 kW / h battery, a 170 hp electric motor, and 350 Nm. Further, all-wheel drive, where two motors already give out 235 hp. and 605 Nm. Following are two versions with a more extensive battery of 72 kW / h.

The rear-wheel-drive car produces 218 hp and 350 Nm, and all-wheel drive – 306 hp and 605 Nm. Acceleration to hundreds in her like a sports car – 5.2 seconds. Chargers are offered for 400 or 800 V. It is possible to charge through a household network. Power reserve – 470-480 km for versions with the most extensive battery.


Along with a suite of driving assistance features, the Ioniq 5 will have Highway Driver Assist 2, a Level 2 autonomous drive mode comparable to GM’s Super Cruise. It can drive on the highway and change lanes with little to no driver interaction. The following are some of the essential safety considerations:

  • Forward-collision warning and the automatic emergency braking are both available.
  • Lane-departure warning and lane-keeping assistance are also available.
  • Adaptive cruise control is an available feature.


Hyundai offers one of the industry’s top warranty policies. It also includes a substantial quantity of gratis planned maintenance.

  • A five-year or 60,000-mile limited warranty is included.
  • A ten-year or 100,000-mile powertrain warranty is included.
  • Maintenance is included for three years or 36,000 miles.


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