The All-New Ford Everest In 2022-2023 – Specifications And Images

The All-New Ford Everest In 2022-2023 – Specifications And Images

Overview of the new Ford Everest 2022-2023: appearance, interior, specifications, equipment, options, security systems.

New cars always attract a lot of attention, but a new generation of a vehicle is much more interesting, significantly when the model has not been refreshed for a long time. The other day, the company introduced a new generation of Ford Everest 2023, which has changed externally and internally. Including changes that occurred in the technical specifications. It is worth recalling that the Ford Everest SUV is produced for the Australian, African, and Asian markets.

The very design of the new generation Ford Everest 2023 turned out to be unusual, massive, and at the same time restrained so as not to stand out from other cars. The front part stands out most of all, with the C-shaped front optics, branded for Ford’s SUVs, and silver inserts across the entire width of the front end. The new Ford Everest is a very close relative of the Ford Ranger.

As for the technical characteristics, the new Everest will get a strong frame, a chassis with a straight rear axle from the frame Ranger. Following the technical data, under the hood of the new Ford Everest will also be located the same engines as in the new Ford Ranger. As a rule, these are 4-cylinder petrol options and turbocharged V6 diesel.


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  • Mitsubishi Pajero Sport
  • Isuzu MU-X
  • Toyota Land Cruiser

The Exterior of the New Crossover

The new generation of Ford Everest 2022 is hard to confuse with other generations or models of the company. The car got a unique design and does not repeat the previously known options. On the other hand, the new SUV received a corporate identity. In particular, the front, optics, grille, and the rear.

Depending on the new Ford Everest 2022, the front end can be completely black or with silver trim in the center. The horizontal line on the grill distinguishes this model from others. The central part of the lattice, according to the standard, was taken under the company logo. By the way, it has not been changed in terms of design, leaving it the same. As for the radiator grille, it will be mesh with large holes.

No less interest falls on the front optics of the Ford Everest 2023 SUV. Starting from the basic configuration, the manufacturer promised to install LED optics. To give severity to the SUV, the front optics along the contour were decorated with LED daytime running lights. No less rigor in optics is provided by the lenses themselves, which are also highlighted as much as possible by making a black background.

The front bumper of the new Ford Everest 2023 SUV is more reminiscent of the company’s pickup trucks, in particular the F-150. This is true since the front of the SUV of this company is made in the same style and is designed for cross-country ability. From the bumper parts, it is worth noting an additional grille, a pair of small foglights on the sides, and a skirt along the bottom of the bumper with a couple of tow hooks.

The last detail of the Ford Everest front end is the hood. Like most of the details, it gives the SUV no less rigor. The raised central part, harsh lines, and no unnecessary details. This design immediately clarifies that the car is intended for comfortable trips on public roads and off-road driving. Yes, one more thing, without which it could not have done – the inscription at the end of the hood. Depending on the model and modification, there may be an inscription of the model or configuration. You can make the inscription itself in black or chrome characters.

Looking at the new Ford Everest SUV from the side, it becomes clear, and If you close everything from the central pillars to the rear, the novelty was almost torn off the Ford F-150 pickup truck. Prominent wheel arches, badges on the front fenders, and big doorways. On the other hand, the SUV is unique. In particular, the side mirrors are slightly smaller than those of a pickup truck and with a soft design.

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The body of the mirrors will be made partly from black plastic, partially painted to match the body color. According to the standard, mirrors include LED repeaters, electric adjustment, and heating. Optionally, or in top trim levels, they will offer automatic folding and memory for several settings. As for the doors, they received a minimum of bends and lines, a small line from the threshold to the rear arches.

The body colors of the new Ford Everest 2023 will be mostly restrained, except for the sportier options. The manufacturer assumes a one-color body color without the possibility of individual selection of colors. The buyer will be offered a choice of body shades:

  • White
  • The black
  • Bronze
  • Red
  • Brown
  • Blue
  • Silver.

It is possible that as the Ford Everest SUV enters the market, the buyer will be offered a couple more additional color options. The basis for the new SUV will be 21″ wheels with an original design.

In contrast to the front and side, the back of the Ford Everest looks a little simple. In addition, the designers raised the rear bumper to make it smaller, thereby illuminating the entire bottom of the SUV. It all looks not in the best style of Ford, but the fact remains.

In terms of design, the back of the Ford Everest is reminiscent of Jeep SUVs. The strict rear LED feet, with pronounced sections. Trunk lid without complex combinations of details and lines, and of course the inscription of the model on the cover, between the feet. The very top of the trunk lid is decorated with a minor spoiler with an LED stop repeater. Otherwise, no precise details are visible. As for the rear bumper, it really could be done more, thereby covering the capacity of the bottom of the car. The bumper is not particularly surprising, with a pair of foglights on the sides and a diffuser in the center.

The final exterior detail of the 2023 Ford Everest is the roof. Here everything will directly depend on the configuration and modification of the SUV. The top will be solid, with stiffeners on the rear according to the standard. Medium changes will receive a large sunroof, but the full versions will get a panoramic roof.

According to the standard, there will be a pair of roof rails on the roof of the SUV for attaching an additional trunk and a whip antenna. If we talk about the design of the new Ford Everest in general, then it looks good, and the massive body speaks of a reliable base and technical characteristics. It would be nice to increase the rear bumper, thereby hiding the bottom and the spare tire contents. On the other hand, such a factory design will increase the cross-country ability of an SUV.

The Interior of the New SUV

The interior of the new Ford Everest was no more minor a plus. It is modern and stylish. Most attention is drawn to the enormous vertical display of the multimedia system at 10.1″ or 12″. The basis for multimedia was the Ford SYNC® 4A system, which today is considered one of the most recent developments. A plus will be voice control and a built-in factory modem to connect customers to an SUV from various external devices (smartphone, laptop, tablet, etc.).

The central part of the panel is not particularly surprising, a small panel of indicators above the multimedia display, a couple more rectangular air ducts on the sides of the screen, and a climate control panel at the very bottom. It all looks simple and without unnecessary details. On the other hand, it seems a little bald. Diversifies the design of the LED backlight of the panel, with the possibility of choosing a shade.

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The tunnel between the front seats is also not particularly surprising, with many varieties. At the very beginning, there is a small recess with wireless charging, a pair of USB ports, and just a cell for storing all sorts of little things. Closer to the seats, there are a pair of cup holders, a transmission lever, an electromechanical handbrake, and a puck to control all-wheel drive and select a travel mode. A massive armrest completes the whole set with a spacious compartment inside. Top modifications will receive a cooling function in the armrest.

Now about the interior of the Ford Everest 2022 SUV. According to preliminary data, it is designed for 5 or 7 seats and two or three rows of seats as standard. Top options will be created for three rows of seats. In this case, the third row of seats will be comfortable. The new Ford Everest front seats are made in a more sporty form, high back, massive lateral support, and a comfortable fit.

The second row of Ford Everest seats will be standard in the form of a three-seat sofa. The folding ratio is also standard 60/40, with a small armrest in the back center. Depending on the configuration and modification, the seats’ functionality can receive an electric adjustment drive, memory for several settings, heating, and ventilation (for the front seats). The third row will be designed for two seats, mainly for children.

Interior trim Ford Everest 2023 will largely depend on the configuration. The base versions will get fabric upholstery, while the full versions will have leather upholstery. Additionally, the buyer is offered to choose inserts around the cabin’s perimeter. In particular on the front panel and door linings.

The last thing to consider in the interior of the 2022 Ford Everest SUV is the driver’s seat. According to the manufacturer, the SUV’s instrument panel will be digital, starting with the basic configuration. Depending on the design, the tidy display can be 8″ or 12.4″. The same clean screen looks very good, with excellent image quality, and can customize the collection of the desired indicators.

The steering wheel of the Ford Everest SUV is also made in the company’s style. Three massive spokes, two of which are reserved for functional buttons, a horn paired with an airbag in the center, and the ability to adjust in height and depth. The manufacturer promises a heated steering wheel and leather upholstery in the standard set.

Well, the interior of the new Ford Everest SUV, although it looks simple, with the most necessary list of comforts. The buyer will not overpay for things that he would never use. On the other hand, such a minimum of parts makes it easy to care for the car interior. The new Ford Everest turned out to be very stylish and modern inside, with a substantial vertical multimedia display, comfortable seats, and a list of all the necessary functions for comfortable long-distance travel.

Specifications Ford Everest 2023

There is not much information about the technical characteristics of the Ford Everest 2022 since they will change depending on the country of delivery and configuration. As standard, the new SUV will be equipped with a 3.0-liter V6 turbocharged diesel engine. It will be paired with a 9-speed automatic transmission.

The second version of the diesel engine is a turbocharged 4-cylinder with a volume of 2.0 liters. In addition to diesel engines, the buyer of the Ford Everest 2023 will be offered a gasoline unit. Turbocharged 4-ka EcoBoost, 2.3 liters. The last two engine options, depending on the configuration, will be paired with a 6-speed manual or automatic transmission.

Since the modifications of the units may be different, respectively, the power will be extra. More powerful engines will get a 10-speed automatic. It is possible that over time, the buyer will be offered a hybrid Ford Everest, with the possibility of recharging from a stationary outlet.

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As for the drive, then everything will depend on the configuration. The base versions will get the rear-wheel purpose, while the full versions will get the all-wheel industry. For the latter option, a two-stage electromechanical transfer case EMTC is used. The driver is offered a choice of modes of movement, and the dispenser itself will be electronically controlled.

The exact dimensions of the new Ford Everest 2022 are still being disclosed. Most likely, they will be announced after the official start of sales. It is reliably known that the cross-country ability of an SUV is not inadequate. According to the manufacturer, the fording depth is 800 mm. The weight of the towed trailer will be up to 3500 kg. A huge plus will be free space under the hood. The manufacturer has provided for the installation of an additional battery to provide different lighting devices.

Security and Comfort Systems

Not the last role in the Ford Everest SUV was played by security and comfort systems. The manufacturer transferred most of the management of all approaches to the multimedia display. All systems are designed to relieve the stress of driving and help the driver stay focused in any situation.

The SUV received a new central airbag located in the main tunnel between the driver and front passenger among the new systems. It also added long-range airbags for third-row passengers, which is not often seen in modern cars. Two airbags are now installed in the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe driver’s knees, and not one. In total, up to 9 pillows are installed around the perimeter of the Ford Everest cabin.

Among other Ford Everest comfort systems, the updated parking assistant is worth noting. Due to the increased number of sensors, the SUV can easily fit in a limited space without the driver’s participation. Not without matrix LED optics for the Platinum configuration. They provided improved visibility, but they also received automatic dynamic alignment and speed-dependent lighting brightness. Other features of the Ford Everest SUV include:

  • Adaptive cruise contro
  • Stop and function
  • Road marking recognition
  • Sign recognition
  • All-round visibility system
  • Keeping the car in the lane with the award of the edge of the road
  • Assistance system for maneuvering
  • All-round visibility system
  • Emergency braking system when reversing;
  • Blind-spot monitoring
  • Collision avoidance.

As a rule, Ford Everest owners lead an active life and travel frequently. For this purpose, the new generation provides a system for remote booking of services credit services in dealerships. A handy application would be a remote service when a dealer can connect to the car and determine the breakdown.

SUV Equipment

Even though the new Ford Everest SUV belongs to the company’s top models, the car will differ significantly in terms of equipment. There will be a multimedia system, a digital instrument panel, and an audio sound system in the basic configuration, and only the display sizes will be smaller. There will also be a minimum list of security and comfort systems.

For example, differences in the roof, where there may be a solid roof or a sunroof instead of a panoramic roof. The interior will get fabric upholstery instead of leather and, of course, a manual transmission. In general, the new Ford Everest SUV turned out to be a modern and successful design.

Of course, some points should be improved. In particular, the rear bumper should be made more prominent, and the front panel should be added variety and rigor. It remains to wait for the official start of sales of the SUV. The price of the new Ford Everest has not yet been announced, but it is worth focusing on the new generations of the Ford Ranger and Explorer.

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