The All-New 2023 Toyota Sequoia – Specifications And Images

The All-New 2023 Toyota Sequoia - Specifications And Images

Overview of the new Toyota Sequoia 2022-2023: appearance, interior, specifications, equipment, options, security systems.

Massive SUVs have always been in demand if the main goal was reliability, off-road driving, and comfortable long-distance travel. One of these options was the Toyota Sequoia SUV. Initially, the car was intended exclusively for the North American market, but it began to appear in other countries to the extent of popularity.

For the first time, Toyota introduced the legendary Toyota Sequoia SUV in 2000. Then there was restyling, the second generation, and restyling again. Today, the company introduced the third generation, which has been asking for the last 3-4 years, since the restyled version of the second generation has not been particularly noted for anything.

The new, third-generation Toyota Sequoia 2022 is significantly different from the second generation in design and technical stuffing. Onboard the new SUV are modified engines, modern security and comfort systems, and a spacious interior for 7 or 8 seats. As for the technical characteristics, a hybrid engine will be available under the hood and nothing more.

The new Toyota Sequoia has lost its previously popular V8, having at its disposal only a hybrid V6, the i-Force Max family. In tandem, only a 10-speed automatic and a proprietary all-wheel-drive system will work. Over time the company may introduce an all-electric version of the SUV.


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  • Lexus GX

The Exterior of the New SUV

Speaking about the appearance of the new generation Toyota Sequoia, it is unique. It is not a restyling or facelift but a thoroughly refined design from scratch. The front of the SUV attracts the most attention. The large grille, new optics, and strict features. Although it remained recognizable, the radiator grill is unique in size and insert.

Designers made it more prominent, and the insert is made of significant rectangular elements. For the TRD configuration, the grille will receive a completely different design and an additional “chandelier” (LED lamp for the entire width of the grille) for better lighting. Here, on the grille in the Sequoia TRD, there will be a large Toyota inscription, as well as three yellow beacons, like large pickups.

As for the optics of the Toyota Sequoia 2022, they drew it from scratch. Depending on the configuration, It can lead the filling or matrix, and T-shaped LED daytime running lights emphasize this. If we talk about matrix optics, it is clear that there are full headlights and a mechanism with intelligence. This kind of optics can highlight turns and obstacles on the road and project tips for the driver, indicating the direction or highlighting certain road sections.

The front bumper of the Toyota Sequoia turned out to be rough and modern. Small holes on the sides, a massive insert in the center, and many sensors. The central part of the bumper is also decorated with a silver diffuser. At first glance, it seems that this is engine protection, but it is only a decorative insert and fasteners for the front foglights.

No less strictness to the new Toyota Sequoia SUV gives the hood. If you look closely, it reminds many of the hood from the Toyota Land Cruiser 200 or a smaller version of the latest generation RAV4. The raised center section, sharp edges, and two lines down the center.

Toyota’s characteristic and unique will be a nameplate on the hood, with engine markings. It will also not be standard that the emblem on the grille is entirely chrome, although Toyota hybrids usually have it in blue.

Special attention is drawn to the side of a long and massive SUV. The dimensions of the body in every possible way hint at a spacious interior and the presence of the third row of seats. From the Cruiser, the new Toyota Sequoia inherited square wheel arches and a minimum of lines along the length of the body. At the bottom of the doors, the designers placed a chrome molding. In the beginning, there is an inscription with a configuration marking.

The color of the racks turned out to be not relatively standard. Often, the rear pillars are painted black, thereby continuing the glazing of the side windows onto the back door glass. In the new Toyota Sequoia, the opposite is accurate, and the designers decided to paint the A-pillars, thereby giving severity to the SUV. It will make the body colors in classic shades without the possibility of choosing an individual color. While it is known that the buyer will be offered a choice:

  • Black
  • White
  • Silver
  • Brown
  • Burgundy
  • Navy blue
  • Grey.

It is possible that after the official start of sales of Toyota Sequoia, the manufacturer will add a couple more new body colors. They made virtually no changes to the side mirrors. They are still significant, with a decent feature set. According to reports, heating, electric adjustment, and automatic folding were included in the standard-setting.

The basis for the SUV, according to the standard, will be 18″ alloy wheels. Optionally, or in top trim levels, 20″ wheels of a new design will be available. Depending on the configuration of the Toyota Sequoia SUV, the side part may receive more chrome or black features.

If the front of the Toyota Sequoia is similar to the Land Cruiser 200, then the rear is quite reminiscent of the new 300th. It is best seen in the unique shape of the rear stops. Narrow and elongated on the sides, a chrome insert line between the feet, a small part is tightened onto the side fenders. The trunk lid itself turned rough and almost without a slope. The top is decorated with a minor spoiler with an LED stop repeater.

The downside is a complete spare wheel under the bottom of the trunk. Firstly, it is evident from behind as it hangs down, and secondly, the minus is that it is not installed evenly but on one side. The part on the front side is strongly inclined to the road surface and can catch an obstacle at the most inopportune moment. The rest of the rear looks simple and without unnecessary details.

The last exterior detail of the Toyota Sequoia 2022 is the roof. Starting from the basic configuration, here is a complete set. The manufacturer promises a panoramic roof with a sliding front in the standard-setting. As standard, a pair of roof rails are also installed on the top for mounting an additional trunk and an antenna in the form of a shark fin.

Speaking in general, about the new generation Toyota Sequoia’s appearance, it really cannot be confused with other cars. Designers created the car from scratch while not violating the design traditions between the Tundra and Sequoia. The exterior turned out to be modern, strict, and without unnecessary design elements.

The Interior of the New SUV

Following the appearance, the interior of the new Toyota Sequoia 2022 SUV has changed quite well. The car still retained its massiveness and luxury, but the arrangement of the elements has changed. The front panel, although it looks rough, it looks very stylish. The designers made the panel itself in several cascades, where the end part was decorated with natural wood inserts and LED backlighting.

The upper part of the panel will be made of high-quality plastic and leather sheathing, but the designers will sheathe the lower part with high-quality leather with stitching to match the color of the skin or body. No less attention is drawn to the central part of the front panel. Huge 14″ multimedia system display (8″ screen will be standard). There is an impression that the screen is inserted like a tablet between two air ducts.

Below the center console is the climate control panel. Despite current trends in the automotive world and developments, the manufacturer decided to leave mechanical buttons and a small display for indication. If you do not consider the engine start/stop button closer to the steering wheel, then the front panel will not surprise you anymore.

The central tunnel between the front seats of the Toyota Sequoia 2022 turned out to be much more enjoyable. Firstly, it retained its massive and comprehensive character. There is a small panel with the same mechanical buttons as climate control. A little lower is a 12V socket and a USB port. There is wireless charging in a small recess on the passenger side and a place to store small things, including smartphones.

Moving further up the console of the Toyota Sequoia, the designers placed a massive leather-covered shift lever, a travel mode selector, and all-wheel-drive control. Behind the wooden plug is a pair of cup holders, heated and cooled. The central armrest of the Toyota Sequoia will be very unusual. Separate, adjustable elements are placed on the sides under the arm, but the main part, according to the standard, is reserved for a deep compartment.

It also houses a pair of USB ports for charging gadgets and a spacious compartment with separated sectors. A non-standard solution was a cover made of wood. The armrest received a climate control panel and USB ports on the reverse side.

Now about the interior of the new Toyota Sequoia SUV. By standard, it is designed for three rows of seats. Depending on the configuration, they can create the second row for two or three seats. The seats can be made in the style of a sofa, where the proportion of folding is 40/20/40 and in the form of two separate comfortable seats. By the way, the last version of the seats will receive a separate armrest.

As for the third row of Toyota Sequoia seats, there is plenty of free space on the third row, even for adult passengers. Despite the third row, there is plenty of free space in the trunk for a small load. If necessary, the third row can be folded in a 40/60 ratio, thereby increasing the free space. The downside is that the last row cannot be folded flush with the floor, which means there will be a ledge. The thing is that on the floor, under the third row of seats, a traction battery of a hybrid installation is installed.

In terms of design, the interior of the Toyota Sequoia is in many ways intertwined with the Tundra pickup. The front seats received a high back, reasonable adjustments, and a comfortable fit. The interior trim of the Toyota Sequoia directly depends on the configuration. The basic version will get fabric upholstery, more expensive equipment will get leather upholstery.

Coloring can be monotonous or combined. For a separate surcharge or as an option, the buyer is offered to choose inserts around the cabin’s perimeter made of natural wood. There can also be inserts made of polished aluminum or other raw materials.

The last interior detail of the new Toyota Sequoia to consider is the driver’s seat. The instrument panel is fully digital, based on a 12″ color display. Despite modern trends, the designers have retained the familiar shape of the tidy, including the sun visor for the panel. A 10″ head-up collection will be placed on the board to help the driver.

The steering wheel of the Toyota Sequoia SUV is made in the company’s style. Four spokes, two of which are reserved for mechanical, functional buttons. The steering wheel trim will be perforated leather, starting with the basic configuration. Also in the list of the steering wheel will be heating, memory settings, and electric adjustment.

Well, the interior of the new Toyota Sequoia SUV turned out to be modern and stylish. On the other hand, the designers did not implement all the fashion, and the control was left mechanical, not touched. They did not change the automatic transmission lever to a washer, thereby maintaining convenience for the driver in extreme situations.

Specifications Toyota Sequoia 2022-2023

Following the appearance and interior, it modernized the technical part. The SUV’s heart is a frame bogie, similar to that in the new Land Cruiser 300 and the new Tundra pickup. The new generation Toyota Sequoia frame has become in order of magnitude stiffer compared to the previous version. All these thanks to the stamping of all elements from high-strength steel. The structure received a box section, and the frame crossbars are made twice as thick as before.

The latest generation of Toyota Land Cruiser 300 also got the suspension and the rest of the technical stuffing. The front of the SUV received a typical double-wishbone suspension. The rear part received a rifled axle mounted on springs. If this is not enough, then for a separate surcharge, you can equip Toyota Sequoia with an adaptive suspension or even install pneumatic cylinders on the rear axle.

They perfectly maintain the specified clearance of the car, despite the loading in the cabin. Charged equipment TRD Pro will receive special shock absorbers from Fox, with a remote reservoir. Accordingly, it will be possible to adjust the stiffness of the suspension, and when driving off-road, there will be practically no vibration in the cabin.

As for engines, the new generation of Toyota Sequoia, like many other SUVs of the company, has lost the legendary V8 unit. The novelty will be presented on the market only with a hybrid engine of the i-Force Max family. The team consists of a gasoline 6-cylinder turbocharged engine with a volume of 3.4 liters.

They Paired with an electric motor built into the base of the 10-speed automatic transmission. According to the manufacturer’s data, the total output of the unit is 443 horses and 790 Nm of torque. Unfortunately, there are no data yet regarding the fuel consumption and dynamics of the new generation Toyota Sequoia. The advantage is that only on electric traction can the SUV move at speeds up to 29 km / h. Regarding the drive, it can be either front or full.

Security and Comfort Systems

Not the last place in the list of changes Toyota Sequoia was given to safety and comfort systems. The FSS (Toyota Safety Sense) version 2.5 will already be installed onboard the basic configuration. It is authentically known that the list of the new Toyota Sequoia will include:

  • Front and side airbags
  • Safety curtains
  • Pillow for the driver’s knees
  • Adaptive cruise control
  • Collision avoidance system
  • Driver condition monitoring
  • Blind-spot monitoring
  • Climate control (including for the third row of seats)
  • Digital instrument panel
  • 10″ projection display
  • Multimedia system with an 8″ or 14″ display
  • Control of the occupied lane
  • Adaptive front optics
  • Rain and light sensors
  • All-round visibility system
  • Front and rear parking sensors
  • Tire pressure monitoring
  • Help system when starting / descending from the mountain.

With significant probability, we can say that the pointed list in Toyota Sequoia is not complete. Closer to the start of sales, the manufacturer will reveal a full list of comfort and safety systems. Having considered the new generation of Toyota Sequoia 2022, we can confidently say that the car has changed for the better. Modern body and interior design, new technologies, and an improved frame.

The downside, of course, will be the loss of the legendary V8 gasoline engine, as well as the presence of only one hybrid unit under the hood for six cylinders. Over time the company may introduce an all-electric version of the Toyota Sequoia SUV.

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