The 12 Best Destinations to Travel in 2021

Not sure where to travel in 2021? The situation we currently live in completely upset your plans and are you wondering where to go? Can you travel? If these questions come to mind, don’t worry, you are not alone.

The new year is approaching and many of us hope that its arrival will bring us a gradual return to normality, and allow us little by little to enjoy travelling again with a peace of mind.

In the age in which we live, planning a destination where travelling can be a challenge. Constant changes, flight cancellations and border closures have made choosing a Covid-free place to travel with peace of mind, not an easy task. The world of travel in 2021 will still be waiting for the situation to be solved little by little.

Will it be possible to travel in 2021?

It seems that the covid pandemic has not only changed travel during this year, but the outlook for next year remains, at least for the first half of the year.

Although it is still too early to know for sure if it will be possible to travel in 2021, a progressive return of international tourism is expected as soon as the vaccine is available, with the recovery of air routes and the reopening of borders, mainly starting in the summer with mass vaccinations.

Even so, the trend is to travel in small groups or with relatives and prioritize rural destinations over urban ones, avoiding unnecessary crowds.

If you want to stay updated on where you can travel in 2021, as well as the requirements, on this website you can see the travel restrictions in force in each country.

1. The ideal destination to travel in January: La Palma, Canary Islands


If you are looking for where to travel in January, what better place to start the year than in the Canary Islands, away from the cold peninsular winter, and the high prices that Christmas holidays usually bring to the islands.

La Palma is a natural treasure within the Spanish geography and without a doubt one of the best destinations to travel in Spain. Laurisilva forests, volcanoes, peaks, viewpoints and natural pools are just part of its charm. Whether you are one of those who like to hike or those who simply enjoy nature, in this place you will find the perfect combination of activities and relaxation, to start 2021 with the balance and energy necessary to face the rest of the year.

The Canary Islands community begins to request a negative test for Covid for all visitors, which makes it one of the safest destinations to travel in all of Spain.

The island has direct flights from Madrid, although you can get there with a little less budget by making a stopover in Tenerife north, which if you go with time, you can extend to know both islands in the same trip, which makes La Palma the perfect place to spend the new year 2021.

2. Iceland, a destination without coronavirus to visit in February


One of the main concerns when travelling is to do it safely. This is where Iceland has played its cards well, betting on testing everyone who arrives on the island to keep its borders open and continue to allow travellers to enter safely.

Iceland is not the cheapest destination to travel to, and February is certainly not the hottest month in this wild place, but it is an ideal one to discover a phenomenon of those that you have to observe at least once in your life, the auroras Borealis, probably one of the best trips in the world.

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3. Spain that will make you fall in love in March: Azores Islands, Portugal


The Archipelago of the Azores claims to be the westernmost European place and the last point of land before America.

But this is not the only thing that this group of Portuguese islands can boast of. From the volcanoes of the island of Pico, where the highest point in the entire country is located, to the exuberant waterfalls and lakes of the island of San Miguel, the largest of all.

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The Azores have remained one of the best-kept tourist secrets in Europe, only visited by a few Central European travellers who love the green of its forests and the blue of its lakes.

March in the Azores is a month in which the weather begins to be acceptable after the rainy and windy winter, coupled with the already low prices of some of the cheapest islands in Europe, make it a place to consider if the international situation has not yet stabilized enough to venture further afield.

4. The Philippines, the perfect place to visit in April.


Knowing the Philippines is the dream of many. A country with which we share history and genetics, and where the most widespread beer is San Miguel, already in itself creates in many travellers the curiosity of visiting it at some point.

The Philippines has been one of the most restrictive countries due to the pandemic, so it will be necessary to see if its borders open for Easter. In recent years it has begun its tourist takeoff, attracting more and more visitors from all places. The photos of its paradisiacal beaches and its crystal clear waters have been around the world, making it one of the best destinations to travel and increase in that place of fashion among backpackers and young people from all over the world.

April, with the arrival of spring, is the best time to get to know a large part of the country, coinciding with the dry season, a time when you will find mostly clear skies and a pleasant climate, but in which you will also have the opportunity to meet (with a bit of luck) with animals such as the whale shark, swimming freely in the waters of the archipelago, an experience that you will not forget.

5. Cuba, a heavenly and different destination to visit in May


Cuba has long ceased to be that place where one can only lie in the sun on the private beach of any resort. And although there will always be sun and beach tourism, many are those who choose to make a different trip to visit the most local part of this corner of the planet.

In May, Cuba becomes one of the best travel destinations since it enjoys an ideal climate to visit the different attractions of the island, which are not few. Bathing in a cenote, looking for the best keys, visiting the old sugar estates (the economic engine of the island for most of its history) or touring its valleys and mountains in a classic car are just some of them.

You can also choose to sleep with local families, something that can undoubtedly give you a much more real and closer view of life in the country, and a multitude of human experiences that you will take home to remember.

A priori Cuba may seem like a cheap and inexpensive place, but the organization of its economy and the obligation for the tourist to use the CUC as currency (designed for tourism) can make your expenses in the country rise quickly if you do not plan it. well in advance, so don’t forget to do your homework before you travel.

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6. June in Jordan, a good destination near Europe


Jordan is one of those places that is increasingly booming among young travellers from Spain and other European countries. Its relative proximity, cheap prices and a great cultural difference to what we are used to, make it one of the best places in the world to travel, and in which to experience a great cultural change without having to cross half the world.

The Red Sea with important diving spots, the Dead Sea and its extremely salty waters, desert valleys like Wadi Rum and water canyons like the one that forms Wadi Mujib are some of its main attractions.

As a highlight, the city of Petra, one of the 7 wonders of the modern world and the main reason for travel for many, makes Jordan well worth a getaway in June, when the weather approaches its sweet spot.

7. The best destination to travel in July, Bali and Komodo


Two of the islands whose names resonate all over the world and which are perfect for summer vacations. The first is synonymous with beauty, spirituality and idyllic landscapes, the second, known for its famous dragons. If you are still not sure where to travel in July, combining these two islands on the same trip may be the perfect plan.

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You will need at least a couple of weeks, something normal when one thinks of moving to the other side of the world. You can start in Bali knowing places like Ubud or the Besakih mother temple, the most important for the Balinese, to later move to Flores and navigate its waters until you reach the Komodo National Park.

Travelling to Indonesia in July is a very good option since it coincides with the dry season in most of the country, so you can take advantage of your time without fear of the constant monsoon rains and enjoying a climate bordering on perfection.

As if that were not enough, Indonesia is undoubtedly one of the cheap countries to travel par excellence, a destination that you should always have on the list for a possible getaway, if possible in summer.

8. Malaysia, one of the best vacation spots in August


If you are looking for where to travel in August and you are also one of those who love adventure, exotic beaches, pleasant weather and delicious food, the destination you are looking for maybe Malaysia.

Not as well known or crowded as Thailand, its northern neighbour, this country enjoys one of the oldest jungles on the planet, natural parks with totally unique animals such as the Orangutan, and a coastline full of islands and crystalline beaches without overcrowding, where you can relax. walk from the sea.

August coincides with the dry season in the eastern part of the country, so it is a very good time to enjoy most of its attractions, without having to worry about the rain.

9. September in Vietnam, a cheap destination to go backpacking


Vietnam is one of the emerging countries with the greatest tourism potential. The beauty of its landscapes together with the fact that it is one of the cheapest countries that you can visit, make it one of the destinations for all types of travellers, especially for all those who are on a tight budget.

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September is the time when the rice fields of much of the country reach their peak, and in which the monsoon begins to disappear from the Vietnamese day to day, leaving behind a green landscape that you will want to photograph at every moment.

Places like Sapa or Ninh Binh, both in the north, leave postcard stamps and a lot of intense experiences with which to fill your day to day and carry your backpack.

10. Where to travel in October? Madagascar, a great destination to travel as a couple or with friends


Summer is ending and more crowded tourism. October is the perfect time for all those who like to travel at less crowded times of the year or who can take advantage of a long weekend to link a couple of weeks. Madagascar, a destination that does not disappoint.

Little known and visited, affordable prices, unique culture and all kinds of attractions. In this country, you can travel hundreds of kilometres on a train through the jungle, get lost among Karst pinnacles in the Tsingy De Bemaraha National Park, visit and meet such friendly and curious animals as the Lemur, or embark on a multi-day expedition in SUV to reach the beaches of the west coast.

Of course, be patient with the transport because we already warned you that it is not the fastest and most efficient, but the point of arrival, will more than compensate your patience.

11. Myanmar in November, one of the best destinations in the world


This unknown Asian corner keeps in its interior a lot of possibilities for the visitor. It is one of the least visited in the area, and in it, you can find places as magical as the temples of Bagan, where you will see sunrises that you will not forget, or Inle Lake and its surprising aquatic ecosystem.

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Travelling to ancient Burma in the middle of the European Autumn is always a wise choice and a good place to go on vacation, since this month the weather is ideal, and many festivities are held to celebrate the end of the rains.

If you travel to Myanmar in November you will see the green fields and Buddhist processions in almost every town and city with which to take a most authentic experience, but also, this country is one of the cheapest destinations to travel in the whole of the world. world, so you will not need to spend a real fortune to live a unique vacation.

12. December in Sri Lanka, an exotic place to travel at Christmas


We finished the year as we started it, in a not cold winter place, Sri Lanka. A place to spend a different and different Christmas than usual.

The Indian tear, as it is known for the peculiar shape and situation of this island, is probably one of those places that have the most attractive and interesting things per square meter in the world.

Its centre is full of cool mountains where tea grows and waterfalls abound. The north contains the so-called Golden Triangle, with a multitude of ruins, temples and cultural spaces, many of the World Heritage Sites. And the southern coast of the country is full of paradisiacal beaches where you can rest and watch life go by, or practice sports such as surfing.

As if that were not enough, and despite its small size, there are about twenty national parks throughout the country where you can meet animals such as Elephants, Crocodiles, Leopards and other species that hide among its forests and landscapes.

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