The 10 Best Cities for Beer Lovers in the World

Cheers to our top picks for the ten beer cities in the world. Put one of these brew-centric cities on your bucket list and grab your passport. We’re looking at cities that offer unique and interesting craft brews and places to enjoy.

Budapest, Hungary


It’s no secret that Budapest has amazing food for handy. But did you know that there are also plenty of delicious craft beer options for those who like a refreshing Pilsner or ale craft beer? Enthusiasts can enjoy a lager or IPA at the Jonas craft beer house outdoor beer garden which is nestled next to the Danube River. Alternatively, head over to a Les Deux craft beer bar. Where you can try some of Hungary’s sensational brews. This rugged ruin pub specializes in cask ale and has over 20 types of craft beer you can try until they close at 3:00 in the morning. They even have a hotel on-premise so it’s not far to go at the end of the night.

Tokyo, Japan


Tour desu needs which translates to for now via a useful phrase when visiting a Japanese pub. That sake is the national drink of Japan beer outshines sake in popularity. One of the oldest craft beer bars in Tokyo is Papa founded in 1960. Popeye offers Japanese, American and international beers with over 70 taps to choose from. Feel like growing your own beer then head over to Japan’s well-known brewery. They hit touch in our brewing lab where you can do just that or just let the experts brew while you enjoy tastings of the Hitachi own s beers on one of their 10 rotating taps.

Portland Maine, USA


An eclectic selection of beers without leaving the USA to look no further than Portland Maine with the most breweries per capita Paul. Maine has a wide selection of hot spots to sip. Some suds stop into Oxbow blend bottling to taste European-inspired beers in their barrel-aging warehouse taproom feel. Like having a more unique tasting experience head on over to foul-mouth brewing. A converted auto shop turned brew pub with a wide selection of beer and a menu filled with comfort food for more of a local experience sample. The beer at Nevada res in the old port neighborhood where you can taste a variety of locally made brews in one place.

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Shanghai, China


China drinks more beer than any other country which amounts to about a quarter of the beer in the entire world. With a variety of international and local craft beer selections. Beer lovers will enjoy a visit to help China keep their record. Try the famous sucker punch Pale Ale from boxing cat brewery in Shanghai. This hit bar also does collaborations with other Chinese and international breweries and has three locations throughout the city. If you don’t have a lot of time but still want to get as many tastings in as possible head over to the dagger brew pub at three-story brew pub. That features over 40 types of international and Chinese beers as sampling. There will gift your palate with what Chinese beers have to offer.

Warsaw, Poland


Warsaw has seen a craft beer revolution in recent years with dozens of micro breweries popping up. And trying to create brews with unique flavor combinations in order to attract beer enthusiasts for hoppy IPAs to Baltic Porter’s. There’s something to suit everyone’s tastes for a great selection of 57 taps and 200 types of bottle beer go-to people. Otherwise known as beer heaven. This bar is open 24/7 and even offers takeout for a more exclusive local craft tasting. Try out same crafty in Old Town where you can get the lowdown on the local craft scene nazarov.

Lisbon, Portugal


During their totalitarian dictatorship there were only two beers sold in Lisbon Saga DS and super Bock. How times have changed now Lisbon’s craft beer scene is going full-throttle. Enjoy a fresh brew in Kamata a bar located in 18th century tunnel. This extraordinary bar also offers unique flavors of beers such as their barrel-aged, raspberry sour, raw ale or their peanut butter porter. Another hot spot for hop ads is Dookie brewpub Lisbon’s first ever brew pub that serves only local craft beer. Or visit the beer district of my villa a neighborhood with three local breweries perfect for a brew crawl.

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Cape Town, South Africa


Within the last few years Cape Town has seen a craft beer revolution. Where craft breweries have popped up all over the city providing new and exciting options for beer lovers. Banana jam is a super popular spot which has 30 beers on tap. Including the afro Caribbean coconut IPA and serves up delicious Caribbean food. Cape Town’s first black own microbrewery boo combi beer works creates unique brews. Like their citrus grapefruit IPA or their booty while a sorghum malt using that in goony tribes brewing traditions. With so many micro breweries to choose from Cape Town is a must visit for craft beer lovers.

Brussels, Belgium


Belgium may be small but it certainly brings a big beer game. Most of its beer traditions were founded by the Trappist monasteries. Unfortunately, they’re scattered across the country and aren’t open to the public. The good news is you can sample their brews in various bars in Brussels. If you’re looking for a more traditional experience head over to coffee on. This brewery was founded in 1900 and offers guided tours of its historic location and tastings of their traditional Guzman big beer. If you’re in the mood for something more modern why not try the Brussels be a project. This hip brewery focuses on experimentation and offers 40 new beers every year.

Melbourne, Australia


It certainly is a g’Day when you’re sitting on a patio sipping a local Australian brew in Melbourne. The city itself is home to 12 local breweries that offer a laid back casual atmosphere at the stylish Moondog brewing. Sit in their skylit Tap Room and try some of there bruise like their splice of heaven pine lime ice cream IPA. Perhaps you’d like something a little less out there. If so head over to two birds brewing Australia’s first female owned brewery. Which specializes in light out well balanced beers no matter which brewery you go to in Melbourne. It’ll be easy to spend a whole afternoon tasting fresh local brews.

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Berlin, Germany


Berlin sits at the top of our list, visitors can take a specialized beer tour or use a beer map created by Berliners. Who know all the greatest spots one such place is the Brauhaus Lemkin. Berlin’s oldest craft brewer which also runs a restaurant and a cozy beer garden. If you love IPAs and PAS. This brewery challenges the notion of what a beer should taste like hops and barley is another brewery worth a visit. This former 1950s butcher shop offers traditional styles of beer like unfiltered pilsners on tap. Though trying to navigate the overwhelming selection of Berlin beers can be daunting. It’s definitely a must for all beer enthusiasts frost.

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