Ten Features Of Blue-black Hair Color! Who Looks Good With Blue Hair Color

Ten Features Of Blue-black Hair Color! Who Looks Good With Blue Hair Color

Do you know “Blue Black”, gradually becoming popular among blue hair colours? Even though it has a favourable impression, it is more fashionable, and you can create an impression that is a bit different from the surroundings! It’s a popular hair colour now. This article will introduce in detail “Points of blue-black hair colour” and “Characteristics of people who look good with blue hair colour”!

What is the Blue Hair Color “Blue Black”?

Blue-black is recommended for Imechen, That is not too flashy.

Blue-black is recommended for people who want to change their hair color and don’t dare change it flashy. Blue-black, which looks like black hair at first glance, looks blue when exposed to sunlight, and you can enjoy fashion without overdoing it.

Blue-black hair color is transparent and light.

Black hair tends to look heavy, but adding a bluish color while maintaining the calmness of black gives the hair a sense of transparency and lightness. Even people who have a lot of hair and are heavy can see it through by making it a blue-black hair color.

What are the Blue Hair Colors “Bruge” and “Navy Ash”?

Bruges has bluish and beige hair colors.

  • As the name suggests, Bruges is a combination of blue and beige. Since it retains the beige tone, it has a lighter hair color than blue-black. In addition to being lighter, the hair becomes glossy and looks pretty beautiful when exposed to light. Another feature is that you can see the color even in places with no light.
  • However, since the base is bright, the color fades quickly depending on the hair quality. If you do not take care of the beans, the bluish dye will fall off, and the beige color will become stronger and stronger.

Navy ash has blue and gray hair colors.

  • Navy ash is a hair color that adds a bluish tint to the popular ash color. Even if you say navy ash in a bite, the color will change drastically depending on how much blue dye is added to the ash base.
  • If there is a slightly bluish tint, the color will be close to blue-black but with a dullness peculiar to ash. On the other hand, if you strengthen the bluish tint, you can see the transparent navy color, giving a calm yet stylish impression.

5 Points When Choosing Blue, Black

(1) How much blue hair color do you want?

  • There are quite a few blue-black colors, both commercial and professional. To improve the fashionability, it is more effective to have a solid bluish tint, but the more robust the bluish tint, the more clearly you can see that the hair color has changed.
  • For those not good at making a significant image change, starting with paint with less bluish tint is recommended. Let’s also refer to the sample colors.

(2) Check for damage to your hair.

  • Blue-black has a very close color to black hair, so you may think that you should add a bluish tint to the original black hair. But actually, you have to lighten the base hair color once.
  • In particular, many Japanese people have reddish solid hair color, and to get a beautiful blue color, it is often necessary to bleach it like a blonde. If your hair isn’t in excellent condition right now, bleaching can cause further damage to your hair.

(3) The color tone is consulted once at the hair salon.

Some people want to save money on their hair and do everything on their own. However, the hair quality and original hair color vary from person to person. It’s good to consult a professional once to get beautiful hair color and see how much tone you need to get the perfect hair color.

(4) Add a design to give a different look.

Whether you want to make the entire hair color blue-black or add low light or highlight to a part of it, the same color will give you a very different impression. If there is no problem, even if you make a significant image change, you can make a unique impression by adding low lights and highlights.

(5) It is also important what kind of hairstyle you have.

Blue-black is a color that does not choose a hairstyle very much, but the impression changes depending on whether you increase the amount of hair or add a layer to make it lighter. If you want to give a modal impression, put a heavy hairstyle, and if you’re going to make a weak impression, put a lot of layers.

5 Characteristics of Women Who Look Good in Blue-Black

(1) Skin is pink-white or dark-skinned.

The skin color that matches the blue-black hair color is pink-white or slightly dark-skinned. For people with pink-white skin tones, the transparency of the skin will be improved, and it will look beautiful. Also, dark-skinned people can create an exotic impression. Perfect for sunburned skin.

(2) Sharp features

Blue-black hair color suits people with “sharp features.” Blue-black in dark mode has the effect of enhancing sharp features. For example, it is a good match for people who have sensitive eyes or a clean nose and clear parts.

(3) Dark eyes

People with “dark eyes” look good with blue-black hair color. People with dark eyes can create a reasonably oriental atmosphere with blue-black hair color. The stronger the contrast between the white and black eyes, the more addicted you are to blue-black.

(4) I like dark makeup.

People who “like dark makeup” look good with Lou Black’s hair color. The blue-black hair color that gives the impression of a mode system is addicted to the dark makeup that draws the eyeliner more firmly than the natural makeup and adds plenty of shade with eye shadow. This hair color is recommended for people who usually like dark makeup.

(5) The unique color is the “winter” type.

“Winter” type people look good with Lou Black’s hair color. Do you know personal color diagnostics? A diagnosis that will find the color that suits you, and the person whose result is “winter” type is the person who fits blue-black. Personal color diagnosis will also tell you the color of clothes and makeup suits you, so it is recommended to incorporate it into fashion.

How to Dye Blue-Black Beautifully With a Commercially Available Colorant?

Bleach to remove pigment firmly.

  • To get an excellent bluish tint, you need to bleach at least twice to remove the pigment from your hair. Japanese hair has an intense redness and yellowness, so if you don’t remove the color firmly, you may get “green even though you put in a bluish color!” In self-coloring.
  • There is a high possibility that the hair quality of Japanese people will become “green,” which is a mixture of yellow and blue, just by bleaching once or twice. Therefore, if you want a beautiful blue color, it is ideal for bleaching 3 to 4 times.
  • In the video below, the tools, procedures, and tips required for self-bleaching are introduced in an easy-to-understand manner. Please refer to it if you are bleaching yourself for the first time or worried that you will not fail.

It is recommended to use nail polish color.

  • There are “alkaline color” and “manicure color” for hair color, and it is recommended to use “manicure color” for blue-black self-color. Manicure color cannot lighten the hair color, but it beautifully brings out the color.
  • Therefore, if you use it on hair that has been bleached firmly, it will be dyed in a beautiful blue color. Manicure color does not damage the hair, so if you are worried about hair damage but want to make it look blue-black, you may try manicure without bleach.

Don’t forget about hair care.

  • Hair that has been depigmented tends to be damaged and become tattered. Keeping your hair in good condition is essential if you want to bring out the color slightly. Let’s do not only regular treatments but also hair treatments that do not flow after taking a bath, heat measures when setting hair, etc.
  • Of course, the treatment after dyeing the hair is essential, but it is also a key to making a beautiful hair color, whether or not the hair can be kept in reasonable condition before dying.

3 Recommended Blue Black Color Agents on the Market

(1) Liese / Foam Color

A coloring agent for black hair that gives a firm color. The price is reasonable, and the foam type makes it easy to use. Besides the accessories, there are other necessary items, so you need to prepare in advance.

(2) Anna Donna / Every Hair Color

A hair color that produces a solid blue-black color with a strong sense of mode. The more you remove the pigment first, the more beautiful blue-black will be.

(3) Ares Star Gazer / Blue Black

It is a color rinse that can add a solid bluish tint, although the color fades quickly—recommended when you want to make blue-black for a short period. It is easy to handle compared to other colorants.

Long-lasting Hair Color! How to Prevent and Care for Blue Hair Such as Blue-black?

Use color treatment

  • Color treatment is one in which the treatment itself contains pigment. When dyed in blue-black, you can keep your hair beautiful by using a bluish color treatment.
  • Color treatments are roughly divided by color, so no one is dedicated to blue-black. If you use only the blue color treatment and the blue color becomes stronger, use the black color treatment.

Do not expose hair to heat.

  • The more heat you apply with a hairdryer or curling iron, the faster the color will fade. It is essential not to expose your hair to heat more than necessary to keep it beautiful.
  • If you use a hairdryer, even though the water at the base of the hair remains, you will expose the hair to heat for a long time. When you dry your hair, first make a habit of thoroughly towel-drying it. It also helps reduce hair damage.

Moisturize without bath treatment.

The drier the hair, the lighter the hair color. In particular, the bluish tint fades quickly, so be more conscious of moisturizing when using a blue-black tint.

Use sunscreen for hair.

Damage such as ultraviolet rays can also cause hair color to fade quickly. UV rays are always shining down, so use sunscreen for your hair regardless of the season. It also helps improve hair quality. It’s not often seen in stores in winter, but you can easily find it online.

Keratin shampoo is recommended.

Keratin shampoo, which contains keratin, a component of hair, has the effect of supplementing hair with nourishment every time it is shampooed. Giving keratin to damaged hair after coloring will make it easier to repair the damage.

What Is the Blue-black Hair Color Without Bleaching?

Without bleach, blue-black hair color is “dark, so it is also popular as black dyeing.”

  • Blue-black without bleach is dark, so it is also popular as a black dye. Adding a bluish color to the hair that has faded and turned yellow will cancel out the redness and orangeness and make the hair color right. I’m reluctant to dye it black, but I want to calm my hair color!
  • Suppose you want to put a bluish color beautifully! Those who say that we recommend having a bleach. But even without bleaching, you can get a sense of transparency and a fashionable look with your hairstyle.

Blue-black hair color without bleach is “beautiful even if it fades.”

Blue-black bleach-free hair color is beautiful even if it fades. Blue-black with bleach is quicker to disappear because the color is gorgeous. Many people are worried that they will soon become blonde to have the image of Kim. If there is no bleach, the color will fade even if it fades, so it’s good because you can enjoy it for a long time.

Blue-black without bleach is “short and fashionable.”

It is recommended to make a quick and fashionable decision without blue-black bleach. Blue-black is more beautiful and transparent when bleached, but you can make it stylish depending on your hairstyle without bleaching! The same shorts and tassel cuts look great on dark hair without bleach.

Let’s Become Fashionable Blue-Black Hair With Blue-Black.

Blue-black is perfect for people who want a little more black hair and a favorable impression but don’t like 100% black hair. The color is ideal for Kitchen, so let’s try it!

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