Tassel Cut: The Hottest Korean Hairstyle Trend to Try Now

Tassel Cut: The Hottest Korean Hairstyle Trend to Try Now

The Tassel Cut, a prominent Korean bob variation, has been gathering attention for its irresistible cuteness. This hairstyle is characterized by its straight bob cut, featuring slightly thicker hair tips compared to the Japanese uncut bobs. The Tassel Cut retains the adorable charm of a classic bob but adds an effortless, casual vibe, avoiding an overly sweet appearance.

What sets the Tassel Cut apart from the classic Korean bob are two distinct features: the treatment of the hair ends and the finish of the cut. The Tassel Cut involves trimming the hair ends and finishing with soft, curved lines, resulting in a more relaxed and casual look. This style is highly recommended for those aiming for a youthful and carefree aura.

What Kind of Style Is Tassel Cut?

What Kind of Style Is Tassel Cut

The tassel cut is a trendy Korean bob hairstyle known for its cute appearance. This style is quite similar to the uncut bob seen in Japan. Its name is derived from its resemblance to the decorative tassels often found in interior design.

In essence, the tassel cut is a straight bob with a distinctive feature – slightly thicker hair tips compared to the Japanese uncut bob. This unique characteristic sets it apart, adding a touch of casualness to its overall charm preventing it from becoming overly sweet.

One of the great advantages of the tassel cut is its versatility, especially in terms of hair color. The choice of hair color can completely transform the style’s impression. Dark tones give it a more mature and crisp look, creating a sense of sophistication. Conversely, lighter tones accentuate its cuteness, lending a vibrant and bright appearance.

Additionally, the tassel cut can be easily customized with various hair arrangements and styles. Whether you prefer an outer hair arrangement or keeping it as is, you have the flexibility to adapt it to match your mood and personality.

In summary, the tassel cut is a charming Korean bob hairstyle admired for its cuteness. It’s similar to the Japanese uncut bob but stands out with slightly heavier hair tips. Its appeal lies in its ability to strike a balance between adorable and casual, and you can further enhance its character with the right hair color and styling choices.

What is Different From the Classic Korean Bob?

Classic Korean Bob

The classic Korean bob and the tassel cut, both bob hairstyles, have two key distinctions that differentiate them.

Firstly, one notable difference lies in whether the ends of the hair are trimmed or not. In the case of the tassel cut, the hair tips are usually trimmed, while the classic Korean bob retains the natural ends of the hair.

Secondly, the finish of the cut can be either straight or curved. The tassel cut, in particular, features a soft and curved finish, as illustrated in the image. This curvature contributes to a more relaxed and casual appearance.

These distinctions result in varying impressions. The classic Korean bob gives off a more traditional and more mature vibe, while the tassel cut imparts a girly and youthful aura. Therefore, if you’re seeking a hairstyle that exudes a peaceful, girlish charm, the tassel cut, with its trimmed tips and soft, curved finish, is a recommended choice.

Want to Give it a Try? Check Out These Trendy Tassel Cut Styles

The Tassel Cut can create different vibes depending on the length and hair color of the bob. Below, we present some recommended Tassel Cut styles with varying lengths and hair colors to inspire your next salon visit.

See-Through Bangs for a Korean Twist

Combine the Tassel Cut with classic Korean see-through bangs to enhance the Korean aesthetic. Sweeping the side hair behind the ears adds a refreshing touch.

Balanced Face-Framing Tassel Cut

An orthodox Tassel Cut style with layers framing the face. While a typical Tassel Cut maintains even hair length, incorporating some light layering around the front adds dimension.

Feminine Tassel Cut With Outer Curls

This Tassel Cut exudes a cool yet feminine vibe. Elevate the style by adding curls to the bangs and framing the face, resulting in a softer and more feminine impression.

Transparency With Dark Coloring

Option for a Tassel Cut with Outer Bangs. Match it with a transparent dark hair color for a genuinely Korean-inspired look. Leave longer sideburns for an added touch of style.

Girlish Charm With Soft Pink

If you’re aiming for an adorable look, pair the dignified Tassel Cut with a soft pink hair color. The high-toned pink shade radiates girlish charm and delicacy.

Enhance Your Tassel Cut Style With These Styling Tips

To make the most of your Tassel Cut, mastering styling and arrangement techniques is essential. Here are some key points to enhance your Tassel Cut hairstyle:

1. Straighten Your Hair: Achieving straight hair with a straightener is crucial for a polished look. If you struggle with stubborn waves or curls, consider a straight perm to minimize hair damage.

2. Add Lightness With Styling Products: Tassel Cuts can sometimes appear heavy, depending on hair color and texture. To combat this, use styling products such as hair oil or shea butter to add lightness and texture to your hair.

3. Experiment With Outer Curls: Elevate the simple Tassel Cut by adding curls to the ends of your hair. Outer curls can be effortlessly created using a curling wand or straightening iron.

Visit a Specialized Korean Hair Salon for Your Tassel Cut

Tassel Cut

When considering a Tassel Cut, it’s advisable to visit a salon specializing in Korean hairstyles. These experts can help you achieve the perfect Tassel Cut and provide guidance on styling and maintenance. So, why not explore the alluring world of the Tassel Cut and embrace this trendy Korean hairstyle?

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