Taj Mahal: Everything You Need to Know Before Visiting It

If you are looking for symbols of countries, you will surely think of the Eiffel Tower, in France; in the Statue of Liberty, in the United States; on the Great Wall, in China and how not to name the Taj Mahal, in India.

Today we are going to tell you everything you need to know and the most traveling tips (of those that nobody knows) to visit the Taj Mahal, one of the seven wonders of the modern world and an icon worldwide.

Taj Mahal, a construction made by love


According to its name, Taj means “crown” and Mahal “first lady of the palace”: it is an imposing building built between the years 1634 and 1648 by the Muslim emperor Shah Jahan for his late wife Mumtaz Mahal to make this the most beautiful mausoleum ever viewed. And it looks like it is, right?

According to the story, the emperor’s suffering was so great that he put all his will to see the most beautiful building in the world that he even diverted the river so that it could be reflected in the water (that’s love, right?). It is said that more than 20 thousand workers were employed and more than 40 million rupees were spent so that, after 20 years, this Indian majesty could be seen.

Fun fact: The story goes that a twin building had been planned in front of the Taj Mahal, black in color and that it would be the emperor’s mausoleum. It was never built since one of the sons locked his own father in a prison to spend the last years of his life looking out the only window towards his precious Taj Mahal.

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It is not yet known if this story is true, but the majesty of the original would rival any mausoleum.

According to travelers who have visited the Taj Mahal: it is a unique sensation, its majestic white color, its reflection in the river and the feeling of “arrival” make it an almost obligatory visit: one of the seven wonders of the world that now you could cross it off your list.

Essential tips for traveling to the Taj Mahal


How to get

The most recommended thing is that you visit it from the city of Agra, 4 km from the Taj Mahal. You can get there by walking from the center, by bus or by tuk-tuk from anywhere in the city.

Best months and best day of the week

The best months to travel to the Taj Mahal are October and November, where the weather is more favorable. Of course, it is open all year round and that will adjust to when you decide to travel.

The best day of the weekThursday. Remember that the complex is closed on Fridays since it has a mosque and only Muslims who visit for these purposes are allowed in. On the weekends, like any great tourist attraction, it is full of people and not to mention the holidays (remember that it is an attraction for both foreigners and locals).

Best times to visit


The complex has 3 entrances, the east, the west (the main one), and the south. The first two open at 06.30 a.m. and the south at 08.00 a.m., however, if you are visiting it in the winter season (from December to March), we recommend that you do not go so early since the fog and the smog of the city, they will cover much of the building and it will not be worth the effort.

Super tip: Try to stay in the complex as long as you can, one of the peculiarities of the Taj Mahal is the colors of the marble that vary during the day, depending on the sun. It is a sight to see!

Don’t forget the tickets!

Buy tickets in advance and online, this way you will save time at the entrance. This ticket includes a bottle of water and plastic to cover your shoes and not damage the floor (if you want, you can enter barefoot).

Guides yes. Certificates, always.

Even if you are an intrepid traveler, it is best to hire a guide, either previously in the city or in the complex itself, in this way you will be able to know in detail all its history and curiosities of the place. Important tip! If you hire a local guide inside the Taj Mahal, try to ask for the certified guide credential, in this way you will ensure that they are qualified tourist guides.

What to bring

When preparing your backpack, try to carry as few objects as possible, keep in mind that selfie sticks, tripods, headphones, and cigarettes are prohibited. Bring what is fair and necessary: ​​water and closed and comfortable shoes. If for any reason, you must leave your backpack, at the entrances, and once you go through the metal detector, you will find lockers where you can store your belongings.

Full moon at the Taj Mahal


If there is a full moon … run to the Taj Mahal! There are only 5 opportunities in the month where you can visit the Taj Mahal at night and only for 50 visitors. According to travel stories, it is an exceptional moment. Seize the moment and enjoy another view of the Taj Mahal that only a few have been able to see.

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Now that you have reached the end, you have realized why it is such a famous destination and why it receives almost 3 million visitors a year, right? You already know, save this guide for when you plan your next visit to the iconic Taj Mahal.

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