Sunglasses That Are Trending in 2020: Know the Different Styles

Summer brings with it the sunniest days of the year and with them come holidays on the coast or swimming in the pools. Therefore, an essential accessory during these summer months is sunglasses. It is a basic that, in addition to protecting us from UV rays, adds a distinctive touch to our summer looks.

The most popular sunglasses this year

Made of plastic, metallic and thin, with hexagonal shapes or the classic ‘cat-eye’. There are many and very varied trends in glasses frames that have arrived in 2020. If you want to go to the last, do not miss the sunglasses models that are being worn the most this year:

Hexagonal sunglasses

Are you looking to wear the most modern and trendy sunglasses this season? So, do not hesitate to buy some hexagonal sunglasses, the coolest trend that arrives this year.

If you are tired of the classic round or square frames, now you have the opportunity to break this trend. The hexagonal sunglasses will give a different style to your looks.

Vintage style sunglasses

The past is always in fashion, and every season retro models appear in the catalogs of the main sunglasses brands. The vintage style, like that of Marathon sunglasses, is one that is inspired by the past decades, the 50s, 60s, and 70s. It usually provides a very flattering and stylish air, both for the female and male faces.

Vintage-style sunglasses can be from the classic round-frame sunglasses with polarized glass, the type that John Lennon wore on many covers of his albums. Or, on the other hand, sunglasses with large plastic frames with dark lenses. They are similar to Rayban’s wayfarer model popularized by great Hollywood actors and actresses for decades.

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Mirrored sunglasses

Another of the trends in sunglasses that have arrived in 2020 are glasses with a mirror effect. It is a model of glasses that allows you to choose the most varied colors on the market, from discreet gray to blue, pink, or orange. It is ideal to wear it in the spring season and also in summer.

Cat-eye sunglasses

One of the most flattering sunglasses models for the female face is, without a doubt, the cat-eye model. It is also known as a cat-eye frame. This season the smaller and slimmer designs have arrived with greater force, as they were worn in the 50s and 60s.

The shape of this type of glasses has an angled shape and is made of paste in different colors. It can be found from the classic transparent model to pink, brown, or the unmistakable Havana color, a tone that never goes out of style.

Decorated sunglasses

Another trend that has come to stay in 2020 has been sunglasses with decorated frames. It is a very striking model that favors any type of look and style. This is because it combines perfectly with other fashion accessories such as bags, shoes, hats, and summer caps.

The decorated frame is a spectacle specially designed to stand out since it usually accompanies less classic and more sophisticated styles. So if you want to break the mold this year, don’t hesitate to sign up for decorated sunglasses.

There is a wide variety of models and styles of sunglasses that you can wear this summer. Which one is your favorite?

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