50 Coolest Summer Hairstyles For Women

Summer is when people come up with their most crazy and risky ideas. In the summer, you want to change how people see you. The hair is a good place to start.

It can be hard to decide on a new look, but think about how they will see you. A new haircut is always interesting, but you need to know what’s in style for people to like it. The fashion designers made sure that the clothes were both beautiful and comfortable. Haircuts that take little time to style are popular. So, here are 50 of the most popular hairstyles and haircuts for summer 2023.

Trendy summer haircuts for 2023


Pixie haircuts are short. This style limits hair length to 10 cm. Her multi-length pixie cut is remarkable. Angled bangs cover the shortest distance behind the hair. Asymmetry results from merging one side’s bangs into a hairline. Brave girls choose this haircut. The remainder of the picture must fit her. Balayage will be the most popular hair color in summer 2023.

Short square

In summer, the heat overcomes us, and we want to remove the hair somehow or make it shorter. And the ideal solution, in this case, would be a fashionable summer short bob haircut. A short square is the same classic square with an even cut, only the length is not lower than the earlobe, possibly even faster. An ideal addition to such a haircut would be a curtain or straight bangs.

Asymmetrical square

An asymmetric bob is a classic bob, but the strands are made in different lengths. You can make it so that one side reaches the earlobe and the other only gets the middle. In such a haircut, it is better to abandon the bangs so that the difference in the lengths of the strands is visible. In the summertime, try to make an asymmetrical square but unusual coloration.


The cascade haircut is probably the most versatile for any length. Whether you have medium or long hair, but the most fashionable option for a summer haircut in 2023 will be precisely a cascade on long hair. In summer, the cascade will look more effective on burnt-out strands. And thanks to the sun, it shimmers even more in different colors. The cascade looks very beautiful on straight hair. You can also make a slight cheat. But if you have small curls, like afro curls, it is better to refuse this haircut because the hair will be very puffy.


In the summer of 2023, it’s time to remember braids. Make braids in any interpretation. These can be spikelets, inverted braids, a voluminous braid on the side, or weaving a semi-crown. Everything that you know how and suits you. But if you are doing the simplest braid, it is better to release the strands slightly.


In the summer, you always want to raise your hair somehow. And if you do not decide on a short haircut, then such a fashionable summer hairstyle as a bun is just for you. The bun can be easily done on all hair lengths below the ear line. It can be a sloppy bun with strands that come out, or a neat, smoothed one. All of them will be in trend.

Beach curls

When, if not in summer, do beach curls hairstyle. Such curls look as natural and beautiful as possible. They can be easily done by applying foam to damp hair and creasing it while drying it with a hairdryer. Small hair accessories can be added to the beach curls. It can be a headband or small hairpins, invisible.

Short bob

This hairstyle is recommended for those who want short hair but don’t want to be so boyish. In addition to the cleanliness of shortcuts, the rounded silhouette creates femininity, giving an elegant and cute impression. It is also a point to create a modern feeling of omission with transparent coloring and cutting.

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French bob

This hairstyle is recommended for those who want a stylish atmosphere but don’t want to lose their girliness. It is a cute and elegant hairstyle that looks like a summer-like A-line dress. The point is to curl the bangs with a trowel and give them a nuance to make them look fashionable.

Layer medium

A hairstyle with a casual layer style and a form control perm has an attractive atmosphere that is not over-created. When you flutter in the wind or brush your hair, the hair will move, and the airy atmosphere will make you look cool, like summer. While creating a relaxed mood, it gives a mysterious and mature impression.

Mash wolf

This mash wolf style is recommended for those tired of heavy bob. The type is gradually gaining popularity these days, and it features a feminine rounded form based on a short bob. It gives a soft and gentle impression, so it is also recommended for those who want a natural atmosphere.


In the spring-summer of 2023, the garcon haircut will be one of the most popular haircuts of the season. This is not a new haircut. It has found a new life and is actively gaining momentum in the fashion industry. It was once believed that short haircuts were suitable only for men, but what can I say, once only men wore pants, everything changed, and our task was to keep up with the changes and be in trend.

Elongated bob

And again, we have a square at the top of the list. Where to go if it is exactly what stylists offer us to try this fall. A bob with lengthening is perfect for those who cannot decide to cut off long curls. Long strands will allow you not to sacrifice the entire length of your hair and, at the same time, bring something new to your haircut. A square with lengthening can be either even or asymmetrical. Decorate it with beautiful curls, and the evening styling is ready.


A long bob, aka “lob” cut, is the perfect length for the summer if you don’t want to go full-on chop but want to opt for a shorter cut than you’re used to. “Whether it’s a bob or lob, bobs have such an ageless look,” says Bergamy.


We all know this haircut not by hearsay, and nevertheless, it does not lose its relevance. Among haircuts for long hair, she continues to occupy a leading position. Strands, beautifully framing the face, will emphasize the elegance of its outlines. Hair too thick can be profiled, while hair that requires extra volume can be graduated.

Fox’s tail

Of course, this haircut can be done on medium-length hair. However, this option is not as comfortable as a foxtail for long hair, and therefore not as popular. A foxtail haircut is characterized by a V-shaped cut at the ends of the hair, for which it got its name. Such a haircut is suitable for owners of thick hair, but for women of fashion with thin hair, it is better to choose another option.


Spring / Summer 2023 will be extremely supportive of this haircut. The main advantage of a bob haircut is that it has many options, due to which it suits any face. This season, a square with bangs will be relevant. It does not matter which bangs you choose, and it is important to have them. When selecting a bang, you should be guided by purely personal preferences and, of course, the shape of the face.

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A bob with lengthening and a trimmed back of the head does not lose relevance. In the spring-summer of 2023, wearing such a haircut with a side parting is proposed. Of course, bangs will help to complement the image. Choose what your heart desires: even, oblique, torn, or semicircular, let it emphasize your individuality.

Short blunt

A blunt cut will suit any girl with naturally straight hair. If you have curly hair, you will not get around the fuss. The peculiarity of haircuts is in cutting curls in a straight line. Looks good only on perfectly smooth hair or slightly curled hair. Watch the blunt go to Rihanna.

Inverted haircut

Do you like unusual solutions? Then choose haircuts for youthful looks that will make you stand out from the crowd. For example, these can be inverted hairstyles, where the hair is cut shorter in the back than in the front.


There is no clear division into male and female hairstyles in the modern world, which is great because you can experiment and try on different images. While brutal bearded men wear pigtails and chopsticks, girls can show off in public with a once-masculine haircut called a half-box. It is characterized by the maximum shortening of hair in the area of ​​the temples and the back of the head.

Layered crop

This daring haircut makes you beautiful. It’s gentler. This cut suits hair experimenters. Cutting their hair this short took guts, but you did it. This look is versatile. Trimmed hair layers create this style.

Nape layered

Length differences will keep things interesting. Mixing lengths give the bob cut a new look. It also gives your hair movement. This style suits non-ponytail wearers.

Baby layers

Whether your hair is short, long, thick, thin, curly, or straight, Hayasaka says layering the front of your hair is a great way to frame the face and add texture.

Middle-part bob

Try a middle-part bob for a classic yet modernized look. Bergamy suggests using a thickener and asking your stylist “for a light layer or adding texture to the ends” for a more voluminous look.

Curly layers

Now is the time to embrace that au natural look, says Bergamy. In the time of the quarantine, more folks embraced their natural hair, so why not rock your curls as we re-enter society? “Wearing your natural texture is not only the favorite trend, but it’s moving toward healthier hair which never goes out of style.”

Pixie with bangs

If you’re looking to go short but not too short, a pixie with bangs is the perfect way to achieve face-framing shorts. “Bangs with a pixie is amazing and will add dramatic flare,” says Bergamy.

Undone collarbone bob

If you haven’t got time to hassle with your hair in the heat and want a style where you can wash and go, this is perfect.

Curly bangs

Bangs have been a hot topic since the beginning of time, but if you were ever going to go big or go home, now is the time (considering we’ve already “gone home” for the last year). So, go for the bangs, especially if you’re sporting curls this summer.

Face-framing layers

This classic cut is perfect for summer. Shorter layers around your face accentuate your features and keep long hair out of your face on hot summer days.

Simple bob cut

A traditional bob is acceptable, but a jagged haircut with playful curls is typical. Medium waves and curls boost this cut. No tongs or heating rod is needed for this.

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Inverted blunt cut

All women love this inverted haircut. This inverted blunt cut is for long, straight-haired people who wish to try something new. This style looks best on people with silky, straight hair.

Pixie with a variation

Young women love pixie cuts. Layers and trimmer cuts make it a layered pixie cut. However, this pixie, with many variances, is perfect for fun styling and experimentation.

Messed up pixie cut

Pixies aren’t new. Summer celebs and regular people wear it. Messy pixie cuts with variations are the best.

Vintage short blunt

This haircut shows your old-fashioned sophistication. This exact design with a blunt cut shows off your curls. After mastering this look, you’ll feel retro.

Front fringes box blunt

This haircut is excellent. This advanced blunt cut is glamorous. Inverted box fringes are perfectly trimmed.

Short layered jaw length bob

Did you want a fresh hairstyle? This haircut will woo you. It’ll work miracles. Texture matters, but so does cut.

Extremely short pixie with curls

Avoid this haircut if you’re terrified of haircuts. A short, undercut pixie cut may turn sassy into artful. If you dare wear this outfit, you’re in for a crazy ride.

Asymmetrical side swept

Flare, boldness, and femininity on short hair. This cut is versatile. Here’s a milder asymmetrical side swept. An edgy hairstyle gives you an edge. However, you must straighten or palm-crush damp hair to add another style.

Asymmetrical front edge bangs

An innovative style with one-sided front-edge bangs is expected to create waves this season. Unique hairdo. It’ll offend many girls.

Asymmetrical cut with side swept bangs

A variation of the asymmetrical cut. Side parts define and improve your appearance. Shoulder-length hair is best. Use a straightener. Curly hair will ruin this cut.

Inverted blunt with black and golden balayage

Another inverted blunt cut. Black balayage on golden blonde hair looks great.

Pulled back updo with side parting and bangs

Cute summer haircut. Tie your hair in a low bun. Hair gel adds shine.

Simple shoulder blunt cut with front fringes

This style looks great with dull curly hair. Give thin/flat hair volume. Curl front fringes. This haircut matches several outfits. You’ll like this if you’re not scared to try new things.

Nape layered with side parting

Length differences will keep things interesting. Mixing lengths give the bob cut a unique look. It also gives your hair movement. However, a blunt bob may look unpleasant and uninteresting.

Simple blunt with curls and side parting

This style will volumize thin hair. Curlers or heating rods make little curls. Curl the front fringes for best results.

Short layered jaw-length bob with curls

This one is perfect for a new look. Texture matters, but so does cut. Waves are easy this season. Women of all ages are trying new haircuts. This short, jaw-length layered bob cut is relaxed.

Inverted small choppy bob with side swept

Choppy bobs add volume and pleasure if worn well. A great hairstyle for elegance. This short curly hairstyle is an inverted choppy bob. Straighten curls. Curly-haired people will like this style. Curls offer a flair to your look and let you wear it proudly.

Simple short blunt cut with center parting

Old-fashioned haircut. This basic, elegant style is for “old school” people. Nothing beats this harsh cut on a sweltering summer afternoon.

Inverted blunt with variation and flirty curls

Hollywood loves this style, which is shorter at the nape and longer in front. Most girls under 30 upload photos of harsh cuts.

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